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  1. adadk

    What ever happened to

    I imagine the guy who owned the domain let it expire, and then it got snatched up by someone else who just uses it to advertise toys. I guess that's what happens when you no longer care for managing/owning a forum.
  2. adadk

    What ever happened to

    CS is back online!
  3. adadk

    What ever happened to

    Yep, I got a hold of the guy who owns the domain. It expired and he forgot to renew, but he didnt tell me if he plans on renewing it or not. Only time will tell i guess.
  4. adadk

    What ever happened to

    I'm a moderator on CSF. Spambots were able to circumvent the registration question and were posting faster than I could delete accounts and threads. I got a hold of Blake and we shut the site down so we could start cleaning up the forums. We were finally able to get everything back in order back in the middle of February but now the site is down completely and I haven't been able to get a hold of an admin to find out why.