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  1. adadk

    [WIP] crawlspace Lego "mancave"

    Not really unfortunately. Now that the weather is nice here in Canada, my free time is spent outside trying to restore my speedboat....not cramped up in my crawlspace building my base. I did however add another light over the rocking chair to eliminate the shadow in the trough at the far end.
  2. adadk

    What ever happened to

    Looks like the person/entity who owns NCS is upgrading their servers. The domain is still active. Whether or not it comes back is another thing though. website also shows the NGINX info page. Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2008-10-26 Expires On: 2019-10-26 Updated On: 2018-09-26 Status: clientTransferProhibited Name Servers:
  3. adadk

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    awesome job. Will you be doing a second version with the Reaver spear going through the cockpit window (and Hoban's chest)?
  4. adadk

    [WIP] crawlspace Lego "mancave"

    A few years. 6 of my 11 Renegades were purchased through eBay/Bricklink since they have the original 2x2 yellow tile with grille pattern. The other 5 I built with existing parts, but don't have the tiles to make them 100%. Of the actual BT sets - I have 11 Renegades, 7 Invaders, 5 Alienators, 4 Battrax, and 1 (built) Message Intercept Base. (I actually have the necessary parts to build 2 more MIBs).
  5. In one side of my house' crawlspace. 13 feet wide and 20 feet long. Built my MOC "table" on a frame built with 2x4s and set on 360° rotating casters for easy rolling. The top is 4 interior slab doors each measuring 30" x 80". So 60" x 160" total size. (6 by 16 baseplates). I also have built a trough along one wall for my loose bricks. 17 feet long, 15 inches wide. Will probably need to wire some more lights above it - it's a bit dark due to the current lights being in the centre of the crawlspace, and the majority of my pieces being black. Yes my rolly chair is pink. Don't care. Just gonna be me under here anyways building away... Pics taken with my GoPro Hero 5 so I can take a wider FOV. Ever since i saw the videos and pictures of Brian Darrow's Blacktron Intelligence Agency, I wanted to do something similar. Heck, I even bought some monorail track that was used in the BIA a couple years ago from Brian on eBay. The baseplates will be the problem though. The table can hold 96 of them. Might take me a couple years to have purchased enough to fill this thing. --------------------------------------------------------- Currently, plans are for a massive Blacktron 1 base, with monorail, etc. Additionally, I'm currently in the process of building Classic Space sets in the Blacktron 1 theme, with some conversions of M:Tron, Futuron, Blacktron 2, etc. as well.
  6. This is my new favourite thread here. I followed the directions on the previous page but allowed my part to bathe in its turmeric bath for a good 10 minutes before rinsing. I was thinking....if you used a pot with an internal strainer basket, that would keep the pieces from touching the bottom of the pot and melting. Lower the temperature to a slow rolling boil and you wouldn't need to stir either.
  7. adadk

    What ever happened to

    I imagine the guy who owned the domain let it expire, and then it got snatched up by someone else who just uses it to advertise toys. I guess that's what happens when you no longer care for managing/owning a forum.
  8. adadk

    What ever happened to

    CS is back online!
  9. adadk

    What ever happened to

    Yep, I got a hold of the guy who owns the domain. It expired and he forgot to renew, but he didnt tell me if he plans on renewing it or not. Only time will tell i guess.
  10. adadk

    What ever happened to

    I'm a moderator on CSF. Spambots were able to circumvent the registration question and were posting faster than I could delete accounts and threads. I got a hold of Blake and we shut the site down so we could start cleaning up the forums. We were finally able to get everything back in order back in the middle of February but now the site is down completely and I haven't been able to get a hold of an admin to find out why.