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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    These are pretty sweet! Will def pick up a few of them.
  2. Kretnica

    What did you buy today?

    Mr Freeze polybag Batmobile polybag Millenium Falcon (75105) 2x Corner Deli 2x Rey's Speeder First Order TIE Fighter Resistance Trooper battle pack
  3. Kretnica

    fake lego sets....i bought 3 of them

    I once received a Ninjago and Star Wars Chinese knockoffs for a gift. Burned them in my backyard later that day.
  4. Kretnica

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    General retail themes i'd like to see: Ancient Rome ! ( baffles my mind why we don't already have this ) Steampunk Adventurers reboot Paradisa reboot ( this is basically a Miami/summer theme ) Western reboot Indiana Jones (to accompany new movie) Fantastic Beasts (to accompany new movie) POTC (to accompany new movie) Kong: Skull Island (to accompany new movie) Knights of the roundtable (to accompany new movie) AFOL / 'exclusive' themes or sets i'd love to see: Modular Castle Modular gothic victorian house Furniture theme ( some furniture with a minifig or two ) Mid-sized modular buildings Castle theme (one amazing set per year ala modular buildings/winter village) Anything ancient really
  5. Kretnica

    Ordering from other S@H sites?

    Can you make an order from S@H if you are not from a country that has S@H store ? I registered for a VIP card in Germany and put an actual german address, when ordering online i specified that address but a different recipient ( my sister ) however when you put in card details and specify who is paying you enter your actual nationality. Could this be the reason why my order would not process ? Card details were 100% correct.
  6. Kretnica

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yo fellas. As a new SW fan i'd like to know how long do you think will sets from new film(Force Awakens) be available ? I'm thinking of picking up a few including Poes X wing and Millinum Falcon but i'm not sure when i'll be able to, hence the question. I think random SW sets are available around 2 years (?) but my wanted TFA sets came with the film release and every other theme that was released to accompany films literally just lasted 1 wave and was done forever (I'm in Europe and im thinking of brick and mortar stores). Do you think they might be retired soon ? Maybe sometime before Rogue One sets are released ? I was looking at Poes X Wing the other day and the seals were 29S5, does this mean they were produced in 29th week, last year? That doesnt sound very recent so i started to worry. Any possible info or thoughts on the subject will be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  7. Kretnica

    Which modular set is the most rare?

    None of them are particulary rare but I'd go with Parisian Restaurant. It appears to be very underrated. Also not that widely available as Pet Shop/Cinema or so it seems ( definitely the case in my country)
  8. Kretnica

    3D Printed Minifig Head... Creepy?

    These figs don't look realistic at all. Looks like a bad photoshop. Yikes.
  9. Pretty cool. Brings back memories, i loved Adventurers theme as a kid (still do).
  10. If they don't make sets based on Fantastic Beasts it will be the biggest disappointment since the re-release of Winter Village Toy Shop, oh wait, that was 75098 Assault on Hoth. In any case no sets based on this film will make me very sad since Harry Potter is imo one of the best LEGO themes ever. Great sets with nice color scheme/pieces, new parts, awesome minifigs... They look great as display and at the same time they are very playabale. Fantastic Beasts looks very suitable to become a new LEGO theme but i'm getting a bit concerned since there are no actual rumours/confirmation and we already know about Rogue One sets and that film is being released one month later. It better happen though ( It's a Harry Potter spinoff which was (judging from the volume of sets) a successful theme, its from Warner Bros studio and they have great relationship with LEGO ), i'm praying it's not just a Dimensions minifig or two, that would be a pretty wasted opportunity imo.
  11. Kretnica

    Review: 75139 "Battle on Takodana"

    Great and funny review. Set itself hasn't won me over as i believe it's not the best display piece and like you say, its probably cheaper to buy minifigs online
  12. Kretnica

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    Great '4 in 1' superpack ! Price seems ridiculous since there is no special stuff in the set. Was expecting something great but we got a play set which is basically a few smaller sets thrown together.
  13. Neither will go up in value much due to number of sellers. There were numerous 'LEGO better investment than gold?'articles lately so everyone started buying exclusives like crazy. Both sets could pull a Death Star and be available seemingly forever (5 years). So if you buy it now you will be losing money ( opportunity cost ). I'd strongly suggest looking for other alternatives.. Only buy one of these huge sets if you plan to resell them locally in a very very short period of time (only works in an area where people have no other ways of obtaining such sets ). Anyhow if you plan on reselling : -always buy below msrp -make sure the boxes are in great condition -make sure you are buying with money you can afford to lose Personally i'd invest in sets that no one else is buying (long term) and/or very popular sets that are constantly selling out (short term investment).
  14. Looks neat ! I'm loving the minifigs. I'm wondering if this is a LEGO exclusive or will it be sold in random brick and mortar stores..
  15. Kretnica

    What are you listening to?

    Kelela - Rewind
  16. Kretnica

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Yeah, they sure did didn't they. I was expecting some great looking display sets but these are pretty much in line with everything that came before. Very disappointed.
  17. Kretnica

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For some reason i really like these volcano sets. Lime green!
  18. Kretnica

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing. So many actors with their own minifigs
  19. Kretnica

    So Did Anybody Else Skip Their Dark Ages?

    I'm pretty sure i never had dark ages. Well, at least according to brickset and my own memory. I'm 25 and i own at least a few sets from every year i've been alive except from the year 2004 apparently (?!). I was 13 in 2003 and loved playing with Orient Expedition ( i remember assembling those sets (i own entire line) at my gradma's house ). A huge blank for year 2004 is probably due to being a really lame year (knights kingdom 2 anyone, i am a huge castle fan and absolutely hated that line.. ). I def remember sets that came out at that time though ( Harry Potter ones i didnt get unfortunately ). In 2005/2006 i got Vikings, 6212 X-wing fighter, some city sets etc.. but then came 2007 and lets just say i was completely blown away with Market Street (!), Cafe Corner (!).. It was a begining of a new era of being a LEGO fan haha. Also enjoyed Castle Fantasy Era and Creator houses. Started buying more and more sets around that time. Joined a LUG, started visiting forums and mocing again. Here i am in 2016 impatiently awaiting leaks of new sets. So yeah i am fairly certain i never had dark ages except being slightly less enthusiastic about LEGO from time to time. I always collected LEGO retail catalogs and visited toy stores even if i didn't get any actual sets (2004 i'm looking at you).
  20. Kretnica

    Seasonal 2015

    Will the Halloween set last until they sell out or will they be available until actual Halloween? I'm thinking of Lego stores, not S@H. For how long are these smaller seasonal sets usually on sale ? Cheers for the info
  21. Kretnica

    Seasonal 2015

    I like it to be honest. No special parts and the minifig could be cooler but the set still looks cute. I think the other seasonal sets will be even better though.
  22. Kretnica

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    As far as i am concerned this is literally the most disappointing LEGO news i've heard since becoming an AFOL. I have all the previous sets from winter village ( including toy shop ) and was so excited about new one coming up. I've read some rumours about it being a re-release but i just couldn't believe it. Woah, what a shock. This announcement actually makes me sad. Every year before i've bought a modular house and a winter village set, only these two themes (are)/were a must for me and in 2015 we get a re-release, wait what Was just thinking a few days ago that how come there are no smaller (in terms of set sizes) themes for adults and now they'll even waste this line. So disappointing.
  23. Kretnica

    LEGO as souvenir - ever bought any?

    Yeah, 'souvenirs'. For me it's basically an excuse to purchase overpriced polybags! I don't really buy anything else since i can get anything cheaper in my hometown.
  24. Kretnica

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Could be Scooby-Doo. That theme is getting a 22-minute animated feature with the release, as well as made-for-video titles that will be released in the coming years. Maybe a tv show as well? Scooby is definitely better suited for a tv show than Castle.
  25. Kretnica

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    I hear Pet Shop is supposed to be available for another month or two.. which probably means they are gonna ship out these already ordered and then it's done.