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  1. Three Musketeers En Garde!

    This is awesome! A classic representation of my favorite swashbucklers This MOC would look fantastic with Brickarms rapiers, the little "buttons" at the tips of the LEGO version make it look more like a fencing foil than an actual sword to me. Nevertheless, this is a perfectly proportioned MOC and a perfect fit with the Pirates theme. Heck, I think Porthos was a pirate in the movie version with Charlie Sheen...
  2. Your ideas for my upcoming Evil Steve's Pirate Game!

    You could have your players get magic ingredients for the voodoo lady. If you're allowing your players to raid ports, you could have them steal a key or map from the governor's office. Or just a classic "rescue the governor's daughter" scenario. More general ideas: - Bring muskets and cannons to a port to reinforce it - Deliver a message within "x" turns to someone - Escort a cargo ship - Bring rum to the Pirate King Also, when a player docks at a neutral trading post you could offer to let them buy some cargo to deliver a hostile port. Make it worth more if they take it to a friendly pirate port, but if they successfully deliver it to the soldier outpost (or whatever) they can treat the hostile port as neutral too.
  3. Your ideas for my upcoming Evil Steve's Pirate Game!

    One thing that players have often complained about is wind direction and strength. For a first game, I would either have the wind blowing at normal speed in one direction throughout the entire game or (if you want wind changes) plan them ahead of time and refrain from changing wind speeds. Maybe once your two players have more experience you can start experimenting with light or strong winds and more random changes. Also, to avoid confusion, I've seen players that dedicate a small island to the turn number. This seems like a pretty effective method of keeping track of the game. Of course, this involves making numbered decals for the tiles.
  4. My fleet is complete (Pic Heavy)

    Those limitations sound good. In all reality, the penalties for musket and pistol define the maximum range. Cannons, on the other hand, tend to be a little more decisive in a sea battle, and I don't think it's fair if a fleeing ship keeps getting pounded until it's outside of the four or five foot range. I like the idea of a 36" maximum. And yes, I agree entirely with the 6-18" no-modifier zone. One exception: someone with a bonus (i.e. an Expert Marksman or Polish Gunner) gets to expand their max range one "increment" (3" for musket, 6" for cannon, etc.)
  5. My fleet is complete (Pic Heavy)

    Well I figured that the players, like real pirates, would be aiming to capture rather than sink. The Royal Navy, on the other hand, will aim to sink - making them all the more dangerous since all the soldiers get +1 on pretty much everything. I also added chain shot for rigging, which essentially gives better results but requires a shorter range (in essence, its only real use is during a close chase: slowing down your target or crippling a pursuer). In addition, I adjusted the -6 penalty for grapeshot to be a 6" range instead; so far it works well. I forgot to mention how awesome your neutral port looks! How did you make that flag? I recognize the anchor-and-barrel symbol from the ITP cutter (brig?).
  6. My fleet is complete (Pic Heavy)

    I see. This is the design I use for my brigs: I usually follow Evil Stevie's class system for ships, the only adjustment I made to the rules was making it easier to get hull hits to balance the effectiveness of "deck" shots. I might try and create some of your style cutters though, I really like the design.
  7. My fleet is complete (Pic Heavy)

    Man, I've always loved the ESPG game, but I've never had enough ships to play properly. I love your fleet! The colors make the ships easily distinguishable, perfect for gaming. One question though: in the online description for the cutters in ESPG, he described them as being comparable to the little merchant vessels from the Imperial Trading Post, whereas you seem to be using this design for your brigs. Was this done on purpose, and if so, what was the reasoning behind it? I love your design of the cutters, but they seem a bit small for fitting crew and treasure and cannon. Are you sticking to Steve Jackson's 2004 rules or have you altered them to suit your own fleet?
  8. Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    Just thought I'd get the word out, I don't know each and every link to ESPG, so here it is. Steve Jackson has moved Evil Stevie's Pirate Game to his own site, at[/b]"] From there, it is linked normally. I already notified Forbidden Cove about the site change, so hopefully they already know to change their link addresses. If anyone else knows other sites linked to ESPG, please let them know (or me).
  9. Poll: Which LEGO Sharks would you like to see in future Pirate Sets?

    I prefer the old sharks, as they seem a bit more realistic in size. Although I like having the one 2009 shark as a "great white"
  10. ESPG has disappeared!

    Fantastic, AhabDarab! That was one spectacular fluke! I will be sure to download these rules onto a word document to avoid a similar situation in the future. Thank you!
  11. ESPG has disappeared!

    Sorry, it wasn't my computer at all. I haven't done an active login in a while (just used the "remember me" checkbox) and I was entering the wrong password. I'll contact Siegfried and get the other one removed.
  12. ESPG has disappeared!

    I have a copy of the combat rules in a Word Document that I made some slight modifications to. The cannon fire rules are a bit flawed, as Steve Jackson has said himself, so I made some changes. If you give me some time to revert them back to the originals, I can send them to you. P.S. This is the same user as Francis LeBaron, I ditched my old account because of some weird discrepancies on my old computer
  13. ESPG has disappeared!

    Not a bad idea, but I remember that the site explicitly stated that ESPG was not licensed under Steve Jackson Games. It was published privately. A way to contact Steve Jackson himself would probably yield more results.
  14. ESPG has disappeared!

    Excellent! With the original site gone, it would be much appreciated by many (including myself) if the rules were online again. At the very least, would you be willing to send the rules to some of us upon request?
  15. ESPG has disappeared!

    I play Evil Stevie's Pirate Game on a fairly regular basis with some of my friends, but I tried accessing the ESPG site and got the dreaded 404 error. It looks like the server's been taken down, or the ESPG pages were removed. I have my own printout copy of the combat rules (with minor modifications) that I can use, but I now have no access to the Part 2 rules (the campaign game). Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the campaign rules, seperate from the main server?