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    [WIP] UCS TIE Variants (All of Them)

    Little help please. trying to.find threads where actual built versions of these incredible ties are pictured. Apparently I cannot search for "ucs" or "tie" and no luck elsewhere. I am doing my first embryotic moc ties and i would love to see a pros work. Thank you!
  2. huskysizeguy99

    My weak sauce Imperial Tie/In Tie Interceptor

    Now I can't even get the links to work. Hope I don't get booted from EB for breaking some rule. Sorry! OK, I am out of patience trying to embed pics, I cried like a little girl in the forums for help with embedding, don't know why the code isn't working, I am quitting for tonight, before something gets broken. This is my first time posting a Lego creation. I've been MOC'ing and customizing minifigs for a year or so, Just wanted to get this up tonight. Will post better pics as soon as I figure out how.. Any suggestions on my Tie are most welcome. Thanks!
  3. huskysizeguy99

    My weak sauce Imperial Tie/In Tie Interceptor

    ARGHHHH!!!! I am NOT an IT guy! Sorry. Best I can do are links until I figure out the magic spell to embed. Anyway, I am a Clone Wars guy, but I do love Tie fighters, Who doesn't? If anybody can explain why the first LSW Tie fighters had blue accents/trim, please explain. I got tired of the small, blue older Ties in my fleet and am making upgraded, larger ones of each model with grey trim. The Interceptor is the first, finished it today. I'm actually pleased with it. Solar panels are a bit big "looking", but I did my best to follow the actual proportions in one of my Star Wars Essential Guides. Comments and suggestions PLEASE! Thanks in advance. <a href=" title=" Woah, goatman is on the ready line, THANKS!
  4. huskysizeguy99

    My weak sauce Imperial Tie/In Tie Interceptor

    title="2014-08-15 18.56.51 by Jeff Stuibhart, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="298" alt="2014-08-15 18.56.51"></a> <a href=" title="
  5. huskysizeguy99

    Eric Draven The Crow

    I CANNOT embed pics, am getting help in forums. But this link sems to work: " OK, here is the Eric Draven I made for my little bro, who LOVES the movie. My first ever posted custom Lego Minifigure. More pics when I figure out my #*$# from a hole in the ground. Comments/suggestions welcome!
  6. huskysizeguy99

    Flickr Tutorial

    OK, I have tried both methods described for Flickr. This is what I get for "Share" <a href=" title="2014-08-06 15.18.38 by Jeff Stuibhart, on Flickr"><img src="" width="453" height="500" alt="2014-08-06 15.18.38"></a> Which just gives me a broken link icon. When I try to "download", I do NOT get an option to "copy image URL". I have spent about 4 hrs trying to upload 6 pictures and I am WAY frustrated! Help please!!!! AHA!!!! I think I may have reinvented the wheel, by accident. I THINK I figured it out............ " OK, these links go to my pic, but still don't work with the EB embed. : ((( WAHAAAAAAA GRRRHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!1 "
  7. huskysizeguy99

    Repository of svg decals

    Hi I'm Husky. Newish to minifig customization. I have been using CorelDraw from my decals up to the present, but I don't meet a lot of peps who use that program for decals. I know the price tag is fairly dear for Cdraw (since I bought it). I just signed up for GitHub. I'm def looking to learn from and contribute to the community. Not quite sure where to start. I don't have any graphic design skills to speak of , I'm a reformed military miniatures painter chap. Anyway, looking forward to meeting some of you all. Cheers!
  8. huskysizeguy99

    Decal Wish List

    Clone wars Commander Jet and senate commando captain? I posted elsewhere about my project and request. Sorry.
  9. huskysizeguy99

    commander jet decals

    HI! I am new to EB and to minifig decaling. I have searched many times for some decals for Commander Jet and troopers in his command on Geonosis. I have snagged enuf dark orange minifigs, helmets (Comm and Heavy Assault Flame Troopers) and weapons to do 41 minifigs. I simply do not have the proper decals. I'm just learning to use Corel Draw and I don't have the skills to create more complex decals, such as the arm/shoulder decals for Jet and his troopers. If anyone has a design or knows who might have some, please let me know! I decided to do three different heavy platoon size units. I chose: Classic white and black Scuba Clones with custom Cmdr "Span" and Kit Fisto Geonosian Ki-Adi Mundi, Cmdr Jet, flame troopers Galactic Marines, Ki-Adi again and Cmdr Mace I will post some pics soon. Any suggestions or comments and discussion would be great!!!
  10. Hi. I am new to decaling minifigs and parts. I am on my third go round doing minifig torsos and legs. I followed all the suggested steps in the tutorial I found here, as well as fineclonier's article on KAM. So I am using both setting and softening solution. My problem is that the edges of my decals "roll upI" and peel away from the torso and leg surfaces. I have prepped the surface properly, ie. cleaning and applying setting solution. I have tried several times and the edges still peel up from the surface- see pics-. The decals feel very brittle to me. I am getting VERY tired of wasting materials! Any help MUCH appreciated!
  11. huskysizeguy99

    Hi from Montana

    Just a polite hello. I admitted I was an AFOL about a year ago, with the help of my CFOL!!! Have found info on this site many times and decided it was high time top join. Thank you for all the inspiration and information, looking forward to contributing what we can. Cheers!