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  1. MrFluffles

    MOC American inspired classic police car

    Hmm those are indeed great ideas! I will try to modify it as you said into different versions. I really like the ambulance idea! Thanks, those insights make people wanna continue building! :D
  2. Hello, So I've created or at least tried to make a police car for mini fig scale use, inspired by some generic looks from classic police cars. The back wings are a dead give away but overall, I think it turned out pretty well. I've continued working on my first oldies police car and this has been the result of it. I've made my previous moc in real bricks so I hope to make this one as well in real bricks at some point! The Trunk can swing open and there's place enough to fit several utensils and items for the minifigs. It can fit two minifigs and has a completely Tan-colored interior. There's also a little lever acting as a gear shift next to the steering wheel and a wall separating the drivers seat from the back area. Also, the hood can be removed to display a basic engine set and a few items that make it look 'bulky'. Overall I like making bulky vehicles and think this one is quite bulky, haha! The basic width is 6studs wide, + the additional rounded side panels. So at some places it might grow to be upto 8 wide. :) Any tips or tricks or suggestions please tell me! Thank you!
  3. MrFluffles

    MOC. A generic Oldies Police car

    He, Thanks! I don't think he'd be one of the good coppers 'round.
  4. MrFluffles

    MOC. A generic Oldies Police car

    I've now rendered a decent picture of the updated MOC, note the changed grill! Thank you!
  5. MrFluffles

    MOC. A generic Oldies Police car

    Thanks i do know that those whipers make it chunky but oh Well i wasnt going for a realistic look, more of a lego world compact Police car :) i might try an other colour sheme. And Police lights
  6. MrFluffles

    MOC. A generic Oldies Police car

    Hey everyone. I've been away from the mod building for a while. But I recently wanted to build a lego police car as compact as possible but still neat and slick. I've done a bit of research.. looking up other mods and this and that. And So I present to you my Little police moc. I wanted to represent a classic oldies police car. But It turned out to be a mixture of many elements and now it appears to be functional but rather bulky overall - which I personally like. And not as Slick as I hoped it would've been. It's still a moc and the way it's been build up in Lego LDD is purely functional in order to make it 'stick' together. I might revise it someday in order to skim it down a bit. Haha. Any help would be appreciated in making it better! Thank you. Or tips and tricks. Ps: I'm also hoping to make it in brick one day. But this is just a WiP version :) (EDIT) Not that I've now reworked the front grill and the side doors. I think it looks better now. it has a more 'meaner' look to it. Also I've tried rendering a picture of it. (Note: This is the old version. The only differences are the grill and door. The rear is still the same!) Thank you!
  7. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Small Update. I've added and reworked the pantograph to the carriage. More to come!
  8. MrFluffles

    [MOC] Some train cars

    Oh I really like your american styled train!! It looks very good and about the perfect size for the lego world. is it a moc out of the Factory train set 10183?
  9. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Thank you! And yes that's true. lego has a single very tight curve, which will never be capable of making models of real life trains look adequately good. I think I'll just present it on a straight track, or buy in the future some of those 'third' party wider curves. if not I'll have to shorten the train. But I'm planning on actually making it in brick one day! so who knows! Thanks again tho! I love working on it!
  10. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Greebling? :p What is that?
  11. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Thanks! It took me a lot of work to get it right, it's quite fragile, but I tried to connect some pieces together in order to make it all stick. It won't fall apart, that's for sure :p
  12. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Update 1. Here I've edited the roof a bit. As well as finishing the overall layout of the carriage. The cables are to be put and bend when build in bricks on the roof itself connecting to the pantograph at the far end of the carriage (Still has to be build) The second carriage will not have the cables nor pantograph. The boxes on top of every door are actually variations in the design. There were a lot of different AM66's with many little tweaks and differences. One of those variations were the boxes a top every door, which I decided to add to give it more detail. for reference see: 624_charleroi at_22-10-2000x.jpg (current liverei) More to come, as it develops!
  13. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Hey everyone. After building my first mod inspired by the actual AM 62-66 trains, I tried to actually make a lego replica model of the train. In my previous topic I showed the edited 'fronts' on which I've been building further upon. Here you can see my progress so far, I honestly think it looks good so far, although a little 'bland' lack of detail on the sides, but once the top and panthograph and bogies are added I think it will become a lot better! I tried replicating the same amount of windows on the side, but, due to the length I had to remove one window in the middle in order to shorten the carriage just a bit to make it 'realistic'. And here is the original train Thanks! I'll be posting the progress as I work on it!
  14. MrFluffles

    MOC train inspired by a belgian automotive set.

    Removed to top.
  15. MrFluffles

    MOC train inspired by a belgian automotive set.

    Thank you! And no, sadly enough I wasn't aware that such a thing existed until now. I'm fairly new in the whole Lego building arena. Is it a good forum to be on?