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  1. Finlaybrick

    REVIEW: 1492 - Battle Cove

    Nice review, wasn't aware of this set either back in the day.
  2. Finlaybrick

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Love that map, could see it going well in a coffe table base display with a glass top.. ships mast are a bit tall so would need to be a custom job
  3. Finlaybrick

    Lego 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner....Finally! :)

    Remember seeing this in period and wanting it to go alongside my BSB. The one thing i was dissapointed with was the fact it didn't have 8 cannons, wasn't keen on having 4 that could move from side to side. Still a great set though, and i think the front 3/4 view is fantastic
  4. Finlaybrick

    Early 90s LEGO Pirate Scans

    The catalouge pics were fantastic and whoever was designing and directing them did a great job. I still have a load of them in a folder somewhere, great nostalgia
  5. Finlaybrick

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Seeing the pics now i quite like the look of the line. Would personally prefer the sails to be just stripes but there we are. Would be great to see an opposition ship and a large Island set, i guess if these do well then that may happen in further waves. Does feel a little chicken and egg though, if those sets existed i think they would sell, by not existing sales will be lower and so they may never exist! Whatever the case, good to have some pirates back.
  6. Finlaybrick

    Evening all!

    Thanks, i think she could be!
  7. Finlaybrick

    Evening all!

    Thanks all for the warm welcome! i can see myself buying some yes, would love the nostalgia of it all. Yeah looking forward to seeing the new pirate ship that is being mentioned in there! She seems quite enthusiastic thus far, surprised me with a microfighters millenium falcon the other day so i take that as a good sign!
  8. Finlaybrick

    ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    I've just joined up, read about all this while lurking and am looking forward to seeing what they bring out :D always a big pirate fan, the BSB was my pride and joy as a youngster. Seem to be rediscovering lego at the right time!
  9. Finlaybrick

    Evening all!

    Hello all, so.. LEGO I think i started to rediscover lego last year when my girlfriend and i discovered we both had the BSB when we were younger (and still have them, i got my out of storage the other day) This then progressed to the purchase of some lego keyrings and minifigs, and then on a trip to legoland i came away with the 9493 X-wing which i throughly enjoyed building. So i seem to be turning into one of these AFOL's i have been reading about and thought i'd join these excellent forums :D At the moment the X-wing and the 8868 Logging truck which i reassembled last year sit in my office along with some minifigs, not the BSB though (6285 version) as i think it would be too distracting! I've reorganised all my old lego and technic recently and i think i might get a sneaky few hours on thursday night where i may try and rebuild by old Aquanauts neptune discovery base, as it was the last big set i got before my dark ages. I remember building it but quickly taking it apart, never really 'lived with it' so thought it would be fun to revist. My main theme was pirates, and if i am to buy any classic sets i suspect they will be from there, always fancied a Carribean Clipper or Eldorado fortress. Anyway, thats me, happy buidling everyone!