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  1. cosmicpurr

    Classic Castle MOC

    that gray oven is a beauty!!!
  2. cosmicpurr

    Daily Business at the Gate

    that red castle door, fantastic and also the statue -on the left side- is a great design (looks like a robot but cool)
  3. cosmicpurr

    The Nocturnal Chapel

    super design, those black (burnt??) trees really get in my head.
  4. cosmicpurr


    the garden is magnificent, best I've ever seen, castle got the real-life depressed vibe which is cool but for the brown wood planks maybe u could go with another design?
  5. cosmicpurr

    [WIP] Apple Store

    free the m nkeys oh wait caesar will!!!
  6. cosmicpurr

    Best set ever?

    I love custom sets so my fav. custom: my official one: 10128 Train Level Crossing (so lonely and nice)
  7. cosmicpurr

    Pick-a-Brick Prices Going Up

    i live in turkey and sadly narrow minded turkish people think lego is for babies so turkey doesn't have a Lego store.. uuhuhuuhuhuhhu P.S. prices going up, not cool...
  8. cosmicpurr

    anyone from baltic states? (off topic)

    not baltic but close, from turkey, I am..
  9. cosmicpurr

    Let's Play LEGO I Spy

    I think u can go for a SETI satellite form that lot and a very big one u know which can receive msgs. from another universes... goooo custom
  10. cosmicpurr

    LEGO is Satanic

    heheh, they r just trying 2 create an imaginary enemy so their believers won't stop following them. because u know the thing they believe in isn't that solid so they want enemies for their "people" to stick together. and for that ridiculously funny & stupid jabba "dome" thing, well I live in turkey and I see a lot of mosques around me (unnecessarily too much, turkey needs more schools than mosques) and I like them from an architectural POV but I don't understand why would it bother anyone just because jabba's palace has a dome like mosques'??? so what, are domes only allowed to build on top of mosques? so silly....
  11. cosmicpurr

    Does your current Lego setup inspire you to build?

    for me, I don't need environmental support to build brick creations. first steps of an idea occurs in my head and I go from there to where i really don't know!! shapes along the way I guess
  12. cosmicpurr

    Help with disassembling lego

    hey there, I have two links for u, I think u'll find them very helpful
  13. cosmicpurr

    ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    pirate theme must always be updated