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  1. Deafpilotboy

    My realy bad stop motion

    That is how stop motion skill began, keep up with it and you will get there. :-) It take a lot of amount of patient and courage to show it online. You have done the hard part, now the easy part is to have fun make more of it. I do stop motion as well, check out some of my work at
  2. Deafpilotboy

    What do you do with your Lego?

    I do stop motion / brickfilm and some of MOC on lego as well.
  3. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Thank you Cagast!!! Magics Card Trick Video!
  4. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    After try to figure out the best way to motorized the LEGO Lone Ranger Constitution Train 79111 without change the appear of the Train engine. I figured best way is to just simple created the MOC motorized caboose train to push it from the back.
  5. Thank you for respond to vote, I use to create a free poll and i tried embed the widget code on the post and it come up into code look like this.... [color=rgb(255,255,255)][font=Arial][size=3][b][background=rgb(44,44,44)] Which do you prefer type of battery for power function LEGO train?[/background][/b][/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial][size=3] Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878[/size][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial][size=3] Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000[/size][/font][/color] [url="#"][/url][url="#"][/url] [url=""]free poll maker[/url] Any suggest to fix the poll widget code without need blind link to get it work?
  6. For Power Function Train, which do you prefer type of battery power function? Both have it own pro and con.... Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 Or Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 VOTE HERE POLL! Not know the different in both battery? read on more below. Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 It rechaged by plug into the wall input. very convince way to recharge it up. But the question is how long dose the battery cycle life span last in long term? If it ran out of cycle charging out, you have to buy the new one for retail value USD $49.99. Very easy to leave the battery in the lego train and just put wire in the train while charge without need take them part to replace it. Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 The most cheaper battery pack retail value USD $12.99 that require you to put in 6 AAA battery, value of it may be reasonable if you use rechargeable AAA battery instead of disposable battery. For long term, you can have that one pack for life time and easy replace the old aaa battery for cheaper. But depend on the train lego, some will require you more time to take lego apart to pull out the battery AAA battery, recharge it, put back in LEGO train to play with it. VOTE HERE POLL!
  7. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Hi Zblj! Thank you! I check out some of your video and love the one of your video effort to get lego fly up in air! Don't give up! I used to build the radio remote airplane model as hobby in 2001. I subscribe your video so we can stay in touch! :- ) Check out the preview of my next video project!
  8. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    I Had good break from completed the , while I was think on what next project to work on. I now have 2 cool lego set from famous movie! LEGO 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 And I have hard time to decide which one to do first! So Let do something FUN! I make this poll for everyone to vote! Vote Poll on here link
  9. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Stop motion Video Check out the new 11th stop motion video from DeafpilotboyTV.
  10. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Thank milan, I love your idea of Wheel design out of lego! and some of your creation! Keep up with work on create more cool idea!
  11. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Awesome! Thank nstickney! Thank you emistorm, you have some cool creation on your photo!
  12. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Thank you very much nstickney! what kind of plane you fly? I flew c-152, c-172 and one of short time of fly the WWII plane T-6 for 30 min. Smile! Thank you dr_spock!
  13. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Thank you Leo Crimson!
  14. Deafpilotboy

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Awesome cool photo! i love chewbacca try wear stromtrooper helmet !
  15. Deafpilotboy

    Hi from Deafpilotboy!

    Hi, I do Lego stop motion video review with extra story after the short review for fun! And I am one of few young deaf boy that can fly alone, so I called myself Deafpilotboy! Feel free to check out my youtube channel here