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  1. oirad 72

    [MOC] WWII Saving Private Ryan

    great ,I see this on Udine lego fest ,great work !!!!excellent
  2. oirad 72

    [MOC] Italian Villa

    Very Italian style
  3. oirad 72

    [MOC][Modular] Dance School

    Great I love this building Great I love this building Great I love this building
  4. oirad 72

    MOC: Southern Pacific Daylight #4449

    this moc is fantastickkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!
  5. oirad 72

    MOC: Detroit 1930

    Thank you everybody I glad you like it
  6. oirad 72

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    fantastick work!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  7. oirad 72

    [MOC] WWII M4 Sherman

    great tank!!
  8. oirad 72

    WWII MOC Second wave in Normandy

    nice work :)
  9. oirad 72


    great work!
  10. oirad 72

    MOC: Detroit 1930

    thanks :)thanks everybody!!!!!
  11. oirad 72

    MOC: Detroit 1930

    they are train models water decal ,:) thanksThanks everybody for your comments:)
  12. oirad 72

    MOC: Detroit 1930

    Hi everybody.Let me intoduce you my new moc dedicated to Detroit .We are in 1930 in a neighbourhood full of different people .The first building on the left is Cecilie Hotel where there is a nightclub ,while on the second floor there are some bedrooms if somebody desires to have a good company ,you know what I mean .In the building on the corner you can have a nice haircut at John's,the gangsters' barber.In the third building there's a grocery store .I hope you like .Brick on! https://www.flickr.com/photos/oirad72
  13. oirad 72

    Anthology Contest Voting Thread

    small cat. #8 large cat. #2