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  1. Wow that is quick! It took my system over 8 hours to render it in 1980x1024 resolution with studs on and just over 1 hour without studs. Very strange, but thanks for checking it - did you find the baseplate with the no studs issue?
  2. Thanks - I'm using 64-bit Windows 10 Here is the LDD file: [deleted SC file]
  3. Thanks bublible once again for your contribution! Rendering time was considerably slower for me (about 8x slower) with LEGO on studs enabled, but other than that it worked great! The one element I found does not show LEGO on studs is the 16x32 baseplate - I haven't tried other baseplates yet but that one for sure wasn't working for me.
  4. I can't figure out how to enable the various imageFX's - I'm assuming I need to edit the sc file but what is the syntax? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for doing this! I'm at a loss as to where to enable brick seams. I downloaded your modified SUNFLOW and dropped it in the correct place and downloaded your modified scene file, copied and pasted your updates into the default scene file (leaving lights set to default) but I don't see where/how to modify seams in scene file and rendering using your modified files doesn't produce any seams. I'm not a programmer so I assume I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!
  6. mrbradford

    Assembling Bricksburg

    These are great, thank you for sharing! I would love the LDD's for Emmet's Apartment and the church if you're willing to share. Thanks!
  7. Today on the LEGO Ambassador Network Forum, a new opportunity for RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group) Members was made public. The short of it is, AFOLs who are RLUG Members can now visit the Billund LEGO factory and Idea House without having to pay the expense of the Inside Tour (albeit the Inside Tour has other benefits). In a nutshell, your RLUG Management will agree on a tour date with group of between 12-40 AFOL's. Depending on timing and availability, enjoy the following at no cost (except your obvious travel expenses): Guided tour at the moulding factory Kornmarken Visit to the Employee Store (Mo. – Fr., for big groups preferably Monday morning, no shipping of bought goods) Guided tour at the LEGO Idea House 1 meal for all visitors provided by the CEE team Presentation by a LEGO Designer or similar The complete policy for this new opportunity is publicly available here: This opportunity is another great reason to join an RLUG! Edited to add: If you haven't seen my factory tour and Idea House tour videos from my visit last month, you can see them here:
  8. mrbradford

    How Many 2x4 Bricks in a Pick a Brick Pot?

    I wrote an article on this subject a couple years ago...which needs to be updated due to price increases everywhere, but you can find it here if interested: The price per ounce including the lid is now just about even in the US, but the small cup still has advantages that I see including: they are easier to stack (if you keep the cups vs reusing them), they are shallower and thus easier to fill (the bottom of a large cup tends to be tricky to fill easily), the ring at the bottom is wider and more accommodating of larger parts (especially 2x4 bricks). According to info I have, there should be 675 bricks in a LEGO bulk box that retails for $100 if your store manager will sell it to you. That equates to $0.1481 per 2x4 brick. Using the link CamelBoy68 posted above you get 142 2x4 bricks in a large cup which is $0.1092 each factoring in $0.50 cup reuse discount. I just did a quick test to see how many 2x4's I could fit in a small cup and easily fit 86 2x4 bricks in it which is only $0.1016 per brick, factoring in the $0.25 cup reuse discount, which is obviously the best value. Here is the way I got 86 bricks in the small cup:
  9. This is great news! Thanks for sharing!
  10. mrbradford

    Exclusive access store event

    From what I have heard, to get an invite, you need to: 1) spend between a certain amount (not too little, not too much) 2) be a VIP member and use your card when purchasing 3) take the store surveys and not leave them anonymous (i.e.put your name and email address when completed) 4) shop almost exclusively (if not exclusively) at one LEGO store (if you shop at multiples, they don't know which store to invite you to so you get no invite) Also, the stores have extra invitations they can give out at their discretion, so if you didn't get one, it's a good idea to call the store to see if you can get in.
  11. mrbradford

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    you can also search for words in Bricklink - a couple of your tiles had stickers with words, search "tile sticker CASTROL" for example under catalog items to see those.
  12. mrbradford

    First time visiting a lego store

    Brick separators are much cheaper on BrickLink.
  13. mrbradford

    VIP POINTS 2014

    If you got a VIP Shopping invitation, rumor is there will be TRIPLE VIP points.
  14. mrbradford

    The least LEGO-like line?

    What about BIONICLE or QUATTRO?