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    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Thanks for hosting! Gonna add another build to the pile of Star Wars ones... If editing for the lightsaber isn't allowed let me know, I'm happy to replace the picture. :) (Fairly new to the swing of things around here)
  2. Drazard

    Doctor Who Wishlists

    People rant on about skipping 9. But people don't even acknowledge 8, and when they do it's negative. XD
  3. Drazard

    One Word At A Time Story

  4. Drazard

    I need a few tips

    If you ever figure it out let me know, I'd like to see it! :D
  5. I expect the trans parts were a bit more expensive to produce, her hair being a new mold AND trans. I these all look lovely aside the Frankenrocker and Vamp lady... The cape on here is awesome but Franky just looks recycled.
  6. Drazard

    I need a few tips

    Sorry bout that. I mean instead of just using 1x2s or however long you'll use, use 2x2s. (The square ones) That way there'll be an overhang 1 brick thick, giving you room to work with the floor.
  7. Drazard

    I need a few tips

    Make the battlements two studs thick, and then hide the jagged edges under the extra brick. If that doesn't work just get angle plates that fit as close as you can get them. :)
  8. Drazard

    Anyone else this picky?

    I hate it when my pieces come "Damaged", especially regarding the minifigure's face print. I've had a batman that looked like they got the the print from paint, (really pixel-y) a Legolas figure who's eye is slightly smudged and there-of looks like he's got a huge eye-bogey problem, and a Thorin figure who's beard started wearing away after only about a month of ownership. I've only ever contacted them once after ALL the bley cheese slopes from the Riddles for the Ring set cracked . ALL of them. Lego was very nice and polite about it and sent me an entire set free of charge, though I would have been okay with just the cheese. I felt guilty for getting a new set since it was only the slopes, but I haven't called them before or since so that lessens the guilt significantly.
  9. Drazard

    70751 Temple of Airjitzu

    I certainly won't be getting it, but man oh man is it purty! Those olive green stalks look delectable. And dark brown spider legs for tree parts! There's just too much win to account for...
  10. Drazard

    'Llo, Eurobricks!

    Hi there! I'm going all out noob and introducing myself like I've known all the members here since the beginning of time. After this I shall attempt to make only civilized and intelligent conversation in hopes that I may meet up to the standards of this My user-name is Drazard, but you can call me David if you like. I've been a member of the online Mocing community since 2010, but I wasn't ever active until August of '11. There's not much else to say, aside I hope that this short introduction might make me rub off on some of you in a good way. Anyways, if you've got anything you like to ask or something, then gung-ho! ~Drazard.
  11. Drazard

    [M - F02] Mission S-F02 - Waterbug

    Brilliant build! The dark green is a really nice touch. I'm enjoying these MANTIS builds!
  12. Nice work! I like how the doctor has a number specifying which one he is. The lights in the flooring are a really cool touch. :)
  13. Drazard

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    'Llo! I've been wanting to review sets for quite the while, as most reviews seem to skip a lot of aspects of a set that I was curious about. I think I've got the right amount of sets I've been waiting to open, so I'm up for it!
  14. 'Llo everyone. Just getting the hang of this... I
  15. Drazard

    Home Sweet Home - Sci-Fi contest

    Came over just for this. Whether I enter or not is another question entirely. ;)