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    Davinci's Workshop

    Discover the charming Italian villa where ingenuity and invention come to life! It opens to reveal a treasure trove of genius, where Leonardo Davinci dreamed up his many masterpieces, including Davinci’s tank and his flying contraption. The workshop has an artist’s easel, workbench and tools, and many other playable details. This project is now LIVE on LEGO ideas! If you want to see this creation become a set, please go here to support it. ( A shot of the closed front exterior. This view is open for the purpose of extra visibilty when the creation is closed. But when it is opened, it gives the appearance of an open concept so that the room feels connected and cohesive. Here is the exterior completely opened. There are more shots on my flickr stream! And here's a closeup of the Renaissance Master himself! Don't forget to click "support" on Lego Ideas for this design! Thanks so much, ~Brother Steven
  2. Brother Steven

    MOC: Sunset Slumber

    Dear Journal, My life of sailing and traversing the skies has not been a wasted one, for all along the way since I left Fagimburg, the heavens showed forth their full glory. Each sunrise and sunset are more beautiful and breathtaking then the last. John's graceful little craft proved invaluable, for it danced across the clouds swiftly and smoothly. Morale is high in our little party. The weather has been perfectly amiable, with steady breezes, but nothing strong enough to send us off course. John seems a most trusty fellow, and I have informed him as to my destination, but I still hide the purpose of this journey. I have great hopes of reaching the treasure islands by next week. Until next time, dear journal. ~Zenas Abbington Really enjoyed how this one came out! Thanks to my bro for the great edit job! ;) Check out the Isles of Aura group here- <a href="</a>
  3. Brother Steven

    Moc: CCCXIII Hickory Outpost

    Perched in the depths of the greenwood is one of the many outposts of the fearsome foresters. Always in need of a safe place to stash their bountiful loot, the belly of the great hickory on which their domicle rests is the ideal location for a great cache of gold. Built for the CCC, (Small misc). I've been very busy lately, but I did manage to get this done for one of my favorite contests. Might have more later but we'll see. ;) Enjoy! ~Bro Steven.
  4. Brother Steven

    [MOC] Laboratory

    This whole thing is really epic man!! great job! :)
  5. Brother Steven

    Coxwell Cottage

    Every now and then, there's nothing more enjoyable than building a moc just for building's sake. Enjoy! ~Brother Steven. :)
  6. Brother Steven

    Library of St. Ablasterio

    Dear Journal, After a few weeks journey across the country, I have finally arrived at the Isle of Ivor which is home to the great library of St. Ablasterio. Here I hope to enlist the aid of the library monks to help me find find some documents which can potentially lead me to a great treasure I learned of as a youth. I will write more later, for I fear I am being followed... ~Zenas Abbington I'm really happy the way this one came out! :D Hope you guys like it! :) ~Bro Steven
  7. Brother Steven

    Crunching Footsteps

    I thought I'd give these new purple leaves a try, and you know what, I think they turned out better then I thought they would :) Hope you guys like it! :) ~Brother Steven
  8. Brother Steven

    Mountain Lake Tower

    Completly awesome!!
  9. Brother Steven

    [MOC] Royal King's Castle Upgraded

    Quite an improvement here! good job!
  10. Brother Steven

    King Flickr's Back!

    My third contribution to King Flickr Tyranny Saga. I post one of these every time flickr unleashes a so-called update.. And this time is no exseption! I'm not leaving, but it's sure is annoying I'll be posting more on CC and EB. ~Bro Steven
  11. Brother Steven

    MOC: Stórhǫggvi

    Roaming through the fens and moor is the beast whom all abhor A brutal creature with scales of red Any who approach are swiftly dead His massive claws and ripping fangs is where all of the terror hangs Only one so brave to draw near for all others behold him in fear That one man Sir Roland the brave Shall send this monster to it's grave The name Stórhǫggvi means great slasher in ancient viking Built for part two of our upcoming book series, The Anselm Saga. And for the Dragon Lands contest. hope you guys like it! ~Brother Steven
  12. Brother Steven

    The World Of Wind

    The Isle of Dalkaria is a well known destination for merchants from far and wide! However it is also notorious for it's piratical problems as well... Welcome to the World of Wind. Nice to be building again. Hope you guys like it! Big thanks to my bro for the awesome edit job. ;) A riotous pirate vessel renowned for it's blinding speed and devastating sneak attacks Behind the scenes.
  13. Brother Steven

    CCCXII Lancly Inn

    After a long and strenuous year, it was a relief for Lord Godfrey to take a well-earned holiday in the serene countryside of the northern shire. My last entry to the contest. Built for the CCCXII Castle building category Happy new year everyone! ~Brother Steven.
  14. Brother Steven

    CCCXII Adalgardis Keep

    Nestled along the eastern coastline of the kingdom lies the small village of Adalgardis. The peaceful location is kept safe and secure by the presence of a strong watchtower standing atop a large stone mountain. It is here where Sir Godfrey is making his rounds of inspection of all his coastal fortifications. Built for the CCCXII Large Miscellaneous Category. Hope you guys like it! It took me about two weeks to build. ~Brother Steven
  15. Brother Steven

    MOC: Fortress on the Rocks

    Great moc! that rockwork is top notch!