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    Tools you use with Lego

    Best tool for extensive lego building?That`d be quick drying super glue!For cutting open the skin under my fingernails from prying apart a 2x2 plate from the center of a 4x4 plate,down a 4 brick deep hole!
  2. benhead

    LDD to Universe/ Vice Versa

    I was bugging lego universe during beta about this very same thing.They never once got back to me with an answer.I assume that 100,000 other players were asking too and they got tired of saying no. During my playtime experience I built a fantastic space military base on my property in avant gardens.I was working on it for 2 weeks when one day it was just gone?I was pretty angry!I told LU about it,the next day about 8 pieces of it loaded in the right place but the rest of it was lost for good!I like to think that TLG saw it and outright stole it from me without so much as a 'thank you,this is neet!' So even if LU has the exact same friendliness as LDD it won`t matter if the data gets lost bouncing between my pc and their servers.
  3. benhead

    TLGs Quality Decrease

    So its not just me!I have noticed how cheap the quality is in the minifigure theme.I have a few that still have extra flash on the seems.
  4. benhead

    Licensed Sets?

    Tron lego would be awesome but lego`s dont make curves very well unless its a huge 5,000 piece set.If they did make light cycles small enough so minifigures could fit inside the outer shell of it would either be 2 large parts or 1 big one!Ruining what makes lego so much fun.It would feel more like duplo with minifigures!I would however pay anything for a 3 foot ultimate collector vintage lightcycle!
  5. I was between 8 and 14 years old,my weekly allowance of $5 did`nt go very far back then and it took months to save it up to get something big.I was torn between lego or gi joe toys,most of the time gijoe won out!So I missed out on alot of the cooler lego space themes from the late 1980`s to the mid 1990`s.Like blacktron 1,futron(futuron?),space police 1,space police 2,classic space(they were still availible for awhile). Now 98% of my gijoe toys are destroyed or in pieces(which I still have)but my legos are still usable.Yes the white parts are yellowish,minifigures have stress cracks on their arms and sides,transparent parts are cloudy. As my childhood friends over the years grew up and moved away they gave me their lego collections!So there are incomplete sets from those old themes that I missed.One friend was moving to Tokyo and he gave me a complete Black Seas Barracuda with the plastic trays,original instructions and the box!
  6. benhead

    Lego System Petition

    I like the new personalities for the mini figures.Its clever that one face is calm or focused while the one on the reverse side is in a panic. But I also like the generic smiley face from the older stuff too.The only gripe that I have about new lego parts is that what used to be 8 smaller pieces is now 1 huge piece!This is crap Lego!And what used to be $8 for 87 pieces(bionicle) is now 33 pieces and costs $14!When did lego go from technic robots to duplo lameness with softer parts?Are there really that many kids eating and choking on bionicle pieces?
  7. My fingers are tired!I felt my way through 2 full boxes of series 4 mini`s this morning and found only 3 vikings and 1 lawn gnome,I`m not sure why he has a fishing pole though,LOL?Noticed that the rock star,hazmat guy,hockey player,oriental woman seem to be pretty hard to find also.Lego should just drop the whole 'its a mystery' thing and just add a see-through window to the package or even just a picture of which ones inside,since anyone with 2 hours to kill is going to only buy the few they want anyway.But also bought a few others that I liked,1 rock star,1 hazmat guy,2 hockey players(wow those ice skates are tiny!Talk about a choking hazard for little kids!) I do think that only the top 5 hardest to find should come in a small black box with a large red question mark on it.So you are going to get at least 1 of those 5 but it will be impossible to tell.
  8. Repeat figures are needed to stretch out the theme and probably keep costs down.I`d love it if each figure was unique and one of a kind!But the line would dry up for new ideas pretty quickly,doubt if it would make it past series 5.I would love to see lego get some movie licensed characters and the occasional super rare 1 in 25 cases elite mini figure!Something that is so awesome it brings in new customers and drives up demand,gives lego the needed funds to create even cooler mini`s.The super rare figure would be something like a 24kt gold George Lucas(complete with chubby belly,over-stuffed bag of money and a little sign that says 'Thanks suckers!HAHA!'). New themes; Comic book characters.Series 11.1 Hulk,2 Ironman,3 Superman,4 Green Lantern,5 Batman,6 Wonder Woman,7 Batgirl,8 Wolverine,9 Dead Pool,10 Stryker(from cyber force,he has 3 right arms!),11 Witchblade(alittle revealing I know),12 Savage Dragon,13 Spawn,14 The Darkness(comes with 2 tiny darklings with tommy guns!),15 Rogue(x-men)16 Professor X(with wheel chair!)1 in 25 super rare figure...Stan Lee! Tv and movie figures.Series 12.1 Snake Plisken(from Escape from L.A.),2 Robocop,3 Alien(from alien 2, the rubbery tail is molded with the head piece),4 Power loader,5 Ellen Ripley,6 Conan(the Arnold version),7 Alf(anyone remember him?),8 The Simpsons(any),9 Predator(his head and mask would be huge!),10 Lord of the rings(any),11 Family guy(any),12 Luck Troll(those funny looking little dolls with the crazy fuzzy hair),13 Lara Croft(tomb raider/angelina jolie version),14 Loyd(from dumb and dumber,my favorite movie!),15 Terminator,16 saturday night live(original crew,bill murray,dan akroyd,steve martin,anyone of these three!)1 in 25 super rare...Bill Murray in Ghost busters outfit!Comes with proton pack and a rubbery Slimer! Cartoons.Series 13.1 He-man,2 Smurf,3 Ren,4 Stimpy,5 G.I.Joe(any,there`s enough of them!),6 Japanese anime(choose 1 if you can!),7 Disney(old cartoons),8 Gumby(1st rubbery mini figure),9 Dragonball Z,10 Fraggle Rock(I like Doozers!),11 Dexter(from Dexter`s laboratory,he would be the smallest mini ever made!comes with beaker,wrench and thick nerd glasses),12 Dee-Dee(Dexters stoopid sister),13 Scooby Doo(I really hate this show but someone likes it,its been on for 40 years!),14 Looney Tunes(Marvin Martin-comes with ray gun,Yo samity sam-comes with 2 long barrel pistols or elmer fud-comes with double barrel shotgun and huge hunting hat!),15 1980`s cartoons(not mentioned),16 1990`s cartoons(not mentioned).1 in 25 super rare...24kt gold Bugs Bunny.
  9. benhead

    ExoForce gone for good :(

    The next series should be called 'Exo-Force 2.0 adult builder' and make an effort to not be cheap in their stick figure designs.They should buy the rights to sell true anime inspired mechs based on the best models from Gundam,Battletech and anything that Shirow Masamune has done including the mechs from ghost in the shell and bubblegum crisis(first mech anime that I`ve seen).And each set should cost at least $80 and not be less than 1,000 pieces.That will ensure the detail level to be high.A common trend should be minifigures sit in the chest cockpit,the chest can double as an escape ship/pod,5 fingered hands(not solid lumps like bionicle hands),poseability! And 2 super detailed sets for the exclusive market.Both in the $400 range,3,000 to 5,000 pieces each,removable body armor to see the complex machinery/skeletons underneath.
  10. benhead

    What's the best Minifigure ever made?

    I cant possibly only pick 1 favorite minifigure!There are about 50 that I really like but I`m not going to rattle them off,first cause I dont remember all of them and second it would take awhile.But if I were to pick a few favorites it would be the space theme from 1980 to 1996.I really liked the Blacktron 1 colors,not so much for Blacktron 2.Patiently waiting for word on Blacktron 3!The Ice planet mini`s had cool colors,transparent orange skiis and neat helmet visors.The Exo-force anime mini`s were awesome!I think they should have exaggerrated the mini`s bodies also,particularly the females.Liked the villians from space police 3.
  11. benhead

    First trip to a Lego Store

    UH!Lucky!I`ve never even seen a lego only store!The nearest one is Denver Colorado,an easy 12 hour trip by car!
  12. benhead

    More exclusive set info

    Farnsworth house?! Why thats my house!I live on Farnsworth Drive!But there are about 30 other homes on this street too.I tell you it will be a pretty boring model, single floor,no basement,no attic,2 car driveway but 1 car garage thats pretty full of old hand-me-down tools,a snowblower(with a flat tire), a 60 year old compressor that my grandpa built,3 bikes that nobody uses hangin from the ceiling,boxes of canning jars,not very well built storage shelves,an unlevel concrete floor,a few fake wall boards that are meant to look like real wall boards(instead of real wallpaper).Oh and 2 garbage cans stinking up the whole room,I know lego makes garbage cans. The attic/crawl space may be a fun thing to build!I just love going up there to mess with exposed wires,no floor other than a 3 inch wide board running down the middle,and lets not forget the shingling nails that stick through the ceiling every 2 inches making standing up straight to ease a sore back,suicide!
  13. I buy legos for the special pieces I need.One viking set I liked so much that I bought 11 of the same thing(that was all the store had left).It was the one that had the big wolf,I think it was called 'Fenrir wolf' or something similar.It came with alot of black battle droid arms, white tail tips, and pneumatic t-joints.I found the single piece wolf head to be a useless piece though,tried to make minifigure body armor where the wolf heads were the shoulder armor but it would`nt work the way I wanted.
  14. benhead

    LEGO parts made of Chinese plastic?

    First the plastic is inferior and a slightly different color.They either wont stick or stay together,sometimes they fuse together they may come apart with pliers!But at the cost of 'tooth' marks or permanent bends.
  15. Ever build some awesome moc but end up running out of a particular few special pieces in the process,then try to go back and count how many pieces you used,and then going on bricklink and try to find a couple stores that sell those parts in the same color?Well I have!And it is a huge headache!This store has the parts I need but their minimum order is $30 and my total is $12.Or this other store has the right color but now they want 50 cents per piece when they used to charge 14 cents all because lego has`nt produced anymore of it in black for the last 2 years!AHHH! I have found out that it takes at least 5 different stores all with different s\h rates and minimum order limits just to remake 1 100 piece moc in the same colors!And its only $8 in parts.But the total in s\h,insurance,minimum order ends up costing me $60!So you have to have deep pockets and an addiction to legos to justify cost versus creativity!