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  1. What is with the recent trend of less detailed figures and reused parts for Super Heroes sets? In the past (2015), figures that were side characters like Deathstroke got new dual molded legs, and we got an impressive array of new characters for the Marvel sets, almost all with at least printing on the legs. For Civil War we still got detailed figures, as well as dual molding for Spider-man, which carried over to Homecoming - and even Thor got arm and leg printing for the arena set. But recently, with the Infinity War and 2018 DC Superheroes figures, we didn't even get dual molding for Iron Spider-man, Black Panther's figures all had plain color legs with no printing, and even Thanos was an inaccurate reuse. Did the budget all go towards movies and the like?
  2. This is really impressive, and I love the inclusion of the LDD file. If only more parts were available in Sand Green to make this a physical creation...
  3. legozebra

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    Best Theme: Harry Potter (Glorious return to form with beautiful sets and a stellar minifigure series that brought so much good things to the minifigure system like mid legs)Best Minifigure/Figure: Future Jay (Beautiful arm and leg printing and a stellar figure in general)Best Set: 70143 Hogwarts Castle (While the microscale turned off some - including myself at first - the set is so beautiful and at such a good price for what you get that I'm more than happy to overlook microscale if it means a bigger and better build, which in this case it does)Worst Theme: DC Superheroes (three lackluster sets with unimpressive builds, especially the trike. Love it or hate it, I will admit the RC Batmobile is entertaining, but at the cost of looking really ugly and being really pricey for the size)Worst Minifigure/Figure: Wasp (Honorable mention for Dareth from the Ninjago City Docks set, who lost his trademark brown and didn't even use the new design he got in Season 8, instead opting for the bland black overused gi)Worst Set: 75201 First Order AT-STMost Anticipated for 2019: Ninjago Legacy looks amazing, Lego Movie 2 has some great sets (at some not-so-great prices, sadly)
  4. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    It's really only confusing as we know almost nothing about it besides small snippets from the creators - I have faith that Bragi Schut, who wrote some of the best episodes of SoG and Hunted, has the story under control, even though the prospect of the Oni conflict wrapping up in just four episodes after basically 20 episodes of buildup to the threat is worrying.
  5. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    But Tommy A said that this four episode special wraps up the arc that started with Sons of Garmadon, leading me to sadly believe that the Oni will be one and done in four episodes...
  6. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    The tenuous info we do have from leakers is that the summer sets are not Legacy sets, and instead something new. We know from Comic Con there's several unaccounted hours of content for 2019 besides the four episode Season 10, so I'm guessing the summer 2019 wave will be based on what is presumably Season 11 in the summer.
  7. legozebra

    The Vahki

    These are absolutely amazing - I love the way your brickbuilt staffs and weapons really evoke the parts from 2004 and nail that design aesthetic. It looks like these are built digitally - any chance of sharing the LDD files or instructions?
  8. legozebra

    First Generation Bionicle Rebuilds

    This is fantastic - thank you so much! Out of curiosity, how are the Technic panels on Lewa's torso attached?
  9. legozebra

    Ninjago Legacy Wishlist

    Going beyond sets that have been released previously (which is what they seem to be doing so far), I'd love a remake/new set of: Pilot: Blacksmith Shop Garmadon's Dark Fortress/Ferris Wheel Fire Temple Season 1: Great Devourer (as a full set, something they aren't afraid of doing by packaging the side build to Fangpyre Truck Ambush, Zane's Snowmobile, in a set) Dr. Julian's Workshop with Robotic Guard (and maybe a Treehorn to add conflict) Snake Bus Destiny's Bounty Season 2: Temple of Light Black Bounty Golden Mech Overlord Dragon Garmatron Any of the unreleased Stone Army vehicles Season 3: Borg Tower Nindroid Spaceship Overlord Mech Temple of Fortitude Security Mechs, Hovercrafts, and Jets Small playset for the Factory Escape (Ideally with casual Nya) Season 4: Chen's Arena Ferry Boat Clouse Mech vs Jay's Electromech Small "versus" packs to give us the unreleased EMs EM dragons vs Chen's trucks (Metal would be amazing) Season 5: Preeminent vs Ferry Boat (could include the boat here instead of as a Season 4 set) Cloud Kingdom playset Season 6: Misfortune's Keep Djinn Palace Season 7: Iron Doom (could give us a chance to get the old EMs as well as a much better Iron Doom build than what we got) Dome of Doom Ninjago City Museum Season 8: Ninjago City Palace Oni Cave or River Boat Lobster Chase (only really to get casual Harumi) SoG HQ Season 9: Wind Dragon Oni Stronghold Dragon Hunter Truck Dragon Hunter Speeder variant 2 (with vertical wings and Faith) Nya's BattleWagon (could have the potential to be an App-Controlled set like the Batmobile as it has a similar stature)
  10. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I get that the design was very derivative of Garmadon, but the chance to get the black fawn legs that Mystake had as well as a new horn mold is alluring. It just feels like a bit of a cop out if they were to appear as previous villains, but of course this is all speculation until the special actually comes out. I'm hoping (and guessing) that the focus on Jay and Nya's wedding is because at some point, one will be replaced by an Oni, which should be a really fun storyline to explore.
  11. legozebra

    First Generation Bionicle Rebuilds

    Wow, these are really, really impressive! I've been trying to reverse engineer those amazing torsos - any chance of providing half deconstructed photos?
  12. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Yeah, I'm really worried as Tommy A has said many times that the special wraps up the multi-season arc that started with SoG, and I feel that the Oni should be a credible enough threat to at least last a season, and especially at least have their own unique minifigure forms.
  13. On brickseek, you can actually find any DPCI through a bit of a roundabout way - finding the Walmart SKU number through a search (just type in set number), then loading the UPC code through the Walmart searcher and copying/pasting the UPC into the Target checker to get DPCI.
  14. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Probably a retailer exclusive, hence why it’s not in the catalogue. There’s usually one or two every wave.
  15. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I love how the backs of the boxes show scenes from the TV show - it really feels like they’re making this wave with a lot of love and respect for what came before. After seeing the clear photos, Jay’s Storm Fighter is a clear and huge improvement - in fact, most of them are, save the Samurai Mech, which I’m still really disappointed in. I understand how it’s now to-scale with the show, but I feel like this model really fails to capture the shape of the original mech from the show, something ironically the scale model used in the Dimensions video game actually succeeded at.