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  1. could you show me how? there is a downloadable LDD file available
  2. Is there anyone out there who can help me redesign these legs, it looks like he's wearing a pants that is a bit to short. There is a downloadable LDD-file included at the end of this post Is there any way to make them resemble somthing more like this? and also retain as much articulation as possible? new cockpit.lxf
  3. Yes, this looks very good. Looks more functional. The previous prototype had a tad to much dodats etc... but this is perfect!!!!! Design aproved Unless there are other versions you wanted to show then im curious
  4. No, wait you put your effort in it, and that's more than enough I was just nitpicking. I approve of this design!!!
  5. A hybrid version between those was what I meant
  6. Maybe a little bit sleeker , here and there like a mixture between this model amd the very first model of me that you recoloured
  7. Looks fine to me, it just shows how creative people can get from one single model
  8. You can show it whenever you want ;)
  9. No that's why I should see it! ;)
  10. Like I said, I don't mind a retool/recolouring of the Yules Mech. In fact I'm quite forward looking to the Techtroners redesign. But a hammer is also a tool, in fact it is a quite mundane looking hammer but it's up to you now. I approved for the redesign
  11. I do have some mech design are non-militaristic
  12. Well, I could remove the shoulder rocket launchers, and remove the double minigun and the wristblade and just keep the hammer. Like that it could be military mech that was modified intosome giant mecha miner or something send out to planets where the techtroners could use an all terrain- all purpose unit suitable for hostile environments?? I wouldn't mind a cooperation, looks fine, I mean I liked the Techtroners recolouring more than my own color sheme becuz it reminded me of Exo-Force Minor nitpick: the only thing I didn't like about the recolouring were the transparent parts... they made the mech look fragile in some way But do what you want, I'm always in for something new
  13. Is there any way that the Yules mech can exist in the Techtroners Universe? like being involved in the story or something
  14. No problem, your effort was more than enough for me... PS by the way Thank you so much!!!
  15. Where Do I start? first off all your render really looks amazing and has great texture, the articulation was exactly what I needed!!! Not to sound ungrateful, but do you have any pictures from different angles and poses?