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  1. rob-cubed

    Old, old gray formulation?

    Thanks. I figured it is likely age-related but it's just so odd that this one set is so different than others that all came from the same era. Unfortunately there were no whites in 6073 and the other included colors like red don't look any different.
  2. My mother recently discovered my old LEGO at the back of her closet! My first sets were from the mid-1970s and had the generic "stage extra" minifigs, and the later sets were all Castle-themed—including one of the first sets to use proper grays for the walls, 6073. Going through my old hoard I noticed that some of them are a different shade of gray. Specifically, the ones in 6073. This specific set of bricks are yellower than the other old gray bricks I have... the difference is subtle but noticeable, this "old old" gray makes the other old grays look downright bley by comparison. I'm aware that this discoloration could be due to sunlight exposure or age, but these bricks are uniformly the same color throughout and all of the grays would have been purchased within a 5 year span in the early 80s and exposed to identical conditions. Is anyone aware of a change in color formulation in the earliest gray bricks—before the obvious change to the later bley colors?
  3. rob-cubed

    MOC: Victorian House

    Lovely! The siding... cool... nice details on the awnings and gingerbread trim.
  4. rob-cubed

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Totally agreed! DO is a fun set, the pool hall and detective's office have really some nice details. I have all the modulars and honestly the bigger ones almost feel too massive now. I like the fact that LEGO has been moving towards slightly smaller, denser modulars in general. My only complaint on DO is there are too many colors in the build and it's pretty darn hard to get fingers into Al's or the DO proper, unlike PS which had just enough room to move things around easily.
  5. rob-cubed

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Whatever the next one is, I hope they keep up the split-building approach used on PS and DO. The full-size 32s offer plenty of play room inside, but the smaller 16-wides make for a much more condensed and varied cityscape. And they offer the perception of better value, since you get two buildings instead of one. It's been a while since we've had a corner set. With Palace Cinema on its way out and GE long gone, I bet the next one will be a corner building of some flavor. I hope they retain a mixed-use approach to the space, even if it's designed as a single structure. They haven't done any "office" spaces. I can envision an office, with a coffee shop and news stand on the bottom floor. But more likely is something with more "playability"... police station, car dealership/garage, a diner. With the new monster CMFs coming out later this year... maybe... just maybe... they'll do something with a creepy theme? They've never tried to connect the two before, but it's such a consistent theme this time around it makes me think they have something planned to go with it. Unfortunately, every modular-worthy candidate that has made it on Ideas has been shot down so far. I don't think LEGO has any intention of cannibalizing an existing product line even if the fan demand is there. Still very disappointed the Ghostbusters HQ wasn't approved!
  6. Citizen Brick has always played on the fringes of the custom LEGO industry, but this newest release is over the top: I'm torn. While I love adult themes, it's almost like they are asking for a cease and desist letter. I really have to wonder how many they will sell at $275 US, and whether TLG will quietly let this exist. How many of you would buy it? Some of the custom printed tiles used here are just awesome... like the zebra and pink leopard... and the male "dancer" makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
  7. rob-cubed

    10246 Detective's Office

    This is one of the only things that bothers me about the Expert line. Given the cost of the sets and all the work they put into it, why not provide a few different facial expressions on the minifigs? Great set, a little colorful by Expert standards but I can't resist this one. The new dartboard is great, I've been waiting for one that wasn't a sticker.
  8. rob-cubed

    Friends in Space: Moon Base Observatory

    What a great mashup! Love it! The robo-dog and constellation on the wall are very clever.
  9. I'll take one of each, please! OK there's a couple minifigs in the lineup I don't particularly care for, but this is one of the better all-around CMF releases and the first for which I will blindly buy a bunch of polybags. The hun and genie are both outstanding!
  10. rob-cubed

    MOC: Restaurant

    Really great roofline and suspension bridge!
  11. rob-cubed

    NY Skyscraper

    Wow, this is a spaceship-sized building though the lines are perfect. Just scale it down a little and it would be awesome.
  12. rob-cubed

    [MOC] Floriculture

    How cute! I love the greenhouses.
  13. rob-cubed

    MOC: Halloween style haunted mansion

    Please do!
  14. rob-cubed

    MOC - Godwins Hollow Police Department

    Nice job! Love all the interior details.
  15. rob-cubed

    Victorian MOCdular House (My first modular MOC)

    Both... :-D Nice job on making a 16-wide out of the HH. Great use of those old Technic parts! It always bothered me there was no roof access on the original!