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  1. I'm not suggesting women "can't" imagine that it's a girl's face,my point whas that despite of the standard Lego face being gender-neutral many women still instictevly assume that the standard Lego smiley face is a boy's face. I (and I assume you too?) speak from the perspective of a white man, who are pretty much the standard in popular culture and media so I can imagine it's not as simple as "imagine it as a black person's or woman's face" because being underrepresented in media maybe makes it harder to not assume yellow standard lego faces are white men. Just my two cents.
  2. The yellow face is supposed to be gender and race-neutral, but I think Lego has definetly failed in making it race-neutral. I've always thought of the yellow faces as white, and I'm sure that most dark-skin coloured people will say the same. I've even seen women who think of the standard smiley-face as a boy face! That people hold this conception is something Lego feels responsible for. We're mostly white males here so we rarely even have that problem! Most products, tv-shows + whatever have white males as the "standard" so it's easier for us to assume that yellow faces are white, than it is for dark-skinned people or even women to assume that yellow faces are dark-skinned or female it's not as easy to just "imagine he's black" or "imagine she's a woman".
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    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Yeah! Been wondering too, but I guess they want to say* space or something. *Edit: I mean save
  4. RoboKnight

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    off topic here, but "Summer Catalog"? Is'nt it called "Spring Catalog?"
  5. It's available on now, whohoo
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    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I got into Lord of The Rings set just when the first wave got out of stores, (Fortunately I managed to get the most important, Helm's Deep and a Deeping Wall set, before) and compared to the first wave the second wave is so inferior. Obviously Gondor Soldiers should have been expected, Faramir, Witch King & an Oliphant should have been made, Eowyn and a Mordor variation of the cave troll would be great, and I can't believe Lego passed up on making a Siege Tower a lá old castle sets A "Witch King's Hour", "Oliphant Ambush", Prologue/Sauron + Isildur or a Minas Tirith set (Gondor Soldiers, Attack Trolls, Grond, unique Orcs, Gondor Trebuchet, Siege Tower, Mordor Catapult, the list goes on) would be great. Like say a "Minas Tirith Gate" set like the Mines of Moria set, but with an armored Mordor Troll, (removable armor of course) Gandalf, Gondor Soldiers, Orcs and maybe even an Easterling? The satue of a Horseman would suffice for buildings inside the gate if the gate was well-made (Of course there'd be a play feature to smash it down, especially with the Lego Grond) Question is though if the wave would focus heavily on Minas Tirith, with a wall with trebuchet, a Siege Tower, Grond and a gate. That'd be quite nice though, but a something like Lego Helm's Deep done with Minas Tirith would be impossible, and I bet Lego asked themselves if we want a Minas Tirith when it can't be put into a coherent shape like Lego Helm's Deep. (or a dream come true.... they're still working on it!)
  7. There' no set date for this to get on the LEGO website, or am I wrong?
  8. RoboKnight

    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    Palace Cinema, Benny's Spaceship, and if I don't change my mind later: Grand Emporium & Sandcrawler. Might want the Lord of the Rings Pirate ship as well!
  9. It's available on Bricklink now, whoo-hoo!
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    MOC: The Temple of the Twin Jaguars

    Astonishing! I love the stone structure, and the black "cord"-trees - and the brown/orange leaves below the green ones! :thumbup: (dont know the name of the colour)
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    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Does anyone have a clue when it will Bennys Spaceship will be available through the Lego website? Is it around June/July? I hope VIP members will get it early....
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    Discussion Should LEGO make a Military Theme?

    I as a kid would have loved a WW2 theme, as for other kids, modern warfare seems to be more hip now anyways, but what I can say is basically that WW2 was doubtlessly the greatest tragedy in the 20th century, maybe ever, there are still veterans and holocaust survivers alive, and nazism is a real problem in europe and the usa. I would say quite loudly, NO. (and it would be instantly banned in germany, i can tell you that )
  13. I love these kinds of things!