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    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    [pid][/pid] LDD/MLCad 12B Hi AFOLs (and LEGO Galleon lovers), I've been working on this build in LDD for the last month or so - as I did I lurked these forums and drew inspiration from many of the fine galleon MOCs here. I'm currently in the part ordering phase - have around 1200 out of 4500 pieces and thought I'd post it to see what the ship builders here think. It's named the Gilded Crow because the colors match that of an Ozzie football team, in case anyone was wondering. I didn't plan it that way, just thought the dark blue, gold and bright red worked well together - the wife saw it and recognized her teams colors straight away :) I have designed it to be modular, drawing inspiration from the Imperial Flagship and other sources. I was considering the purchase of that set but, at the price it is now, I thought I could purchase 3 X as many bricks, for a larger model of my own design. In this final render, you can see the detail in the Captain's quarters and just make out the large dining table and chairs in the deck below. I'm not sure how long it will take me to collect all the parts and build the Crow, though I know it will require custom sails and rigging. Once complete I will post some photos of the actual build. I plan to create better water on the base plates, with tiles and studs. Eventually, I also want to crew this vessel. I would prefer not to use the yellow skinned minifigs - if anyone has suggestions on suitable minifig crew parts which work with flesh colored heads and hands, it would be appreciated. Hope you like the design, ummester.
  2. ummester

    Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison

    Very nice review/comparison - thanks. Like the reviewer, I prefer to MOC/MOD - 8097 is the closest Star Wars set I have on display to the original TLG build. The only major change I have made is cockpit detail. I remember a lot of Star Wars fans not getting it at the time because they thought is was just a recolored 6209, which it kind of is, with some subtle differences only. Not having 6209, I had no choice in which one to buy. Whilst I do think that the USC Slave 1 is a more accurate shape, I feel 8097 is a more accurate size. For some reason TLG overestimates size for minifig scale UCS sets, as if they are basing dimensions on minifig width, rather than height. End result is next to UCS Slave 1 or USC Falcon, mifigs look 4 ft versions of the 6ft characters they are supposed to represent.
  3. ummester

    Hail our new overlords!

    Had stressful/sad April 1st, needed a good laugh and this thread provided it. Guess we'll have DisneyLink soon also and each store will have to add a further 3% to prices to accommodate the takeover :P
  4. Hi all, I try and undertake a large MOC each year. Last year it was a Galleon, this year I'm thinking trains. My initial idea was to design a diesel freight train, as it seemed something I could logically add carriages to when I had the cash to buy more parts. I wanted a locomotive that was fairly unique and that I'd never seen done in LEGO, so I thought back to the big diesel engines I remembered where I grew up and, once I researched them a little, realized they were a specific design to Western Australia and only 6 were made. I didn't think I could find a locomotive much more unique so started modelling. The build is fully power functions compatible. The model as rendered has the power functions components installed. Here are some pics The flickr album is here Before I commit to buying parts, I might try my hand at a steam engine design and see which I prefer. Some questions: How many parts can a power functions motor pull? This model is just shy of 2,000 parts, including the shipping containers. I'm not sure how well the idea of adding carriages as I get ideas and cash will play out if I try and run it all on a track. Is there a preferred motor and remote type by the majority of train builders? I was going to just get the passenger train when I saw it on sale and use the parts from that. Seeing as I am pretty heavily into building things entirely my way, it may be better to skip the passenger train and order older motor parts from Bricklink, or order a rechargeable kit from LEGO? What's the verdict? What is generally considered the best option for pulling a MOC with a few parts?
  5. ummester

    Lego LDD MOC LBSCR 48 Ft Bogie Coach

    Nice how you've curved the coaches up from the bottom. Am interested to see the photos of the brick build. I find when taking screenshots in LDD it looks better to have the outlines turned on - I also find it easier to work with the outlines on, now I have gotten used to them. Of course a render looks better than anything - but if you don't have the time or PC power, outlines on is generally better than outlines off in LDD.
  6. ummester

    Red Lion 1940's in LEGO

    Amazing, looks fantastic.
  7. ummester

    Crane wagon

    Dig the images showing design progression, they make it seem really fun. The door and windows look great. Does the crane car have trouble on corners with the wheels close together like that?
  8. ummester

    WA AB Class Locomotive and train - LDD

    Sticker Questions, drawing attention to the reference pic for this loco again: I could do the white strips with cuts from a LEGO sticker sheet and the designation with a clear tape in a label maker. The only thing I can't work out how to make sticky is the WA railways logo. I could replicate this easy enough in Photoshop - I just don't know how to get it on a small transparent sticker. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. I've decided on a steam Loco to include with my Australian themed LEGO train builds and have been working on a model in LDD. I probably wont complete this one in bricks for a while yet, as the diesel loco has swallowed up my immediate funding. I saw this pic on a train forum and I really liked the look of it. I think the design was based on the USRA Light Pacific. It's currently designed with the motor in the middle of the tender and those wheels static on the tender, with the 3 large wheels static on the loco. All other wheels turn on large plates - will this accommodate LEGO track turns?
  10. ummester

    Very happy man but sad wallet! Misb heaven :)

    LEGO is an expensive hobby whichever way you slice it - I had to stop smoking to play with plastic trains :D
  11. ummester

    WA AB Class Locomotive and train - LDD

    You mean this one jtlan? That design, like the one I was using initially, has the wheels too close together to corner well. The only other 3 axle design I can see on Railbricks is this one The only way this could be powered is with a motor inside the loco and gears. EDIT - just found the actual magazine, Railbricks #6 and saw the 3 axle design in it. Again, it is a truck that needs to be gear driven and powered by a motor other than the PF train motor. From what Legoman666 posted, a single small motor will not compete with the PF train motor. The original issue still stands - there is no close to perfect way to power a 3 axle truck with the PF train motor or in a less than 7 wide loco design.
  12. ummester

    LEGO Train signature sprites: Where do I get them?

    can you make your own somehow, from LDD models, for moc trains?
  13. ummester

    MOC: Tower 17

    Great use of brick types to create texture - it's something I really appreciate with LEGO building.
  14. ummester

    Very happy man but sad wallet! Misb heaven :)

    Very nice train collection - though I agree with jamesed in that i prefer to design my own. Any official set I put together I either mod or sell. If I did get something like the EN or Shed in a mint looking box now, I would be hesitant to open it. I have a mate who has a UCS Falcon mint in the box, which he is too scared to open and build now - he said if he really wants to build it it's wiser to sell the box version to an investor/collector and purchase a used set for building.
  15. ummester

    Discussion Should LEGO make a Military Theme?

    Does anyone else see the humor in the concept that a discussion regarding whether or not LEGO should make a military or conflict based theme becomes heated and very conflicted?
  16. ummester

    WA AB Class Locomotive and train - LDD

    I've made one fake truck - with the wrong colors - and it runs very smoothly, a bit smoother than the passenger train, because this loco is fair bit heavier. From a distance the fake trucks look fine, as it is quite dark under the loco and the brick work hides where the wheels hit the tracks - the only time where the illusion fails is around corners, which is where the running for different truck models fails. Man, I'm starting to dislike LEGO corner tracks - but the flip side is the gauge of the trains is so big you need a lot of space to play with layouts, so I can see why they tried to keep the corners tight. I have some Steam drivers on order zephyr, so I am going to take you advice and muck around with a steam train chassis first, before I try and build the whole thing. One thing this diesel loco has taught me, with LEGO trains, is to start from the wheel design, then work out what kind of motor you need, then model the train.
  17. ummester

    WA AB Class Locomotive and train - LDD

    The trucks on the Loco are annoying me - seeing it in bricks, I find everything but them looks close enough to the reference photos. So I have been working on new truck designs. The top design shows trucks with true six axles and gears, aka the type of trucks legoman666 makes. The bottom design is faux truck detail over 2 axles per truck in PF motor configuration (the PF motor is in the front truck). I know the top truck looks better but what I can't decide is whether or not it looks sufficiently better for the internal remodeling required on the loco, not to mention the performance drop that might occur with a single truck running on a single PF technic style motor. I really can't decide which way to proceed? Advice?
  18. ummester

    BNSF GE Evo ES44DC Locomotive in 7 wide.

    I've mucked around with faux trim - the concept of it just niggles at me though :D Petty the M motor isn't powerful enough, it looks easier to position and hide.
  19. ummester

    BNSF GE Evo ES44DC Locomotive in 7 wide.

    So I am coming to the realisation that for 3 axle diesel trucks to look (and potentially function) better, that the PF train motor needs to be discarded. I have a couple of questions about trying to incorporate a motor into a build (I want to try and do it in a 6 x 38 (approx.)). Will it still function well if only one truck (probably the rear) is geared and powered. I can see 2 small motors on Bricklink: & Do both of these run fine plugged into the train battery box? Will they work fine position horizontally? Which takes up less space, fits into a smaller space?
  20. ummester

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Does this mean that our species, in general, lacks imagination? :)
  21. ummester

    Is LEGO dying?

    They lost their religion when they remodelled to survive in the 90s, I think. Also, as someone elsewhere pointed out, when they let the brick patent slide and others got in on it, they became more minifg centric.
  22. ummester

    Vitreolum Collectible Series

    There is something Game of Thrones/ASoIaF about it - I like it.
  23. ummester

    Is LEGO dying?

    This is an interesting idea. I know my boys, now having film readily available from the internet, are not really interested in it. Both movies and TV bore them, only random kids doing stupid things on youtube, from all ofver the world, seems to hold their interest. The next generation could be one that is just not interested in consumer entertainment products at all and has the digital means to entertain themselves without corporations being involved.
  24. ummester

    MOC: NYC Subway Car

    Nice car - agree with others that the angled lights came out really well. I also think the doors look great, at the same time I agree that the overall height could come down a plate or two.