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  1. DesignerJSL

    MOC: RMS Acadia - Ocean Liner

    Yes, thanks - wow, that's pretty big! I was wondering whether it was minifigure-scale since you had the cabin that size, but then I saw the pieces and realised it was 'Creator' scale. But still, amazing job.
  2. DesignerJSL

    Gilded Crow - 22 Gun Galleon

    Like everyone else has said... truly jawdropping. I don't know how you managed to work out where to put all the parts to make it look so nice - do you experiment around in LDD to see which ones go well together, or just 'go with the flow'?
  3. DesignerJSL

    [MOC] LL-947 Space Defender

    Seriously? Oh no, lol! Forgive me for laughing, that's just the kind of mistake I would make...
  4. DesignerJSL

    MOC: RMS Acadia - Ocean Liner

    No replies?!? Wow, that is so sad. Well done, Murdoch17, terrific model. You actually invested $120 to build it in real-life? I would have been content to have a nicely rendered digital image from LDD, but then again it is a great model. How big is it (in cm)?
  5. DesignerJSL

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    May I be overly presumptuous, and ask if there is any chance of a .lxf rendering of this? 'Cos it looks so great I want to include it in my Lego City project! (with your permission, of course).
  6. DesignerJSL

    LDD MOC - Up on the roof

    That is a great design. It looks like you have modelled a CAD file for an architecture firm! And same here about the 'pergola'! I would call it a 'trellis' but then what do I know, I'm not gardener.
  7. Thinking bricks...

  8. DesignerJSL

    Greetings from Grey UK

    @lego3364, great, I'm glad you like it. The best part (I think) is the octagon-shaped hull at the back, since the bricks had to be rotated slightly to fit, and yet still work together. I am constantly amazed by what LEGO can do. @dr_spock, Hi there. Sorry, but I don't quite get what you mean? New grey / old grey? My original meaning was that here in GB we don't get much sun at all. :D (and I'm still waiting for one of our American friends to pick me out on the spelling!)
  9. DesignerJSL

    Greetings from Grey UK

    Thanks very much everybody! @Bricktimus, I did indeed add a post to the sci-fi forum with this very craft here. Thanks for your great comments, I have got some more MOC's and will hopefully upload them soon. Is it just me or do other people like naming the weapons on the craft almost as much as building them?
  10. DesignerJSL

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    Incredible! That tree which is leaning to the right makes it for me. Well done for some excellent building. When I know a model is good, it's when I could just imagine myself there. So I guess that means this is good.
  11. DesignerJSL

    Red Dragon XRJ Blockade Runner

    Haha, I see what you mean. It wasn't intended like that, but I suppose the name fits... Thanks for the comment!
  12. DesignerJSL

    [MOC] Hræfnesburh (Ravensburg)

    Incredible fortress. Did you model it off a real castle? Because it looks too good to be completely made up!
  13. DesignerJSL

    [MOC] LL-947 Space Defender

    Wow! Amazing. I love those lights on the arc-shaped wing pieces. I wonder if LDD will let you do that? Probably not.
  14. Oh yes, one of my favourite LEGO sets! I remember getting this as a kid. Thanks for your accurate rendition of it, Holodoc. (And to the rest of you, sorry for bringing up a 3-year-old post! (blush) )
  15. Thanks for the welcome, Murdoch17, I'm really enjoying this forum so far. :) Oh, sorry, I forgot about the fact that this is only an index topic! Right, well, I've made an introductory topic about myself here and also included the XRJ fighter above as a topic here, in the Sci-Fi section you recommended (thanks for the tips.) Well done on your sets, too, they're truly terrific. I hope you don't mind, I've downloaded all of them with an aim to maybe include them in the Lego City I'm making. Des