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  1. Do we know what the piece count for this set is? I'm guessing around 1500.
  2. So which one is considered to be the flagship, the BWE or the Porsche? They both look epic.
  3. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Cherry Hill, NJ is getting a store:
  4. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Looks like a LEGO Store opened in Stockholm.
  5. syy89

    What did you buy today?

    Got the 21003 Space Needle at the Space Needle gift shop in Seattle last Friday.
  6. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Just checked the LEGO Store website again. Looks like two more new stores are coming to France, including the flagship location in Bordeaux.
  7. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Looks like Providence and Westfield Southcentre are now open, along with Winnipeg. Southpark looks like is still on the way. That would make four new stores so far this year. Wonder if there are still more to come.
  8. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Looks like Charlotte and Providence are also getting stores this year based on these listings:
  9. syy89

    Topic title editing requests

    Well, it's now 2015, so we're not talking about new stores opening in late 2014 anymore, so I think it's worth removing the "late 2014" part of the title now. . But if you wanna leave it, I'm OK with it too. Or maybe we can also use it as a master thread to track new stores opening in 2016 and beyond, in which case we can change the title to "New LEGO Stores opening".
  10. syy89

    Topic title editing requests

    Could a mod please edit the title of this thread: to: "LEGO Stores opening in 2015" (for obvious reasons ) Thanks in advance!
  11. syy89

    New LEGO Store openings

    Very excited for Winnipeg! Looks like they're gonna be posting stores opening this year here. Fingers crossed that your city makes the list (including mine)!
  12. syy89

    2015 Lego April store calendar

    It appears to be on the LEGO Store site already, but somehow, it cannot be viewed or downloaded at the moment. Not sure what the issue is.
  13. syy89

    Do you have any other hobbies?

    Chess and hockey are my two other major hobbies.