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  1. Hi all, I would like to present to you my latest moc: Minecraft Layout (V 2.0). Maybe you remember my old one: http://www.eurobrick...29&hl=minecraft I took that one apart and started building a new one with the new sets. The right "hill part" is modular: the plates with terrain can be taken off to get easier acces to the mines underneath. The mines feature a zombie spawner, end portal, minecart tracks, water and lava pools and some platforms. There are two ways to acces the mine; on the top of the hill there is a minecart track which leads down and on the side of the hill I made a working piston door, which can be controlled by a lever. Without further ado, here are the pics. More, like a video of the piston door and WIP's, can be found here:
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks like you are right. I really need to update my recent set knowledge, I could not remember seeing anything like that
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was peeking in the lego ambassador network's blog section and saw this awesome halloween staff picture.... and something else what looks like a modular building on the right side, on the pilar above the joker costumed person.
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    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I think the problem is that the pictures are in CMYK color instead of RGB ;) I think it is a beautiful building! I also do not mind that they trew out the smiley faces, my city is full if cmf and regular figs anyways.
  5. My ideal christmas tree is standing in a room where I can chill out (sometimes literally) with a cup of coco and my pets!
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    To the Millennium Bat! (MOC)

    This is so bat in the best possible way. Amazing!
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    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Now that you mention it I see it too. And it looks very much like a sticker.
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    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Okay I know wild guessing is not that appreciated, but the trans blue piece on the back of this new Ninjago set looks like it could be a future UCS MF cockpit piece. Or am I going nuts now?
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    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Manatee C swam into my mailbox yesterday, thanks alot CopMike!
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    Review - 70904 Clayface Splat Attack

    Great review, really enjoyed it! Only one thing; didn't Batman have 9 abs instead of 10 according to the movie? (I'm sure he wouldn't mind having 10)
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    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    A Flying Manatee is coming to the Netherlands, hooray! Thanks CopMike!
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    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Steve and Alex building a snowman!
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    Simpsons Halloween Raffle

    Sounds about right Staslegomaster
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    Simpsons Halloween Raffle

    Time to find out who caused this horrific event...
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    Lego Modular City Square with all modulars!!!

    Awesome work, I really like your trees. I may build some of them for my city ;)
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    [MOC] Large Minecraft Layout

    Thank you! :D
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    LEGO Minecraft display

    Maybe it's a fun idea to make a "360 model" to save some bricks in making more levels. You can turn it around now and then on your display area. You first build the mine taking up about half (or more) of the underside (or ground level). Make the other half the nether. Then build the surface on top of that. You can use some jumper pieces on the top of the underside chunk to make the surface area modular and switch things up now and then. I am currently in the process of making a new modular Minecraft moc with all the released sets except for the nether and end sets. Have fun building your minecraft display :)
  18. Hi there and welcome to this review! I hope you will enjoy this review of a quite rare set. Before I start off I would like to tell you about how we got to building this set and some background story of the set. In 2014 me and my girlfriend were among the lucky few selected for the 2015 Inside Tour. As there are already great articles about the Tour I'm not going to write a lot about it, but fact is that we had a blast and made some new friends. As always with the end of the Tour, a special set is given out to the attendees. That's years set was one we were very happy with. As big fairy tale fans we were thrilled that the set was based on a story of one of the greatest fairy tale writers ever. Also, the set was based on a wooden model wich was made by Lego in the early years. The specific wooden model was the first ever wooden model with the representation of a human being. I accidentally made a picture of it in the Idea House, wich I found out afterwards when going to our photo album. Here on the right you can see the wooden model as displayed in the Idea House. The wooden model is designed by Dagny Holm, a niece of Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. She made the wooden model around 1936. Later, when Lego started with plastic bricks, Dagny returned to the company and made one of Lego. Because Lego didn't have many different pieces back then, there were limited possibilities with making life like models. Despite that she and her team always tried to make the models as life-like as possible. So, you may ask yourself: with all this awesome stuff about this set and how like it and such, why didn't you build it right away? Well things have it's reasons. Unlike some (small group of) others I would not ever consider selling this. There is to much 'emotional' value to this set, wich can't be expressed in any money. Me and my girlfriend were in the progress of getting our own house and we promised each other that the first set being build there would be this one. And a little over a year later it was finally the time to build! blablabla background story, emotions, blabla get to the review! Okay, here we go! Box/Instructions The box is different then any other Lego set. It basically is a plain withe architecture style box with a sleeve. Printed on the sleeve is off course the set itself, a picture of Dagny and the set information. Each copy has it's unique handwritten set number and was signed on the spot by the designer, Steen Stig Andersen. On the back of the box we find the story of Dagny and a photo of all the participants of the tour. For their privacy I won't post that picture here. The instruction booklet features a kind of paper wich feels different then the normal booklet. The first pages feature the whole fairy tale of Clumsy Hans, wich is a quite funny story! And before the building fun begins, we get to see the confused minifigre looking a pile of unsorted bricks. Parts Well let's follow the instructions of being a happy person and sort the bricks! When we open the plain white box we find what looks like some heat sealed bags, wich again, is different than any other Lego set. A lot of 1x1 and 2x1 plates in different colors are what make the inventory of this set. There are two exclusive printed pieces in this set: It looks like we're all sorted! Let's start building! The build We start off with building the base of the model. It starts like a Architecture set; snapping plates together and lining it with black tiles. After that we add more terrain details and we can see where Hans and his goat will be placed. With the next steps we build the tree, wich is a lot bigger then I imagined. More details are added to the base, showing a small pond. Next up is the star of the show: Hans himself! Hans is riding a goat (called Billy) and holding a dead crow and a wooden shoe, filled with mud. Hans gets a classic Lego yellow brick build head, wich is a nice touch. The completed model After about 2 hours the model is completed and it looks great. It has a very old-style look and feel to it and it's bigger in size then I thought. Overall opinion It is very very hard for me to give a totally neutral opinion about this set, because it is very special to me. Not just because of the exclusivity of this set, but also because it holds a lot of very good memories. What I can say is that this set has zero playability. Unlike some other Inside Tour sets this is a true display model, nothing else. I hope you liked reading this review and wish everyone trying to get on a future Inside Tour the best of luck with getting selected. If you have the money for it, I highly recommend any fan of Lego to go when they can.
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    Eurobricks Collaborative wins 2016 Best Group Display

    Congratulations! Awesome build, nice teamwork!
  20. Category A: #2 #1 #13 Category B: #1
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    Town Park

    This looks like a park I would go! I especially like the trees, it's always hard to build some cool trees ;)
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    [MAZE] Cat A - Castle Fortress

    Cool maze! I really like that if the ball falls in a hole it comes back to you ;) How smooth is this maze in comparison to the 'regular' one, with this extra weight?
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    LEGO Store Brand Calendar July 2016

    I love that retro castle set!
  24. How cute! Awesome build wich fits right into the microfighter line!
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    Minecraft 2016

    With all these awesome new sets like the village and castle I'm going to need more space to expand my lego minecraft world. Already looking forward to it! Also, I hope that in a next wave, if it comes, they'll put some cows in the sets since we only got one set with a regular cow!