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  1. Wafer31262

    [MOC] Ghost Rider

    Inferno headpiece really suited ghost rider.
  2. Wafer31262

    Review: 76022 - X-Men vs. The Sentinel

    Thank for a great review Blackbird in my opinion look a bit weird don't know why.
  3. Wafer31262

    UCS LEGO C-3PO Bust

    This is a really nice bust
  4. Wafer31262

    [MOC] K-Wing Starfighter

    That is awesome. The cockpit is like bulkier version of Y-wing
  5. Wafer31262

    UCS Jabba's Sail Barge

    Nice model again Anio
  6. Wafer31262

    Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    Love those details on engines
  7. Wafer31262

    Future Star Wars Sets

    TIE bomber:The set should included some asteroid
  8. Wafer31262


  9. very cool I like that you can still place an minifigures in it.
  10. Wafer31262

    Review - 75036 - Utapau Troopers

    very nice set for an army builder and great review btw
  11. Wafer31262

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I think there will included a new update palpatine that I spotted in new microfighter video