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  1. PlzStopImScared

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    264: 3 votes 217: 3 votes 19: 3 votes
  2. PlzStopImScared

    [MOC] The Hobbit. Barrel Escape!

    Nice build. The scene looks a lot like the movie.
  3. PlzStopImScared

    Lenny & Malolau Western City

    This is amazing! The waterfall, the mine, the railroad tunnel, I just love it! Great job!
  4. PlzStopImScared

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    This is really nice and creative build! I really like the graffitti details and that roof caught my eye. Well done!
  5. PlzStopImScared

    Unnofficial Game of Thrones Figs

    Well they look nice and a lot like the real characters, but $220....
  6. PlzStopImScared

    WIP: Bermuda Sloop

    Looking good so far! Can`t wait to see more!
  7. PlzStopImScared

    [MOC] The Last Alliance

    Nice design for the trebuchet! The scenery is amazing especially that foliage near the edge of that cliff. Very nice!
  8. PlzStopImScared

    Port Retribution

    I love it! The old school look is very nice. I like all the humor and action going on too.
  9. PlzStopImScared

    The 2nd Battle of Devil's pass.

    Amazing! All the minifigures look unique and wonderful. The story was an interesting read as well. Also nice use of the Queen Anne's Revenge flag, fits the evil faction well.
  10. PlzStopImScared


    Nice scene! The water looks a bit rugged but overall very nice.
  11. PlzStopImScared

    14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

    What a great looking ship! It seems like you worked really hard on the rigging, well it turned out perfect! The netting design at the ship is very nice as well!
  12. PlzStopImScared

    Review: 60059 Logging Truck

    Thanks for the review! I do not own many trucks, and this one sure is grabbing my attention. Perhaps I`ll pick it up.
  13. PlzStopImScared

    Troublesome News (built by my little bro)

    Your little brother amazes me once again! I`m enjoying this little story so far, the building techniques are great too.
  14. PlzStopImScared

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Thi sounds awesome! I would really like to participate in this, as long as quite a few more people join in aswell.
  15. PlzStopImScared

    Photos of your Pirate LEGO Collection

    Nice collection! These ships would make an excellent diorama. The only ship I own out of those four, is The Black Pearl.