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  1. Tji-chan

    How many bricks do you have?

    Hoi hoi Around 100 mini figures and 102.000 parts most is gominng out of sets. Muddy
  2. Tji-chan

    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II MOCs

    Hoi hoi Very nice made love theme Muddy
  3. Tji-chan

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Hoi hoi Love it ! :wub: Great jop. I'm big fan of Totoro, (And all the Ghibli movie's) Muddy
  4. Tji-chan

    Rail Road Excavator Atlas

    Hoi hoi Yes the track is the killer in this projeckt. Need to find some old school track for this bild. Some photo's of the real model you can find over here. Muddy
  5. Tji-chan

    LEGO shouldn't make new parts for a year?

    Hoi hoi I voted no. There are stil some basic briks missing like a axel 11,13,and 15. I never incounterd a peice from a creator or technic set whit only one use until nouw.
  6. Tji-chan

    DAF CF85 Crane Truck

    Hoi hoi Nice love for sure the crane on the truck, and nice jop on the cylinders for sur going to use that in the next truck crane. I made also a flatbed trailer if you are intrested in it take a look over here, Muddy
  7. Tji-chan

    Rail Road Excavator Atlas

    I totally agree whit you. This is my first rail road crane and there are some more thinks i don't like on the model. For sure it was a lot of fun to make it and i will make a better one. Whit most of my models a'm not satisfied but making bit by bit progres. Muddy ps for the truck you can take a look over here: .
  8. Tji-chan

    Rail Road Excavator Atlas

    Hoi hoi On the real model the cilinders are also placed up side douwn. Muddy
  9. Hoi hoi Here the photo's of the Atlas rail-road excavator for narrow track rail. The model is based on the Atlas 220 WWR "Sterke Hufter" (Strong **hole) Normely it's working under the rail catenary and have no problem to lift 10 ton whit the boom completly set out to the frond. I don't now or there realy exists a narrow track model but this model is made for Lego rails. One thing that is not correct on the model is the pneumatic cilinders, The real model have underlying cylinders, On my model the are situated on top of the boom. All the boom functions are pneumatic, The rail wheels can go up and douwn by small air cylinders. It roles and turn manual, Made als some equipment for it like a rail stabilizer, weed control unit, a hook , excavator bugget small and midium, and a jip.. Hope you like it. ps hope my post is easier to read if not pleace say so ! Part 2 Loading a truck whit air The weed control unit in action The rail stabilizer in action More photo's you can find here. Muddy
  10. Tji-chan

    MOC: Cruel Life part 4

    Hoi hoi very nice love the ditails on it, Great jop ! Muddy
  11. Tji-chan

    Hello to all the lego fans

    Hoi hoi Thx jep will present them here for sure. Muddy
  12. Tji-chan

    [MOC] Red Mill with tractor

    Love it ! It give me goosbumps Think i need to bay more old school stuf and start bilding things like that ! Muddy
  13. Tji-chan

    MOC: Mice

    Nice love it
  14. Tji-chan

    Sennabogen 5500 Starlifter

    Ok thx fot the tip ! I will pay closer attention in the following posts. Muddy