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  1. Ok, THESE are the kind of builds the words intelectual property are invented for... (I already see cultures wo don't understand that producing a set out of it :thumbdown:)

    Everything or most has already been said, what I would like to add: this P1 resembles that it's more than possible to have great lines, coverage and shapes while almost only using Technic parts. And that's cool! As far as I can see, most of the system parts have been used in previous official Technic sets.

    Another thing: despite the many functions, including a few non-common ones, this P1 still looks very clean in- and outwarts. You must have done a lot of thinking and trying to get it this way :thumbup: .

  2. I know your opinion on building vs. keeping your MOCs, but for this one, make an exception. Not for the world, but for yourself. The package of details, correct colors, authenticity and proportions (!) is so complete, that it really looks like the real thing. So strip the electronics once you're done, and put it somewhere in your room. Keeping only pictures and videos just doesn't do it justice... :classic:. Edit: ok, I understand about the tan parts. TLG, are your reading along?


    (from 2:19), it almost looks like a full scale LR (except for the goliath flowers, hehe).

  3. This kick isn't needless. I hardly buy sets anymore, only the loose parts I need. This, because I don't want to have another pile of hundreds of pins, gears, axles... I certainly don't want to spend money on yet another six-AA battery box, cilinder blocks, etc. The 42039 was only interesting to me for the 6-hole wheels, the green panels, the black 3x11 panels and the flexaxles. Not much to justify the ~90 Euros and another addition to my sorting system reaching its limits again.

    But on the other hand I learned that it's better to still have most of my parts in complete sets: to make it easier to sell part of my stock later, if needed. Past week, I saw an auction of a shop handling returns from other online shops. They sold an "incomplete" 42039 this time. Price: €24,95. Now look closely:


    The feeling was already good, there were two more closeups of the bags. Of course, the tires are missing. The stickers, box and manual as well. BUT, comparing the bags with the bags in this review allowed me to conclude: there are no more than TWO little bags missing, one of which only contains black pins and bushes; the other one a few other pins and common engine parts like pistons. I had everything in my spare stock. The tires as well.

    With this review, I could compare the original contents of the box with the pictures in the auction. Jims highly detailed pictures of every single bag in this set then made it possible to judge this as a bargain beyond compare.

    So Jim and every other reviewer that might read this: please continue to document the box contents, it's sometimes very helpful!

  4. Yes :grin:.

    A single big pneumatic 2M wide cylinder (old/new) is able to give almost 3 KG of pressure. Combined with a small amount of leverage, the weight of the remaining parts after that section of the crane is a joke. Even the added momentum when fully extended is not interesting, since 42043 comes with a bucket which can't be loaded with much weight.

    When people mod the arm with a hook and want to lift much weight though, it will take time to have the compressor collect enough air to build up the needed pressure. A second pump is advantageous then.

  5. With this colour combination normally beeing used by sub-8-year-old's, and a website that doesn't even deserve to be categorized in the baddest web 1.0 examples, I honestly think that this guy is a kid aged no older than 13.

    It is so bad to have the courage of placing this picture on the internet it should have an 18+ confirmation upon entering the according site. Moreover, asking that much money for it is just plain strange, even too strange to be a troll :laugh:.