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  1. Ok, so you mean you are hooked to it, or the supremacy: addicted to it (depending on how bad it is )
  2. Sag mir den ersten Satz, den du geschrieben hast, mal auf Deutsch. Denn ich hoffe nicht, dass du gerade so empfindest, wie es auf Englisch rüberkommst . As for the gears: a common wish I'd had, is to have the current gears in multiple colors, especially the 16 tooth gearbox gears. This to differ the functions in complex gearboxes and -trains, but mostly because of the cool looks. Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Orange...
  3. That's a fine one. Actually, I discussed with myself to buy the 2013 and 2014 models, because I like the proper number of coloured small panels and the black rims. But paying at least € 15,- mostly for those PB-motors... I aint building small cars anyway, so now I've discovered Lego Parts and Bricks. In average, the panels are even cheaper than on Bricklink (when avoiding many single orders).
  4. Jim, or another mod, can you please change the topic title to "Lies and sarcasm related to Lego Technic"? That'd better fit the content. Thanks upfront! "I never place my well-sorted boxes of small stuff directly near the mouse and keyboard, only to forget about them while reading Eurobricks and then, upon standing up, unwantingly smashing the stuff all over the place.."
  5. Very usefull test, thanks. So as a rule of thumb one can say that the large cilinders are aprox. four times as strong as the little ones. The ideas with the RC-Motor, water and the handpumps as an automated compressor are all usefull tips. Another one could be the parallel use of two or even more small compressors. I thought that Sariel once did that in a huge snow groomer. This because it may maintain the pressure better, and thus perhaps maximize it too.
  6. That doesn't necessarily needs to be a lie. Most of us like to make a gift for ourselves, hehe.
  7. Currently, when I buy a new set, I leave all the black and double blue connector pins sealed in their bags. For those parts I use the ones out of my collection. For many other parts, the quoted line is so true. Even if you think you certainly have enough of a certain part (liftarms, for example), one thinks of a new MOC and you just need that two extra beams in that specific lenght and/or angle. In the correct colour, none the less. Hehe, all the other ones are cool too. My brains are enjoying a little party of recognition.
  8. I like the way you constructed the frontspoiler. This clearly shows how Lego Technic has evolved, because those panels really add much realism. Like your Martini Print too!
  9. JB is right, that argument also applies to similar vehicles. On vehicles with lots of torque it makes sense to have the differential in the middle, this because of the length of the driving axles. The longer the axle gets, more torsion needs to be withstanded. To avoid (minimal) differences in the number of NM per wheel that comes to the street as well as a (slight) difference in traction between both wheels, it's better to have it centered. On Lego, it doesn't matter even a bit, so place it where it seems realistic. I like it the way you build it, especially for offroad cars .
  10. That freighter must be running really, really slow... I feel sorry for all the AFOLS over there
  11. Haha cool, he's gonna be like you and/or the average forumvisitor. Probably coming into his dark ages within 5 years, and after a decade and a half, buying his first Lego For Men set. Hehe.
  12. "But Darling, you shouldn't underestimate the capabilities of our 5 year old boy! In fact, that 31313 Mindstorms Set will be just perfect for him! Really!" .....
  13. Examples: 9394 - many, many red panels (except for the straigt ones) 42006 - bought two of them. Why? Together they make for most of the parts of an 8043, because of the caterpillars, 4 long LA's in total (and 2 small ones), etc. As for the red panels: wait for the new red pickup truck and buy a Bionicle T9 (8943) for little money like I did. Why? You get no less than 12 red curved 2x3x11 panels: link to Brickset. I bought one for € 6,- for a few days in EBay...
  14. Same message here, although all conditions are met (€ 75,- minimum etc). Also tried to increase the cart-total and tried the code on other Lego not currently on sale. Still not working :-\ It's this code. Edit: hmm, maybe I need to create an account and login first to have the code accepted.
  15. Ok, thanks. Sounds good. Then I will carefully need to open my remaining still sealed Unimog and see. Any more experiences, or a way to check some kind of number on the box? (E.g. production date or similar)
  16. Not completely needless topickick: somewhere I've read (now unable to find), that the latest 8110 batches also shipped with the new rims. Are some of you able to verify that? And if they are, did the latest Unimogs came with grey or black coloured rims?