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  1. Hehe, I just realised that I can't use this set to increase my collection of blue L-shaped beams (one of the few sets with seats in another color).
  2. Low enough to make the car fly with 2xLiPo and 2x RC-Motor . @ Piterx: if in need for more space in the front for one of the batteryboxes, you could try to use the suspension parts of the new 42021 Snow Scooter. Those are much shorter and will leave you eventually more space between the wheels. The parts from the Extreme Cruiser and/or 8858 Rebel Wrecker probably also work fine.
  3. It's a pity, not to say a shame, that TLG did not include at least a few cheap 8X16 tiles to pave the bed for the Hauler. Because now, the playability is bad for the B-model, as it won't hold even larger Lego bricks. They even could have done it with axles and bushes. The 8294 excavator back in 2008 had one of those for the secondary build - a tracked dumper.
  4. Try to render it with Unimog tyres. From the side they have more "body" (higher/straight sidewall), thus increasing the impact. But only from the side.
  5. I'd bet the main reason for you to have your models get a drive in the park ist to get footage of the nice girls there . No j/k, it's one of the finest tracked vehicles I've seen in Lego: running over obstacles naturally and smooth, good and scale-correct speed, etc. You're right, that due to the weight, the smooth 2L connectors still have grip. The large surface of both the tracks also contributes, off course. Like your idea with the two PF-Switches.
  6. The new part (better: additional part, because it fulfills another purpose) is 3M instead of 2, cannot move freely back and forth anymore, and looks like this:
  7. I don't know where to look first, because of all the details. To pick one: the MC (Casette) underneath the center console is great
  8. He even thought of a navigation fin on the roof . Look at the way he filled all the gaps and created the lines by making good use of the panels and bionicle eyes. Nevertheless, the detailed engine bay has indeed never seen before. That's just impressive and fun to watch.
  9. I actually tried it myself now. There is indeed an issue. Even more strange: although reproducable, the issue occurs intermittendly. I connected three mediums onto a V2, and sometimes they work, but mostly I need to switch directions or try different combinations to have them run all at once. When some of them don't run, a beep sounds. I was unable to find a reproducable correlation to either stalled, idle or loaded motors. Addition: discovered the following reproducable behaviour and thus facts: - The problem depends on the limit per output port, not per receiver. Two mediums work fine when connected to different outputs. - Two XL Motors work fine, regardless whether connected to separated outputs or sharing one - The beep sound comes from the medium motors themselves, and shows that the already mentioned startup current can't be delivered. The total peek-mA delivered by the V2 is insufficient to overcome the initial magnetic resistance.
  10. Now this is one confusing topic. V2 implies it's a successor, I can hardly imagine TLG will maintain two different receivers on the market. That would be confusing, and one of the strongest arguments for playing with Lego, interoperetability, would be missed. On Eurobricks, many of us unterstand the underlying technical limitations or reasons. Everyone else, let alone the main target audience kids, would never unterstand why their new V2 is unable to power 2 silly medium motors. The plug and play aspect of the PF concept would be disregarded.
  11. Assumed that too, but he connected the Lipo's in parallel, raising the current limit (multiplicated by 3). Don't know if it really works that way...
  12. Like JM1971 said, those very high amounts are not really paid (except by some too rich people not willing to wait). When you choose "Completed Listings" as a filter option on Ebay, you clearly see what people are willing to pay an which sums are to high. In Germany, used ones are selling for approx. € 330,- upto 360,-. New ones € 360,- to 400,-. But much depends on the way you present it: good, bright pictures are important, and because of the special box, macro pictures of that one, too.
  13. I've sold one without V2 receiver and remote for € 318,-.
  14. Idea is good, I also hate the way they're stacked in that deep edge. But... You can use one of the lits of the box to pull all batteries out, including the last one. It's strong enough, perhaps Lego even designed it to be used like that.
  15. Despite the many holes in the bodywork, for which one cannot do much except building with System parts, you captured the look and character of the car very well. When I squeeze my eyes to see the front unsharp, it clearly looks exactly like an Audi: the single frame grill, the lights... the "face" of the car just stands. I like the back too, where you used the bionicle eyes to create the actual look of the recent Audi models (A4, A6). Also I like that you've not ignored the bottom and used many black panels there.
  16. There is another Topic just for true remarks like that, please post it there too :-P
  17. Watch his Youtube video about this ranger: the guy has humor too (see "Plan B"). I've made a little publicity for EB on his site as well.
  18. I surely never splatter my morning coffee onto my screen upon reading such posts.
  19. THATS what I'd call torque.
  20. Sometimes a MOC on Eurobricks in presented with an image of the real thing displayed first, to show what the base of the MOC is. An RC-modell or a steel car from Siku or similar. I was scrolling down immediately to go for the Technic MOC, because my eye and brain placed the image in said category... It's so slick and well detailed, that it didn't look like Lego in the first place! Depending on the goals you have when making a MOC, I think that's the greatest compliment one can get.
  21. Compared directly to eachother the added ground clearance of the customized portals becomes cleary visible. @Pat-Ard: very nice and realistic U20. You made a good use of the new panels!
  22. And for some countries it pays to search for vouchers on webshops. I bought my 42009 for € 138,-, shipping included, at Galeria Kaufhof by waiting for (recurring!) Sunday-General-Sales and applying a 10% newsletter signup discount on top of that. Bought a 42025 for € 74,90 in a similar way, and a 42006+8293 for € 56,- together (!).
  23. Just great. At first, I thought that was some kind of Creator/ModelTeam Truck, and already lost my attention. But then I watched the video and was amazed by the number and implementation of all those functions. Really great, one of the "cleanest" models I've ever seen. Cab, back and everything in between. Thumbs up!
  24. I never need inspiration for any kind of MOC or text. I always come up with things totally by myself.