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  1. Exactly, the Dropship has them. The other Bionicle Set with a great amount of almost exclusively Technic parts is the 8943 Axalara T9 (curved red panels 3X11, black beams, etc.). As for the LBG panels from the 7160 Drop Ship: I badly wanted the grey panels too and looked over at Lego Parts and Bricks. They were orderable, but after completing my order I became a mail saying they aren't produced anymore and not on stock either. As of then, the only way to get them is per Bricklick (too less, too expensive) and by buying complete Drop Ships on other sources (too less, too expensive). On topic: great find indeed, I love panels . Already have an Idea for them too...
  2. I don't like hot rods either, but this one is great. Technically (adjustable leaf springs, hideable number plate, etc.) and optically as outstanding as it can be. Hall of Fame for sure!
  3. PhyBuilder

    Mini AMG 6x6

    Haha you wear .By the way, there is something in between fullsize (Unimog/94.8/Power Puller tyres) and mini. Both Zblj's and Gsia's trucks I would call midi scale .
  4. No, it's the other way around: Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy always comes with Bluetooth 4. Bluetooth 4 does not always come with the Bluetooth Smart extensions and thus Low Energy. Read the Wiki you've quoted and you'll see. Furthermore, I can confirm the thing by experience: a Fitbit for example does not work with my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 (BT4 w/o LE), but it does connect to my iPhone 4S. This is according their specs.
  5. Please check your facts before posting, especially as a team member . A device supporting BT 4 does not imply that it also supports BT Low Energy. Unfortunately, the Nexus 7 2012 does not support the Sbrick. I think it should be made very clear to all backers and buyers, that a Bluetooth 4 Low Energy device is neccesary to have it work. The list of devices supporting it is rather small and premium though: http://www.bluetooth...vices-List.aspx
  6. [sarcasm] The Menck excavator is one of the most boring mocs I've seen. I cannot even imagine anyone wants instructions for it [/sarcasm]
  7. For the dozer though, one needs to add up to his cart to reach 40 Euro minimum. This for the 20% discount to be applied . Otherwise: cool prices . I'm sure the 42030 will be available for some € 160,- somewhere, later this year (in .de at least).
  8. PhyBuilder

    Project Shipyard

    Great project VF, very nice to see something turn out into reality like this! . One remark: most of the time when you speak of something made by you or in posession by you, you mean "mijn" but write "mine". Please change it to "my", it makes reading your posts a lot more convenient . Explanation: "Dat is van mij" => "That's mine" // "Dat is mijn schip" => "That's my ship"
  9. I would marry this plane. Seriously. Refreshing colors!
  10. Change the music in your video. German members cannot see it now.
  11. PhyBuilder


    I added this thing onto my bar with favorite bookmarks and will now click on it every time I feel sad. Haha you're a good videocomposer too, the music plays inline with the walking!
  12. A suggestion to decrease the number of parts: use 2 of the new smallest panels for the blade.
  13. PhyBuilder


    Hehehe, first I was like "he must be mistaking, this is the Technic subforum", and then I was like "haha, cool!" Didn't see it coming too, the movement together with the music made me smile
  14. Disagree about the Bugatti. Look at the details! The great color uniformity! And most of all: the perfect symmetry of its sturdy design!
  15. Beside the engines and the fact that your MiniMoc is white; most of all, I like your cargo. Gotta love the Bugatti .
  16. Hahaha, "Lego, the new Festool"
  17. That sounds like a little wonder. Feeling glad for you! Just curious: where exactly do you live?
  18. Ask your government to join the EU, it will make things like customs and currencysh*t superflous , thus simplifying shipping for shopowners. No, I'm sorry, you could ask them (just write in English and refer to the topic here for better chances). When not, just be patient for another 3 weeks.
  19. For those interested: the same Austrian shop shop offering the 42030 for € 169,- (pre-order), is also selling the pickup 42029 for only € 67,99! The dozer (42028) is beeing sold for € 29,99. Regardless if they ship to your country or not: it reveals the future marketprice we can expect from the common low-price-shops!
  20. For those interested: the same austrian shop shop offering the 42030 for € 169,- (pre-order), is also selling the Dozer (42028) for € 29,99. The Pickup 42029 is sold for only € 67,99! Regardless if they ship to your country or not: it reveals the future marketprice we can expect from the common low-price-shops!
  21. The vator becomes more beautiful every time I look at it. The usage of the two blue panels but also because of the great looking blue links instead of beams makes this model really stand out. I still keep my opinion: it's too interesting, it's too good. If at all, TLG will alter the design that much before selling it, that it will loose much of it appeal. I therefore love seeing all the entries for the MINI-contest here, because in this way, at least the Eurobrick readers become to see these best smelling brainfarts I've ever seen. The limitation really brings up the best of our creativity!
  22. I think the right expression to this model is "refreshing". Great color, nice overal look, many nice and out-of-the-box-idea-functions (the red sliding gears to combine or separate the movement of the arm) I don't think it will win though, but that's only because of the aimed target by TLG. It's too complicated for those kids. As an AFOL, I'd buy it in a breeze.
  23. I smell larger backhoes and tractors, finally able to use a correct tyre size.