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  1. Like _Cookie_ and others, I don't see the point. I even wondered that this topic survived til a second page... Dudes, don't forget: times have changed and the intensity and way we communicate about our hobby is way different than before the internet, but in the end, Lego is still about building. So: let's leave the keyboard alone and build . Let those pieces glide through your hand and hear that lovely sound!
  2. I like all the people posting their MOCs, everyone does is different. The details (Gauges behind doors etc.) are nice. And, for example, the outrigging pneumatic stands were a surprise. Thanks for sharing .
  3. "I never ever mixed up dark bluish gray with black when building from a Lego manual" "I have way too less black connection pins" "That Power Functions rechargeable battery is very priceworthy!" ..... Please continue
  4. PhyBuilder

    Ferrari F40

    That's a good mindset. Gaining interest and views is understandable too, a little honour encourages to moc and mod further . But: Lego Ideas isn't a hall of fame. Please remember that. Youtube, Flickr, Brickshelf etc. fulfill that purpose.
  5. PhyBuilder

    Ferrari F40

    Regardless if it's another topic, we should mention it whenever it's possible. Lipko is right, forget about Lego Ideas. I only recall the 599 GTB and Enzo: beautifully designed and surprisingly authentic "face" of the car, but for display only. No suspension, no gearbox... I know they weren't released as Technic but rather within the Racers theme. But think of a car like your F40 passing all phases in Ideas, only to be dismembered (do not google that!, use a dictionary) by marketing- and/or budget restraints. Don't you then feel stupid, when your neighbour buys "your" model, and you want to explain him "that the car was originally much more interesting, with that function, and this interior, and..." ? On topic: a WIP is good for the community, because it helps gaining own ideas, discussing about them, and learning to understand the process of a good MOC.
  6. That dog. I hate war and thus the purpose of tanks, but the technics are cool. Many fine Details on yours: i really like the 2L half beam used as a subtile switch. Gotta love the dog.
  7. Me too, the amount and variety of orange and blue parts in my cases is disgustingly huge. But nevertheless, topics like these help me a lot in coming forward with my projects, because they don't distract me.
  8. You know one can't write something like that without details.
  9. The key above shift apparently happened too (hehe). But nice idea. Reducing mechanisms to their basics using a minimal number of parts almost always works out well (as long as it's braced enough).
  10. There's a very simple reason for that: they are available on S@H and their prices are hard to beat. One L Motor costs € 14,99, XL even cheaper at € 11,99. Both at the German Site. For Dutch, Belgian and German customers the L Motor is available for only € 12,99 at this Dutch online shop.
  11. Cool Moc already! Would someone care to explain why the different functions of the real model are needed? In which cases it's useful to raise the cabin? Just to increase the sight? And wich purpose do those retractable supports have?
  12. I don't mean that you didn't invent it yourself, I suggested that many Technic builders do come up with it by themselves too. It's a good design, you've surely put effort in it before it worked the way you like! And like you said: all with common parts.
  13. I'm sorry, but regardless how good it works: it ain't exactly rocket science. You aren't the only one coming up with this by yourself. Putting it on Ideas though perhaps triggers some people without imagination and/or basic mechanical knowledge. As for TLG itself: the idea won't pass I think, the number of parts is too high for the added value. We all know that they're always on a budget...
  14. PhyBuilder

    E motor

    Je zou een cursus engels kunnen gebruiken geloof ik ;-). "A windmill can drive this motor" isn't the same as "A windmill can be driven by this motor". The first one says that the power comes from the mill into the motor. The latter case has the motor as a power/movement source, moving the windmill.
  15. PhyBuilder

    E motor

    This motor normally occurs to be in the education sets and it's internal mechanical resistance is very low. Thus, it's ability to be used as a generator in stead of a normal motor is better than the other PF motors. For example: a windmill can drive this one much better than it can with a PF-M motor.
  16. All issues of plurals in this topic until now are just translation errors. I checked the genuine German text and it's singular.
  17. Cool! Now I'm even more curious to the Actic Vehicle 42038 and the 42039. Reason? Take a good look at this list, which I created with the information out of the shoplink above (Swisstoy, a B2B Shop) 42031 - 15.7 x 14 x 0.61 cm, Ages 7-14 42032 - 26.2 x 14 x 0.48 cm, Ages 8-14 42033 - 26.2 x 14 x 0.48 cm, Ages 7-14 42034 - 28.2 x 14 x 0.61 cm, Ages 7-14 42035 - 26.2 x 19 x 0.77 cm, Ages 9-16 42036 - 35.4 x 19 x 0.70 cm, Ages 9-16 42037 - 28.2 x 26 x 0.70 cm, Ages 9-16 42038 - 48 x 28.2 x 0.74 cm, Ages 10-16 42039 - 48 x 37.8 x 0.94 cm, Ages 11-16 Because of this data, I draw the following conclusions: 42035 seems rather small and no flagship, perhaps a companion to 42006 and 42028 42038 is on my list 42039 is on my list The height of the boxsize is strange, probably because of the non-disclosure agreement. A crosscheck on some current models though, shows that the L and W are probably accurate. Ok, now the waiting starts again... .
  18. This is a 42024 2.0. Great optics, great technic. By the way, this car screams for
  19. Ebay Kleinanzeigen? Part of a bigger collection? A friend selling it to you?
  20. Those kinda teenies make you want to turn off the comment function. "Caan hav inStrukcti0nz Plzzzz!!!!??!!?!"
  21. Sorry guys; great initiative but there is still a lot of work to do: - First, Legolijntje is right about the non visible free plans - Secondly: it's not too cool to register and have a confirmation mail send to the entered mailadress including the password in clear text but without having to confirm this adres first. Bring Keep up the good work
  22. If braced enough, the combination will hold, no problem. But whether it becomes too strong (you mean too much resistance) depends on the purposed use. On many clutch gears the resistance to overcome the clutch is printed on the white part. That number, muliplied by two, gives you the resistance. Then you need to compare this info with the torque your motor can deliver, e.g. 40 N/cm for an XL Motor (withouth reduction or rpm-upscaling). But forget about it: just build and try .
  23. Stumbling upon a great post in the trains forum, I just had to quote it here (source topic). Someone complains about the one-part-nose in the new passenger train, calling it not lego but duplo, not reusable for other purposes, and the like. Then, the discussion starts...
  24. You could save on weight too, to get more power. When you remove the batteries in the RC unit, you will gain a lot! ... Wait, what?
  25. I need a new towel to wipe my desk because the previous one is all soaked.