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  1. Omikron: use Create an account, enter your sets and then use the "Build" button. Filter for Technic between 2005 and 2014, official sets only, part count between 0 and 600. You'll be surprised of the number of sets with 90% match in parts or more...
  2. I think Jim has enough Info and opinions to know how to decide, but I'd like to agree with Appies proposal as well. Promotional box-like images like they have been produced by TLG themselves are cool, and I have a few skills myself, but Lego is about building. According to the already given rule, that digital entries aren't allowed, it would be just in line with that to also prohibit too much image adjustment. What about the following balanced compromise: =============================================================== "Enhancing yes, morphing no" Examples for enhancing (allowed): Remove (part of) the background to have it equally coloured Adjust brightness and contrast ... Examples for morphing (disallowed) Background replacements Additional logo's ... =============================================================== As for box-like images and megablocks-kicking promotional pictures: we all don't know the background of TLG's generosity (those good prices ). Perhaps they are searching for inspiration, new employees, or want to get to know the Technic customers better. In that case it's understandable to have the image-thing. In other cases: Lego is about designing and building, so the best builder needs to win, not an intermediate builder with perfect Photoshop/Gimp/Paint Shop/... skills. Whatever your decision Jim: thanks for putting so much of your personal time. Those contests really make the forum live, thank you.
  3. You are a reasonable guy, I know that you won't . It's moreover towards all, to avoid a disadvantage for yourselves by not using certain parts (because not listed, see what Jantjeuh said), although you're allowed to (because the set actually contains the parts). Example: the 8420 speed bike doesn't list wheels, tyres and 2 other parts. Example: the 8046 helicopter doesn't list 3 of these contained parts: So everyone: if Brickset shows you an inventory that's not 100% complete, view Rebrickables inventory too. Dude, start building instead of asking strange questions . If you think the colours appeal to the ones who will vote for your entry, then do it.
  4. One important note regarding Bricksets (=Lego's) partcount and contained parts. I've entered my complete inventory of parts into a manualy created Excel sheet and discovered minor and major inconsistencies over and over again. Examples: at the 42025 some gears and pins were missing completely @ Brickset. And although the partcount of 42009 is correct at first sight (2606), clicking on the list of parts shows a number of only 2257. It seems that the number of basic black connection pins never exceed 200, regardless if a set actually contains 201 or 400 of them. Rebrickable is much more reliable, but it case of doubt, contenders should check the exact part list in the instructions to see which parts they can use.
  5. Everything has already been said. Like Sariel says, springs are sometimes under tension by design. On many mid- and highclass mountainbike shocks there even is a dial dedicated to do just that: preloading the positive or negative acting spring to adjust for the rider's weight and to adjust the reaction speed of the fork/shock. Same goes for cars: lowering a normal car almost always implies more tension in the spring, this to improve the bottom contact the tyres have and to prevent the shock from bottoming out (like the rear axle on Sariels buggy sometimes did). One important note, just for the archive: only metallic materials remind their form. Over time, this doesn't apply to all kinds of synthetic materials (ABS, nylon, even polymere plastics). If you use these under heavy weight (multiple KG) for months or years, for example as leaf springs, they will loose their original form.
  6. [insert comment about buying a bigger house and more real estate here]
  7. Ok, my old Sigma isn't capable to test with now, and my Cateye Enduro 8 (ED300) requires a minimum wheeloutline of 100 cm, unfortunately. I found out that some VDO bikecomputers are capable of wheeloutlines of 100 mm: 100/Pi makes a wheel diameter of 32 mm and up (including tyres). Combined with a small magnet sticked/plugged to a wheel, and the sensor mounted on the chassis, a simple and cheap bikecomputer will then be the most simplest method to have adequate results.
  8. Haha cool, I'm done with yellow and red for Lego sets and mocs, but this truck just has to be in these colours! Very cool, very brute! Make sure to make good pictures of it (e.g. at night on a paved road) before you dismantle it
  9. That's this one, they have been used in some NHL hockey sets. They're expensive without comparison, but I managed to get five of them in 4 colours, for only € 2,95 on a German Ebay Listing (...). They're useful, I use them to keep the steer of a motorcycle-MOC straight.
  10. Somehow this topic inspires me to reuse my old wireless sigma bikecomputer. Can't get any lighter than that, very acurate, and sensor mounting (little magnet) is flexible. But I don't have small enough magnets here to mount to any lego wheel, and I would need to check whether such small wheel outlines are available in the table of settings bikecomputers usually have.
  11. Although those disks (I guess you mean part 2723) aren't that rare and not expensive either, you could also use normal wedge pulleys:
  12. Lucky indeed... and feeling very sorry for Nalyd: that's stupid from TLG. I was wondering too for that 8878 costing only 50 Dollars overthere, because here in Germany, the thing costs 70 Euro. For those unfamiliar with the difference in currency: that's almost twice as much too. As the strong safety regulatories are the same for these kind of components, no one can tell me that there's is a huge difference in costs for TLG. I have one and am very satisfied with it (the speed control and weight are useful for a technic builder), but won't buy the planned second one. For this much money, I will look to buy one out of the RC-world: more Voltage and mAh, even more compact, cheaper.
  13. Although less slick and beautiful, you could opt for a fitting aquarium, that will be cheaper. Just an idea.
  14. It all depends on your interpretation: to mimic an existing model 1:1 is something different as your own creation. But in the end, I think it's okay the way it is right now, because of the diversity a MAN 8X8 Crane comes in. Google Images also displays straight fenders on the front and curved on the back, like the military truck posted by yourself.
  15. The rear fenders look better. But: because this type of vehicle is blocky and straight by itself (which partly makes out the sturdy, robust look), the front ones are ok too. I would definately make them similar though, regardless which type you choose.
  16. As I tried to find alternative solutions for the many 42000 wheel hubs used in the Grove 6400 crane, I also tested with the 8297 hubs. They indeed seem to be stiffer when connecting with newer ball joint parts like the suspension arms from the 42021 snow scooter. When the weight of your MOC is enough and the mechanics/motor that you use for steering are sturdy/powerful enough, it shouldn't be much of a problem though.
  17. I won't ever buy such an actuator just because of the cost, but this video shows it's capabilities: wow! It's impressive to have 4 of those damped springs compress like this...
  18. Let me guess, err, it's difficult! ... WAIT, I got it! I'll be a Fireplane! Do you know the exact meaning of the word teaser? :P
  19. The thickness and/or profile doesn't allow bending, look at the sides. The idea would be great though... Then the only reason I wanted those guards is that we finally could made round wheel arches without too much effort and parts. These new parts though look too straight.
  20. The inverted transparent radar dish sticked into to a brick makes for a very nice looking headlight. Good idea.
  21. I'm normally only interested in new parts instead of sets and therefore was very content with the prelim fenders coming in two colours on this set: green in the front and grey for the back two wheels. Now, they seem to have trashed that idea... Hoping for fenders in other colours in the not-yet-released (Technic-) sets. But thumbs up for using so many different colours this year: it will be a lot easier to build green construction equipment now, the light blue, lime and orange is great too.
  22. My heart, my heart!! What are you doing to me!!!
  23. They have separate rooms for that, and apart from that they can use a 'shopping cart' to 'shop' in the 'store' to gather all the pieces they want before building.
  24. Wow, great! I also think that adding weight to the boom will give some smoothness in the movement. Normally those actuators aren't without load either.