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  1. Keverjeroen or anyone else with this issue, Could you try something out? What happens when you select all bricks (CTRL + A) and then click on a brick while you move the mouse at the same time allowing you to drag the whole build around. Because when I do that, For some mystical reason it's all rendered the way it should. After discovering that I really don't understand this issue anymore. (My Guess would be that it's a driver issue from NVIDIA) The fact that I can't have 'outlines on bricks' on without rendering issues once a build gets to a certain size/complexity has made LDD unusable for me, I'm currently looking for an alternative as Lego won't do anything about it and NVIDIA won't care. Suggestions are welcome, Needs to be LDD style of operation though.
  2. It's a Porsche 918 monocoque, Not Carrera GT.
  3. Trouble? What trouble? They need to supply the designe department with all current pieces in every basic colour, And that's not a one time thing because they don't pay anyone to take those concept models apart. (they're usually melted and recycled into black parts) Won't hurt them to make a few extra so they can display a model at a toy fair. Altough the camouflage stickers look alright, I'd much rather see this car in white with black and red accents or prehaps Red, Orange or light blue.
  4. Have the funds and ability to buy the entire collection, Just not a 100% sure yet as storage space already is an issue. going to take a good day to think about it.
  5. I don't understand why the Lego Design Team keep doing this thing where you build something awesome... And then have to end that experience with the dullest part of the build. Chances are that truck bed could have been done before the cab was build. (I'll probably start my build with that truck bed)
  6. How much longer do you think it should be (In studs) to be in scale with how wide it is?
  7. The 22 wide 10187 VW Beetle is the only Lego system brick build car that's wider then 16. But that scale and build technique probably only really works for that car. (Anything else would not look right or be way too expensive. Back to the F40. Watched the designer video again and noticed a rather nice detail: She got brake discs, front and back. (2x2 round tile with hole on an 2x2 round plate.) On the topic of wheels though, The front rim insert should be less deep then it sits now on the model, And I really hope that could be fixed by placing a 1x1 round plate/stud or technic halve bush behind it. (Between the insert and what it connects to, It all depend on how it's connected though) (P.S. Yes I do love them little details. )
  8. While the scale is not consistent across the VW T1, Mini Cooper and Ferrari F40. The price most certainly is. And that's a good thing. A F40 in 1:10 or 1:8 would have been awesome, But it's price would not be affordable.
  9. That Porsche 918 would probably still look nice without the stickers applied and the 1x1 lbg cheese slopes swapped out for 1x1 clear round tiles.
  10. Sato

    Maersk Train in different colours

    I have abandoned my project, Buying all the required parts on bricklink would end up near the MSRP of set 10219 itself and that's simply too much for me. After getting over the disappointment (And eating dinner) I decided to try a different approach. About three hours of work in LDD resulted in a mod of 60052's locomotive, Stretched to 10219's length with the bogie's/truck's and gas tank of 10219. The upper structure was stretched and modified. Unfortunately I can't add a screenshot right now. More details will follow when I'm done, And in it's own topic.
  11. Sato

    Maersk Train in different colours

    I'm currently working on a different colour scheme for this locomotive, had to redesign certain areas to get a nice stripe out of bricks. I'll share some screens/photo's and perhaps the LDD file when its done and the parts have been ordered. Loved the look of the maersk train back when it came out , But it didn't fit my budget and main lego interest (Technic, Creator and Certain collectors sets(Mainly cars). City was added last year because of the great vehicles sub-line of sets and trains.) Last year I bought the yellow cargo train superpack on a discount (For my nephew to play with when he gets older) and added the blue cargo train superpack to that when that had a nice discount, (So we would both have a train to control ;).) And now that I have a decent amount of track I've gotten more interested in Lego Trains. Having just missed out on the Horizon Express (Looks great but requires two sets to get look right and that didn't fit my budget.) I started to look into this one, And decided to redesign/recolour it because it's too expensive, I'm not a fan of the light blue and only really interested in the locomotive. (And the truck.) I'll design my own affordable container wagons and universal container standard. To be continued...
  12. An LDD File has been added to the first post of this topic. Unfortunately I don't have time for building instructions right now, Maybe sometime later his year.
  13. My apologies for dusting of this topic, But I can't find an answer to my question anywhere and don't think it requires a new topic to be opened. I'm looking for a place where I can upload LDD files for my Lego Creator Alternates and keep track of the number of times they're downloaded. Because (some) people request for instructions/LDD files when I don't add them, But never comment on my creations when I do add instructions/LDD files. I don't mind that they don't comment or leave a rating when I post instructions/LDD files with an alternate, But would prefer to have some insight in how many times it's downloaded. Any help will be appreciated, It has to be free of charge and the amount of storage space doesn't have to be much. If this can be done with either Microsoft's Onedrive or Google's Drive, I'd love to hear how.
  14. Sato

    Review Review: 60057 Camper Van

    I received and build this set today, But my plate hinges aren't stiff at all. They're comparable to the brick hinge version in looseness. Which is odd, Because the plate hinges in all other 2014 sets that I have bought are all as stiff as they should be. I'll be adding these to my short list of recent broken/heavily damaged/dis-functional parts to be send off to Lego soon. --- I did figure out a way to lower the front mudguards using only the parts in the set. But its not really good looking as it uses a light gray 2x6 plate, Makes the chassis weaker and makes the front bumper look like its way too high. (Which I realized when I read your comment on that in the review.)
  15. You are right, It wasn't my intention and it feels wrong so I edited that bit out. As for instructions, Again you make a great point. And I've made a decision on that based on a couple of reasons, 1. While you have a valid point when you say that its nothing complex and relatively easy to rebuild based on the photo's, This may not be the case for everyone. Request for instructions (Which sometimes are more like demands) usually come from people commenting/rating my creations on Mocpages (Which isn't odd as this is the first alternate I ever posted on Eurobricks, Creating and maintaining a topic for all of them would take time I rather spend on building) 2. As I just said, I'd rather spend my time building instead of learning how to use Ldraw and Lpub. I work both in real bricks and in LDD (as its an easy to use program) with pre-made parts set files while designing/creating my alternates, And final details are usually worked out in LDD. This process of building result in a finished brick build alternate and LDD file (Usually three, 1 with just the model, 1 with the model broken up into modules and the third being a combination of the first two.) This allows me to easily rebuild my own work, Keep an archive of all my alternates and continue to develop new alternates when I don't have the time to take publishable photo's. 3. There's doesn't appear to be much interest in alternates in general, Unless the builder/designer has a well known name in the community. (Creator alternates by Nathanaƫl Kuipers get considerably more views and ratings on mocpages compared to others. But I would be the first to admit that so far I haven't done much to promote mine and I don't really plan to do that either. See 5.) 4. I assume that those who frequently request instructions on mocpages probably don't want to spend money on them anyway. 5. I build/create Alternates for Creator (and other) sets because I like to do so, And don't have the budget (nor ever will) to stock up on pieces and create mocs like the ones you see at events. Whether or not people like them is up to them, Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, Some here don't like the roof which I can understand as it's not perfect but it is something I personally kinda like. The cars design is loosely based on 1970'ish kitcars and alot of them had wierd looking roofs which where an afterthought. (And the roof on this roadster is no exception.) The reasons above have helped me to decide to share the LDD files I have already made for personal use as is, And won't provide step by step instructions As I don't want to interfere with voting, The LDD file for this roadster will be made available when the voting period is over regardless of the results.