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  2. 2-Cold_Technica

    Dune Buggy with Efferman's custom parts

    Hi EB, This is my first proper post here after several months of lurking in the background. While I am essentially a purist, it is great to see Efferman's amazing creations put to use in a great MOC. I have been watching the progress of these parts and have been amazed by the creativity. Hopefully if enough are put to use then TLG might start to review their own parts catalogue as it is becoming clear that some of their shocks, diffs, linear actuators etc. are good enough for larger MOCs and even some of their own sets (the LA's in 42009 are way too small). This is a great Hamster scale MOC Sariel, while the bounce in the rear shocks may not be great for handling and control, it still looks pretty cool.
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  4. Great entries, really hard to choose. My votes as follows: 46:7 31:4 42:3 6:2 25:2 16:1 29:1
  5. Looking at this set in comparison to 42009, it seems to be pretty expensive. In £ UK the price per piece would be for 42009 £0.057p per item against £0.103p per item for 42030. However if you remove the effect of the Power Functions parts then the picture is a bit different. Based on the TLG website pricing, 42009 has £17.50 worth of PF against £90.41 for 40030. Taking this into account the price per part is £0.051 for 40009 and a mere £0.049 for 40030. Sounds like a bargain to me and definitely part of my collection. May still wait for a discount though.