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  1. Klementina

    MOC:Girls House

    Thanks to all for nice comments. Hope that my next moc coming soon out and would be better...
  2. We are lucky to have a such beautiful girl in our lego fanbase!

  3. Klementina

    MOC:Girls House

    This is my contribution to Kockice club's city diorama, for exhibition. Another pictures you can see here. Thanks...
  4. Hello, Here is my gallery on flickr: LEGO World 21012 - Day before - setting up LEGO World 2012 - Gallery Enjoy!
  5. Wow, there are indeed a lot of Lego people in Croatia, pleased to make your acquaintance

  6. Klementina

    MOC: Western Hotel

    Western Hotel This is my contribution to Kockice club's western diorama, for exhibition. For more picture please visit: Mocpages or Flickr Thanks!
  7. Klementina

    MOC: Hunting

    Great build! Sweet, simple and beautiful!
  8. Klementina

    MOC: Airport

    Wow!!! Great MOC and very impressive!
  9. Klementina

    MOC: Riding the Waves

    2 - 3 hours... Thanks for all the kind comments!!! :wub:
  10. Klementina

    MOC: Coral reef

    Thanks for all the kind comments!
  11. Klementina

    MOC: Riding the Waves

    Riding the Waves "Three friends enjoying the summer on the air mattress..." For more picture, please visit Mocpages. Thanks!
  12. Klementina

    MOC: Coral reef

    for more please visit: Gallery - Coral Reef Thx!
  13. Happy Birthday¡

  14. Klementina

    Be My Brickentine - Men's Contest 2011

    RESULTS! It was very hard to choose the best, because every moc was very nice, sweet, romantic and with lots of details. From 55 creations ...and the Winners are... 1. Siercon and Coral - Lover's Glade 2. Ɲ. - Il Carnevale di Venezia 3. Lord Pappadhum - A clockwork genuflection And one more surprise: I give 2 more prizes! (Prizes coming soon!) 4. Legolas 73 - Venice, city of love 5. Surduk Vergl - Be My Brickentine _____________________________________________________________________ 6. quý - a departure of a lily 7. LegoManiac (Lego13) - Give me a last dance 8. crises_crs - Love R/C 9. Christian Schlichting - That's love they say 10. Giovanni Seynhaeve - 4 ways to a place in your heart Thx to all for participating, it was amazing to see how are you guys really romantic! :wub: Greeting to all! Stacy,Mariann, Klementina