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  1. Zanki

    UK Sales

    The only thing I wanted to buy in the sale was out of stock before it began. The thing dropped in price twice but I never saw it in stores and it was never in stock online. As for the other sales, nothing has caught my eye. I've only bought one set in the last year though, a modular and a few minifigures.
  2. Zanki

    What was your first lego set?

    My Lego Duplo Zoo. No idea when I got it but I remember having it when I was very young. First Lego was just a basic bucket. I didn't really have any big sets apart from the Duplo zoo and the house as a kid. As for the sets. First ones were the little MacDonalds ploybags free with Happy Meals back in the early 90s.
  3. Zanki

    How many sets do you own?

    I don't have everything on here, but a majority of my collection is logged. I'm missing so many minifigures though :/
  4. Zanki

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Yep, already done. It's a huge shame, the wall there is really small, smallest I've ever seen and it sucks that I couldn't get a pick a brick. It's the second time I've been able to visit the year and both times I've come back empty handed.
  5. Zanki

    Order Cancelled?

    Why don't you just sign up for a new account? Use a misspelled version of your name and ship the Lego to a friends address (one which isn't connected to your old account). They probably won't notice and then you can buy Lego again. Problem solved.
  6. Zanki

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Well I went to the Lego store today and ended up not getting a pick a brick (got some awesome stuff though!). There was nothing good there. I even brought a few cups as well :(. There were just no 1x# apart from 2x1 flats. I really wanted some more bricks to finish my buildings but there just wasn't anything for me. I was very disappointed but it's what I expect from the Milton Keynes store. I'm hoping that sometime soon I can hit the stores in and around London again. Watford isn't bad and neither are the stores I go to in London. Liverpool also isn't half bad the few times I've been.
  7. Zanki

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I was so excited after seeing everyone's recent pick a brick hauls until I remembered, the store I'm going to has the worst selection I've ever seen (the stores in and around London are awesome and so was the one I went to in America). Milton Keynes seems to be just as lame as ever if the wall of bricks website is anything to go by :( I was really looking forwards to getting some of those flat tan bricks or even some 2x1 bricks, which they don't seem to sell now. This is my closest store as well so I'm pretty disappointed. I really hope Lego decides to open a store in Birmingham, then I wouldn't have to spend £16 on a train ticket every time I want a pick a brick tub.
  8. Zanki

    UK Sales

    I found the series 14 minifigures in WHSmiths today but they were all sold out, plus I pissed a ton of people off in the queue squeezing past them to look at the empty box. Glad I didn't wait to see it :/
  9. Zanki

    UK Sales

    Also, check out Asda, they've got a good sale going on. I got two sets I really wanted half price.
  10. Zanki

    What Goes Into Your City From Other Themes?

    My city has Pirates, Space Police, Galaxy Squad, Adventures (is that the one with the Chinese castle?), Harry Potter, Castle, Friends, Superhero, Ninjargo. I guess I use pretty much everything. I haven't found a place to put my old 90s alien bugs or the new ones though.
  11. Zanki

    UK Sales

    Thanks for the heads up about the Argos sale. The Museum Break is gone, but I was able to get a Star Wars and Lego Movie set cheap! These make up for the lack of a sale after Christmas.
  12. Zanki

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I found a 2009 polybag in my local Toys R Us today. I don't know how it ended up on the shelf six years later, especially since in the UK it was only available as a Daily Mirror Promotion.
  13. Nice MOC! The figure thing is fine as well. I have Megablock Power Rangers in my city (the old ones (PRNS-PRSPD), not the crappy new ones that don't look like Lego minifigures, I'm still upset about that), I don't see the issue with using non-Lego/fake Lego minifigures if Lego haven't made them available.
  14. Zanki

    UK Sales

    This sucks. There is no Lego store near me and all the sets online are already sold out. I was waiting until the sale to pick up a new set :(
  15. I made this MOC from the Friends Bakery and Smoothie Bar sets. I never have enough flat pieces to make a single coloured floor. I know it's not as good as the other stuff you guys make but I kind of like this one.