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  1. Soulgem

    Indiana Jones 5 - complete story

    Impressive indeed. Water in desert sounds like a true treasure.
  2. Thanks for comments. I actually prefer brick built too, but I just don't have the MOC skills (or maybe I'm just nervous of learning to make MOCs), and I dont have nearly enough blue bricks I'm definitely feeling the underwater month though, as an amateur diver it inspired me to take out all my ocean related toys. Creator lighthouse is an amazing model, but it's the image I feel worked the least. The lighthouse just sticks out too much. I have no clue how to make it work better. Learning PS is indeed a fiddly process.
  3. This is part of a slightly larger article I wrote for my blog, so if you like to have some diving related anecdotes to accompany the pictures of Lego, as well as higher resolution pictures, follow this link: Enhancing pictures of Lego I talked a bit about it a couple of days ago, building Lego in good company. Me and a few friends assembled the space shuttle last year. This year we brought out 4-5 big sets during our annual surfing trip. Among them was the Creator lighthouse, the Marina cafe and the new Atlantis temple. I never took good pictures of them until now, and I thought why not try out my photoshop skills. This is a program I'm in the process of learning, and it's a slow process. But I feel that every time I use it, I pick up a few new tricks. Creator Lighthouse This one was the first I made. It should be fairly obvious that this was not a huge success, but I guess you learn from your mistakes. I should have placed it on top of actual rocks, because now it just looks like it's floating in the ocean. I also tried to give it a color filter to make it look like the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The Creator lighthouse is a marvelous piece, with a light brick that actually makes sense. The details are cute and it comes with a mini-figure. This is something I hope they continue with the bigger creator sets. We love the mini-figures. Scuba divers and boat The next was the boat that came with the marina cafe/harbor. I'll probably dedicate the entire Figure Friday to the marina, as it's such a fun piece. It includes a cafe/shop and a guard house with a four wheeled bike in addition to this boat. It also includes a handful of mini-figures - the wind surfer a few scrolls up being among them. The boat is simple in build, but I like the details, the way you can store the additional scuba gear and the twin engines. For some reason, I feel it should have been white or green instead of blue. With this image I tried to have one diver partially submerged, but it ended up looking a bit wonky. I guess I should have added ripples in the water. If anyone has a good way to do this, let me know. Diver and the reef Here's a diver from the new Atlantis line. They changed the color scheme from red/translucent green to red/translucent yellow. It may sound like a minor change, but the result is that the mini-figures don't quite match up with each other. They've also cut down on the monumental, transforming submarine vehicles that dominated the previous Atlantis line, which is a sad thing. Because who doesn't love gigantic underwater transforming vehicles? Other than that, I kinda like the colors of this diver, the lighter gray and yellow match up in a good way. The gigantic propeller seems a bit unnecessary, as I assume it would take just slightly less than that to give the diver underwater propulsion. I also toyed around with a feature in photoshop called "lens flare". I see that the propeller should have had a rotating effect. Again, I am pretty clueless to what I'm doing, but if anyone wants to share their experience, go ahead. Atlantis Temple Finally, the big, sunken temple. Not as big as the one from the previous Atlantis line, but in my opinion a far superior Lego model. You still have a good selection of traps and hidden places, and the clean design - definitely Ancient Greek looking - just appeals to me in a way the previous model failed to do. I've added a diver from the last Atlantis line so you can see the difference in colors I talked about. When it came to learning photoshop, I tried with duplicating the ocean layer here. I was trying to give different depth perspective to the diver and the temple. I believe I succeeded, but once more there's probably a better way to do perspective and I appreciate any advice. Should I for instance have duplicated the ocean floor on top of the temple, with a high transparency to give it some sort of refraction effect? What the poor diver doesn't know is that I've hidden no more than three dangerous sea monsters inside the temple, so he should make the wise move and stay away from the treasure. Go pick up golf balls near the local harbor instead, dude! Happy Underwater Month.
  4. Soulgem

    I'm a lego enabler

    I try. I got my entire team of colleagues - roughly 20 people - to build Lego on our last company gathering. Not sure any of them got back into Lego, but who knows. I can recommend giving Lego as gifts, because honestly: everyone loves Lego. They will appreciate it, and the gift may spark a dormant interest.
  5. Soulgem

    Lego and Liquor

    aaw... Get a new hobby to serve as your drinking buddy :D
  6. Soulgem

    Lego and Liquor

    Some of you may remember a picture I posted last year, comparing the size of a bottle of whisky and the 10213 booster. Well, today, when it was time to write the Wednesday installment of my blog, I continued that story. And those good memories associated with building the Lego Space Shuttle is the base of this blog entry. Instead of just linking you the blog, I'm posting the entire article. And I really appreciate comments and constructive critique right here on eurobricks. I expect some may find it slightly controversial, some may enjoy it, while others may just look at the pictures. Some of you will find other stuff in my blog that is worth reading too, including frequent appearances by minifigures, in which case the address is Now, onto the topic for today. Single Malt Space Shuttle I believe that the good things in life should be combined, no matter how unlikely the combination may seem. This is the story of when Lego Space Shuttle and the Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky merged, as well as some amateur-level philosophy. I'll easily admit that one thing with Lego that always fascinated me was the fantasy element, and in particular the science fiction sub-lines. The space themes were incredible back in the day, and I will try to rebuild some of my old sets. At the same time, I also enjoyed the more "realistic" sub lines like trains and city. So when I saw the Lego 10213 Space Shuttle - basically combining my favorite Lego themes - it was not only a toy that I wanted to build and play with. It was also reigniting my interest for Lego, an interest that had been dormant for 15 years. It was like being reminded of something that you loved, but almost had forgotten. Like being reunited with an old friend. Like remembering a good feeling. The Lego Space Shuttle was released in 2010 with the Lego number 10213. I bought it the same year while I tagged along with my extended family in Legoland. The same space shuttle was re-issued in 2011 as number 10231. This year, Lego also restarted their Lego City Space line, which included a smaller scaled space shuttle, among other cute creations. I'm not someone to open my toys right away, specially the bigger and more elaborate toys. I usually feel there should be a reason - a moment. Like last summer, when I had some friends over at my summer house. But I'll also admit that opening the toys can create such a moment in itself. Just like opening a bottle of good scotch whisky can be such a moment. Now, imagine combining these moments, adding even more things that you consider good. The thing is, since we are humans, we are bound to be sad and down. More than often it will feel like we are born, we live, and we die alone. And sadly, for some, it will actually be like this. Most of us - and in particular those visiting Eurobricks - can certainly have reasons to feel sad on occasion. But we are actually extremely fortunate, and we will hopefully also have more than enough reasons to feel good. I usually tell my students that they have won the lottery. Not once. Not twice. But three times lottery winners. They won by simply being born, being able to experience, being alive, breathing, and hopefully have a health and working mind. You have no idea how lucky you are if just your mind is working. You can actually produce thoughts, ideas. And if your body is working, you can put those ideas into motion. My students won the lottery again, by being born in the western world. I usually don't need to explain this further to my students, but some of you may not realize this: All you who can read this blog are extremely fortunate. You have roof over your head, clothes on your body, water to drink and food to eat. You have Internet access. You can speak your mind. If you love or hate my writing, you can comment. If you love or hate your government, you can say so. You can pursue your own goals and happiness, with the only obstacle being the amount of effort you're willing to put into it. My students won for the third time. They won because they have someone that cares about them. I see you already doing the Batman quote: "My parents are deeeeaaaaad!" That's truly sad, but you realize there are still persons who care about your existence. And my students could have no relatives, no friends, and there would still be a persons who cared - starting with the person right in front of them. Batman gets told in one of the new movies that his parents may be dead, but there's always someone that cares. Either his old friend from his childhood, his trusted butler, or the endless army of gimmicky villains that has nothing better to do than challenge the dark knight. I'm getting a bit off topic here. My point is that we have good things in life, even though we may not always be aware of them. We may feel sad on occasion, but we are able to bring back good memories, or simply create new ones. I'm fortunate enough to have toys, whisky, a summer house by the beach, and good friends. Combining these things seems natural, but it's also smart. The good things in life can create a synergy effect. They reinforce each other, creating a massive ocean of good that sends rivers down to their respective groups. I'm not really a fan of whisky, but I can appreciate this bottle of Laphroaig. Mainly because it was opened in good company, doing an activity I really love. When I today pour myself a glass of Laphroaig, I get instant flashbacks of last summer, but I also have to admit that it's a damn good drink. It has powerful smoky taste, but it's also surprisingly sweet, with a touch of salt. It smells a bit like the ocean. If that's because how it was made, the location where it was made, or the location where I first drank it, I'm not sure... A combination maybe? Now, I already have a massive amount of good memories building Lego, but I'll admit that our Lego sessions at my summer house are exceedingly memorable (we built 5 big sets this summer). Combine the good things in life, people.
  7. Soulgem

    The Purge of Evil (MOC)

    Wow, what a piece, all those details. And I really like the way you have made several stories here. Dragon in the dungeon, Dracula, Zombie peasants. Edit: Also, cheese slopes as roof. I'm not sure if I have seen that before, but it works brilliantly!
  8. Soulgem

    LEGO 10220 Volkswagon Camper Van

    this thing is simply stunning. the insides are absolutely brilliant. I'm still not comfortable with the front, the black stripe, and the door hinges, but I can't really see how it could have been done different.
  9. Soulgem

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I'm impressed by the work put into this. Looks by first glance to be a simplified AD&D. Only with Lego, which makes it just a tiny bit cooler than other games :D I'll read the rules more thoroughly.
  10. Soulgem

    10222 Winter Village Post Office

    so many details! the winter village stuff is the best! thanks for posting pictures, I'm getting one for sure. damn lego taking my money all the time.
  11. Soulgem

    More exclusive set info

    yup, the post office is sure buy. I wonder if I'm alone thinking the exterior of the van could have been better executed? obviously, the inside is mind blowing, but the outside.. I can't put words to it, but I guess it just doesn't feel right.
  12. Well, that's cool news to wake up to. I really like most of these. Obviously, another skater is a bit boring, but at least there's a twist - and she does look kinda bad megablocks. And I do love the pink power ranger, so I guess I can't complain about the skater girl. Statue of Liberty a costume you think? Butcher is great! Same with Mechanic. Those two will go straight into many AFOL's cities. Minotaur and Warrior doesn't really interest me, but I guess they're ok. The Leprechaun and Genie are of course very unique, and I do like the Genie in particular. added them into an album since many of the pictures doesn't work:
  13. I wish I had more pirates as a kid, obviously it wasn't my call, since I was 8 - but I guess kids can influence what they want for christmas and such. I asked for action figures, not Lego. And I agree with all those who said Batman. But not a big deal now anymore, since we're probably getting some new batman sets in 2012. Have we heard anything about what sets we're getting in the DC/Marvel lines?
  14. Not from this store, but I assume the stores pay less than they sell it for, and I can totally picture the store that would give discount. Then again, I can totally picture the store that would turn you down, for buying too many toys intended for kids. I think stores have no problems getting rid of the minifigs at the normal price.
  15. Soulgem

    MOC: Calendar

    that's very creative. what will you do in september-october, the months when nothing happens. :D