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  1. I plan to buy 3 of them. One to build, another to part out and another to sell in the future when everyone will say it was cheap at $300. Can't understand people complaining about the price. Lego is NOT a cheap hobby. Maybe if it's too expensive you should consider Lincoln Logs as a hobby.... Or just save up.., or use a coupon... Or appreciate that TLG potentially listened to Technic AFOLs and gave us a premium set. I don't see that the $400 Lego Death Star suffered in sales so I doubt this Porsche will either. Pretty sure the Death Star didn't have all that many new parts or fancy new building techniques. I guess the minifigs drove the price on that one, eh? Shut up already and take my money.
  2. Any sign of 9L or 11L orange lift arms?
  3. I'd guess Brickshow didn't take the time to photograph any Technic. They rarely review any Technic on their YT channel even though they are exclusively all LEGO now. I was supposed to have a partnership with them to review Technic but it didn't work out.
  4. A quick little review of the Predator
  5. Here is a quick 2-min video review of the Hydroplane Racer and the Getaway Racer. See if you can find my MAJOR mistake in the Getaway Racer video.
  6. As others have already mentioned, I bought the new sets with my hard earned money from Toys R Us. I was not given anything from Lego so the Dec 1st restriction does not apply to me. My overall goal was to get the B-model info out there and to take a look at any new parts.
  7. Great use of the odd green color from the 42039...
  8. I also have used WD-40 on a paper towel followed by warm water and soap. Works perfectly and did not damage my bricks.
  9. Osuharding1

    [MOC] The Mistress

    I've been waiting to see if anyone had feedback on the instructions... now that it appears as though they are legit, I am ready to build this bad boy.
  10. 16 : 10 10 : 6 13 : 4 9 : 3 18 : 2 14 : 1
  11. Black 19L flex axles for $5 each!
  12. I have built this and I can confirm the 5L axle is not needed. The black friction pins with bush can remain as shown.