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  1. madmordiggin

    LEGO Pirates Fan Art!

    Splendid! Cheers for that! And I’ll be sure to post any lego related art I do on these boards for you guys.
  2. madmordiggin

    LEGO Pirates Fan Art!

    i will definatley do so from now on! thank you very much, i dreadfully sorry for the mess! here we go!
  3. madmordiggin

    LEGO Pirates Fan Art!

    May any moderator that finds this topic please delete it and the attachments from my profile please?
  4. madmordiggin

    LEGO Pirates Fan Art!

    I drew this picture of Redbeard recently and thought you guys might get a kick out of! Find me on Flickr!
  5. madmordiggin

    Ambassador Project - Defining the Factions

    Hmmmmm, I still say the smugglers may as well just be pirates. Why limit the faction to just smuggling things when Pirates already do that and more? seems a bit restricting to take away the potential sea battles, treasure hunts and swashbuckling adventures in favour of.sneaking around carefully.
  6. madmordiggin

    Ambassador Project - Defining the Factions

    i'd kinda like the idea that the smugglers are in dept to the pirates, maybe they found a treasure horde years ago and spent the money thinking it was abandoned, then the pirates found out and in exchange for there lives the smugglers promised to find a way to repay every coin that they took, they have been smuggling goods and supplies for the cutthroats ever since. they only hope that the haven guard never finds out who they've been "trading" with. "oh and one more thing... if we see a Haven Guard flag approaching our merry little home, then by thunder! we will hunt you down and feed you to the sharks!" -Roger Redbeard
  7. madmordiggin

    Ambassador Project - Sub-Theme Suggestions - POLL RESULTS

    i was hoping for more themes with the bigger focus on the pirates themselves, as cool as the imperial guards and armada are i really don't think there what draw kids to pirate Lego. Never the less i chose the lost city, as i think it has potential for a really cool way for the pirates to show up. And i really dig the idea of the amazons, i feel there not enough good female minifigures out there,
  8. madmordiggin

    ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    another "bounty'"? i really hope the ship itself makes up for its lackluster name.
  9. madmordiggin

    Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme - Themes Suggestions

    okay dokey here we go... SubTheme: The Haunted islands. Pirates Fearless Morgan and his crew of cutthroats are searching of the treasures that Roger Redbeard forgot to recollect before he dead. unfortunately for them, they have to face the ghosts of all the OTHER crews that had the same idea. The Ghosts Spyglass John spent years searching for the lost loot, but alas he and his crew where lost in a storm before they could find it, but even now there still out there looking though every crack and crevasse in hope of finding a single coin of Rogers treasure. and there sure as heck not gonna let some nosy newcomer like Morgan find it first! i was thinking instead of just skeletons (which unfortunately have been overused by Lego lately) we could get minifigures based on the look and colour scheme of the Lord of the rings ghosts. but maybe mixed with glow in the dark skeleton pieces. sets could include - a ship for Morgans crew, a nice two masted one similar to the Black Seas Barracuda. has a lot of lanterns to navigate through the fog. -a Terrifying ghostly galleon with tattered sails for the ghosts, a three masted vessel like the Potc Queen Annes Revenge. grey or greenish hull, maybe glow in the dark pieces. -bases for the pirates that feel very makeshift and shipwrecked -caves and underwater caverns filled with treasure!... and skeletons of course. -booby trapped bunkers and buildings for the pirates to explore. maybe a small castle by the sea side that was once used as a pirates lair.
  10. madmordiggin

    PTC - Captain Nemo/MstrOfPppts

    slightly cartoonish but feels oddly authentic looking. pretty much how the Lego pirates theme should be. great job!
  11. madmordiggin

    LEGO Ambassador Project: Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme

    Hello there me hearties!, i pretty much joined the forums for this topic , i love the goal of this topic! I'm not that great in the MOC department, but i have some story ideas/lore that i think will work well for the lego pirate setting if you would care to hear them. personally, i'd love the idea of having many factions with there own lore and characters and rather then establishing who's the good guys and who's the bad guys and instead encouraging people to choose there favorite and just roll with them. ( i guess kinda like warhammer? but a heck of a lot simpler)
  12. madmordiggin


    Hello there! i'm from New Zealand and in my adult years, and i LOVE Lego pirates. After years of lurking around the forums i decided to make an account, so hello to you all!