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  1. falderal

    [MOC] Angel - Emerald golem

    Fantastic! Makes me want to see a stop action film centered around it.
  2. This is fantastic, I gasped when you opened it up and showed how much space there is inside! I expected the cockpit to be mostly structural with space for just one figure.
  3. falderal

    [MOC] The Millennium Falcon

    Wow, nice play set feel to it. Reminds me of my old 80's Kenner version.
  4. falderal

    [MOC] ARES-3

    Fantastic! I can even hear the sounds in my head of the canopy system opening. :)
  5. falderal

    Darth Vader and a Deadsquad

    Wow, I really like this! It has a very 60's/70's pop art feel to it. Reminds me of some of those great Polish sci-fi movie posters. An all black figure with that head shape and a red lightsaber is unmistakably Darth Vader. I'd love to see a storm trooper or Chewbacca done in this same style.
  6. falderal

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    People probably think Plutt is tall because Rey had to look up at him in his hut. But he's probably standing on a raised platform there. http://imgur.com/rYRroKB
  7. falderal

    Minecraft 2016

    Seems like people are buying the sets. We are getting 6 this year instead of last year's 4.
  8. falderal

    [MOC] Battle on Takodana (again)

    Oh wow, this is great. If I'm lucky enough to come across a bunch of this set at clearance I would now buy 4 of them to make something like this. Really fantastic job.
  9. falderal

    Heavily Modified X-Wing

    Ha! This is great! I love it. Now you just need an R2-KT droid to complete it!
  10. falderal

    [MOD] Modding the MF 75050 and 21304

    Oh my gosh, this is adorable! I love it!
  11. falderal

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    The movie is only being delayed by 7 months. Is that really enough time for TLG to develop a wave of replacement sets? Maybe some sets in the planning stages for Summer 2017 are gonna be fast tracked to January 2017. It will be interesting to see if we get a few re-releases that are nearly identical to the previous versions like what just happened with the winter toy shop.
  12. falderal

    [MOC] O-ranger

    Nice! Is it built for speed or distance? I like the play on the word "Orange".
  13. After seeing the new polybag version of Kylo Ren's shuttle I decided to make a version in black with moving and foldable wings. I did a bunch of versions of the body and wings but this works the best with the parts I have. I just need bricklink some black binoculars and I think this is done!
  14. Nice review! The way the landing ramp comes down is adorable and much more accurate than the big version! I'm gonna make a version of this in black with moveable wings.