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  1. Coren

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Oh I agree full on with the inefficient space usage :-) but the problem is that I have 3 of those cabinets (2 high ones and one low one) and the bins that belong to them (so about 20 bins I'd say). Replacing those with Sterilites or some such is pretty expensive and kind of wasteful. Was hoping there would be someone who sold custom inserts or had an easy fix. Amazon has variable dividers for example which would make it easier to kind of sort a lot of larger pieces. Agree on the smaller pieces, got some small drawer units for them from Aldi/Lidl.... Your LEGO room looks dope btw :-)
  2. Coren

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Does anyone use Trofast for storage? If so, do you use drawer organizers for them? And if so, which? Looking to store larger amounts of bricks that don’t fit akro mills type drawers but still not Trofast size amounts 😂
  3. Coren

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Your story is a nice story to read through. Although I am no where near the AFOL as any of you (not even MOCcing, this fall and winter though!) I am in the process of sorting parts of LEGO of my son... I have to ask: those labels, where did you get those? They look awesome... I found out (the hard way) that labelling is kind of important and I've made my own labels but they are just plain text. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  4. Coren

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Had some time to stack and not just throw in stuff willy-nilly. Manager to fit in 300 pieces in a round cup about 7 bricks high. Since the cup costs € 10 it set me back some € 0,033 per piece. The Disney figure and three lightbricks were seperately bought of course
  5. Coren

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    So we are moving soon and now I need a new system for the LEGO (well mostly my son's, but also mine and well, if only I had more time :() We have this 220x80cm desk that is adjustable in height (from Ikea). Beneath it there is much room so i was thinking about Trofast for storing the parts. I did come to realize though, the bins are too big. So instead of 2 I will probably use the one we already have with the smallest bins (9 total, each bin is appr 40x28x9cm. Great I think for holding for example a bunch of big plates (4x4 and bigger) and stuff like greens, wheels etc (link: Then besides that, I will be getting a tv-closet (link: and filling those with Ikea tackleboxes (link: which hold 5 compartments each. The little closet can hold up to 16 of those boxes. The boxes will probably be used for 1 colour (i.e. white), then sorted in compartments for type (or maybe the other way around, not sure yet). Then, to top it of, on the surface of the table I will probably be getting one of the Raaco drawers with 32 drawers for the real small stuff. All in all, I'd be having 121 compartments for storage of LEGO, which should provide some means to divide without having like 40 containers that I do now. Also, I will be using the tackleboxes I already have, not sure how yet :) Now I only need something to label the tackleboxes with... If you have any tips or comments, please let me know... I really dread the sorting process!
  6. Coren

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Ikea has nice containers that stack and come in 2 sizes. I use a few of those. Then there are stores like Marskramer or Action that sell hard plastic but still a bit flexible seethrough boxes, about 20-25 cm long. Ideal for bigger lots Then there are also the chinese takeaway boxes that you can buy at Makro (maybe Sligro), which are on the small side but still easy to use. Praxis or any other diy store has those tacklebox like containers. Good luck!
  7. Coren

    [MOC] LL1220 "Dragon Hunter" Scout Fighter

    Great build, reminds me of an ornithopter from the 1984 Dune movie. Tanker truck is a nice addition, but does iT really run on fossil fuel? ;)
  8. Coren

    LEGOLAND Billund Discussion & Photos

    Anyone got tips for a semi-afol to be doing and/or buying while in billund?
  9. Coren

    MOC: Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater

    Well since the topic has nog died out yet and I just saw it for the first time: absolutely brilliant design, amazingly done and for me as European it is very recognizable as a 30's theater and diner :) I would like to suggest one addition which struck me when I visited New York (yes I've been there just once for a full 10 days :P): fire escape ladders! It could be added to the balcony if you have the space for it. But maybe you are already 10 steps ahead of me (instead of 9) and it just doesn't fit? But still one of the best MOC's I've seen lately, and I've been lurking for a while now...
  10. Your email is private but your MSN shows your email address... And I just wanted to say that your town mocs are brilliant and the bus reminds me of, well, a Dutch buss in all its splendour :) GL on building more! Very curious to see more