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  1. Hello Everyone!

    It has been more than 2 year since my last post. Very busy and no time to focus on Legos, BUT..;)..i bought many sets and as some of you know me , i will be doing many reviews once i settle my self and sets ;)

    Glad to ba back and hope you all are doing well!



  2. Finally will get this and no need to spend $$$$ on the old one :)

    Sadly, it lacks some shops like: Ice-cream, selling toys. Only Ticket Shop is there. They could made it much better!!!

  3. 12 hours ago, TheLegoDr said:

    Thank you for this. Although things like this make me sad. My nostalgia is too strong, so I long for the days of my youth. Those catalogs were heaven to look at.

    I had most of the Forestmen sets and pretty much all of the other castle sets from that era. Sadly, no boxes though. That is one issue I have with the new sets/boxes. Especially the big sets with the flip up lid! But if the new boxes would include alternate builds, I would consider holding on to them. Good thing they don't, so I can safely recycle them. But the boxes from my youth I couldn't imagine recycling now as an adult.

    Thanks to my nostalgia, I've been on a kick of recreating classic sets from my youth and building them bigger/better with new techniques/colors. I did Forestmen River Fortress. I have considered building this one as well. Sometime I'll have to actually get pictures to post them on EB.

    You are Welcome! :)

    I agree....ny self when i build these Vintage sets, i feel so sad missing that time as all the memories comes up into my minds and i just close my eyes to enjoy the memories....The reasone i love building these Sealed sets is jut to go back into past but of-course with new Era :)..

    i agree about the boxes, those vintage sets hold a special value to me as without them, i feel little annoyed ( i have some small castle sets without the boxes ) but life goes on :)

    i am going to build all my Castle/pirate sets so please stay tuned :)



  4. 16 hours ago, Littleworlds said:

    Very good to see another retro review. And a very well done one:classic: Such a charming and well designed set. Sadly I didn't had too many forestman sets back in the day, but my fondness of them grew lots in retrospect. They were certainly exploring new aspects of the castle theme, which haven't been touched before and this set is an excellent example of this with its tree-houee style build and the new pieces in the set. 

    And I just realized that I totally forgot how the boxes looked like inside and that the little round plates came connected together with a sprue. Quite the retroflash again!:classic:

    Indeed. My Self, i was seeing this theme as ugly theme few way long back, but then in just few years back, i just realized how this theme is beautiful and started to collect all the sets :)...

    Even there are so fun and awesome when they are in you hand ....

    thanks for sharing! :)

  5. On 3/18/2017 at 9:54 PM, astroknight said:

    Another great classic set review VintageLegoEra! The unboxing sections of your reviews always show off something interesting about how these older sets were packaged - I had no idea that 1x1 round plates used to come on a sprue.

    I was considering picking up a Forestman set soon, and I think this might be the winner thanks to your review!

    You are very welcome friend :).

    Indeed, old sets have very unique packing style and the parts too. These 1x1 rounf plates were presented in a sprue till the beginning of 1990 or 1992.

    Great choice! You will be soo happy with it!


    4 hours ago, Capparezza said:

    Legoland-Era, I love it :) A wonderful set with loads of playability. Thanks for your review!

    You mean: VintageLegoEra ; )

    Always welcome and keep your eyes open for another unboxing soon!


  6. Hello Again ,

    I suppose to make this review on Xmas 2016 , but went through series of busy times and just today i built the set and prepared for the review :wink:

    We will have this small nice set:  Forestmen's Hideout . Also Called: The Robin Hood Tree :classic:

    *Theme: Castle.

    *Sub-Theme: Forestmen.

    *This Set was Released in 1988. It has:

    - 201 Pieces,

    - 2 Minifigures.

    - 2 Unique Shields

    - Good amount of weapons ( Spears, Wipes, Sword and Arrows )

    *The Set is indeed a solid one but nothing that special about it Except that it opens and closes via hinge and has some nice rooms for hiding ( we will see later in the photos )

    Lets Start! :thumbup:

    The Box:





    * The box it self is so valuable to me ( Love the Vintage design, look and details )



    Inside the Box






    *It Comes with: 6 sealed Bags, 1 big Tree, 2 Green Plates, 1 Catalouge and an Instruction Booklet.


    The Build:



    * Love how this part was attached to tree back then!!! 




    * I have added an Extra Minifigure ( The one with Sword )

    *The Set:










    * Here when the set is Opened.



    * Nice hiding Rooms!


    Final Look



    Extra Parts:


    *Overall: The Sets Rate is:  9/10  ( Would be great if a horse was included ) but always we can include one! :sweet:

    Thanks for looking and i hope you enjoyed this Review!

    Regards and see you in another Review Soon! :wink:








  7. On 12/27/2016 at 8:23 AM, pcvando said:

    Hey friend! Long time no see ;) Part of me hates seeing old sealed sets opened, but those little figs deserve to see the light of day!

    Thanks for the review! I have so many sealed vintage pirates sets, but can't bring myself to open any :( Especially ones like BSB or Imperial Trading Post... Maybe one day :p

    HI My friend.....indeed be away for a while due to family engagements :). In few days i will be free and will make more sets ;)...a lot of new old sets are coming through ;)

    Ohh man..bring it on and build it. once i was like you, then decided to enjoy the unboxing, building and then looking-feeling them :)

    i have many pending building set to do: castle, pirate,..etc....

    stay tuned!


  8. On 2/14/2017 at 5:25 PM, 22kane said:

    I know this is an old review but I just started the build on my set. I'm about halfway through (if that) and just discovered this review which I enjoyed, thank you. I couldn't agree more with the comment above. As I was putting the figures together and I stumbled across this figure I considered leaving him out or changing the hair. That hair piece is horrendous. 

    Great that you are enjoying the set. Indeed a great set. So colorful and bright :)