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    10228 Haunted house MOC

    This is just an Awesome addition and art design..:)
  2. VintageLegoEra

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty

    My 6243 set on the way...cant wait to get it....:)
  3. VintageLegoEra

    How to clean the Ship Sails?--Lego 6289 Sails

    Ok....i put all the night in a cloth detergent solution,,but still the yellowish color still we dont have oxyclean...we have oxy action by Vanish. is this ok?
  4. VintageLegoEra

    How to clean the Ship Sails?--Lego 6289 Sails

    So how many hours shall these sails be in the solution?
  5. VintageLegoEra

    How to clean the Ship Sails?--Lego 6289 Sails

    Thank you so much for this tip! I will do it ..:)
  6. VintageLegoEra

    Newbie Says : Hi :)

    Hello Everyone, I have just joined this great Forum and would love stay in it for soo loong..:) I have many vintage Legos ( City, Castles, Space,...etc ) keeping them for more than 25 years..i love these Bricks no matter how old i am ..;) Hope i get all the guides i was looking for sooooooooo long and yes,,,,the missing parts too, hope to get them and complete my some incomplete Legos.... Regards and Happy Day!
  7. YOu know why they refuse, cos there was a shipping cost which they will lose ...
  8. VintageLegoEra

    How to clean the Ship Sails?--Lego 6289 Sails

    HI, i tried to clean the sails with non-perfumed soap and it did remove some yellowish color, but some parts still have it. Is it because it has been long aged and will never go? or there is another way to remove this hard yellow color? Thanks
  9. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    Well,,today i got my Imperial Flag ship and i noticed my box is different from res boxes. on the top right , there is no written of ( Imperial Flagship ) anybody knows the differences if there is any?
  10. VintageLegoEra

    Beware of fake minifigures

    it is obvious not Lego,,,,the lego logo is not on the Brick dots too... we need to be carefull in ebay as not only Lego they sell fake, but maany other products ;)
  11. VintageLegoEra

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty

    are the windows in right order? cos i reckon they should open outward and not inward. am i right?...cos the manual shows the opening is inward. Thanks
  12. Hello, I very new here and needs sometime to know hoe to setup my self..:) Please i need some help. I found what i need from the, and the items added successfuly,,but where is my Cart??? I cant find it... Appreciate your advice. Regards
  13. VintageLegoEra

    Bricklink--Where is My Cart?

  14. VintageLegoEra

    Bricklink--Where is My Cart?

    lool...who is spam?? i thought it is you Vee..heheh
  15. VintageLegoEra

    Bricklink--Where is My Cart?

    Thanks :)
  16. VintageLegoEra

    Bricklink--Where is My Cart?

    Thanks to All! i figured it out!..looks like the browser was having a glitch..lool Things are ok now Regards
  17. HI Guys, I have this Castle and i am missing the string/thread that goes into the castle main door and puller. The door needs: 75cm The Puller needs: 30cm From where can i get these as i searched a lot without any luck if anyone has it, i would love to buy them! Bests
  18. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

    Nice review and photos. The only thing i liked about this release is the ( 6 Canons )..waooo!!
  19. VintageLegoEra

    Lego 6085--Blue Dragon Castle--Help Needed Please!

    Many Thanks!
  20. VintageLegoEra

    First pirate ship?

    I have the The Lego 6289 long back and still with me + i purchased recently ( the Imperial Flagship-10210 and the 2 caribbean ships )...once it is here , will post some photos. it is a wonderful feeling to comeback to lego after loong time! Cheers
  21. VintageLegoEra

    Newbie Says : Hi :)

    Sure,,will do that....need to arrange them and wipe the dust on them loool and will make a separate Threads
  22. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 6285 Black Sea's Barracuda

    Those Pirates ship ( vintage ) are Awesome!.....especially the classic smiley look gives it a real feel, not like the modern look with new faces marks and look.( ouch ). i own the Lego 6289 not the re re 6290...:) ( Red Beard Runner ) and i LOVE it!
  23. VintageLegoEra

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    i just wish to see a large scale of pirates ship ( same size of the imperial flagship the newest ) in 2014....The movie one, i feel it kinda mess!
  24. VintageLegoEra

    Newbie Says : Hi :)

    Thanks to all of you for the welcoming and loooooool,,yea, i felt i did something wrong when i posted there, but thanks to admin for adjusting it ;) God's Blesses