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    How to tell Light Grey from Light Bluish Grey?

    True...i mean the first Light Grey color are even little fady compared to one from 90s and 2000. Not because ageing but the production was like this :-)
  2. VintageLegoEra

    Custom CMF

    Dark Elf is my best!
  3. VintageLegoEra

    Cracks in Minifigs

    Grease will affect and make cracks. My sets from 80s despite the hot weather, no any sign of cracks cos i remember i was never playing hardly nor my hand was greasy..
  4. VintageLegoEra

    Cracks in Minifigs

    Well, i live in a country where the temperature in summer reaches 50 C ( inside house geta warm and humid ) and humidity is high. So far didnt find any crack issue just the sets gets little warm but i believe it is normal since Lego also mentioned in their sites that Lego can be kept under maximum of 40 C I set the A/C in the Lego room to open Automatically from 10 am till 4 p, doing this i will preserve the quality of bricks :-).. All my Lego sets are either inside big plastic box or inside plastic nylon bag. Checked them yesterday especially the vintage sets from 80s and 90s. Everything is in great shape.
  5. VintageLegoEra

    Garage Find Old Small Town Sets

    Not city fan but these vintage sets are a big treasure find. Enjoy them
  6. VintageLegoEra

    The Real Cost of LEGO

    I am already doing this since long time and indeed a great money make
  7. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 5004419 - Classic Knights Minifigure

    i am sorry to say that, but truth is truth.....many sellers are using this promo sets and sell it for 5 times its price which i see it is bad!....Lego indeed mentioned that, this promo are valued at approx. of 4.99 usd so why the crazy price... many of us are not having the chance to get these promos, so other choice is to buy it at insane price... with all respect!
  8. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 5004419 - Classic Knights Minifigure

    I really dont know how this Nexo Knight's became Castle these??!!....very strange.
  9. VintageLegoEra

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    It will be a great thinking to make the next modular by LEGO. :-)
  10. VintageLegoEra

    For Sale: Lego 1967 Bonus Pack--New Sealed In Poly Bag

  11. VintageLegoEra

    Got a box of Lego to sort!

    what a memory i had with set 6381 - Motor Speedway...... I had this set when i was 8 and had a very nice moments with it as i can remember i played it very well.....:) go and get the full 6381 - Motor Speedway set...worth it ;) cheers
  12. VintageLegoEra

    Lego Fountain 40221

    How much would be shipped to UK?
  13. VintageLegoEra

    [MOC] Hospital Room

    Waoooo...very nice and freshing
  14. VintageLegoEra

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    True . And the price will change fast
  15. VintageLegoEra

    What's your purchase plan for next month?

    If i found a nice deal for set 6073 ( Knight's Castle ), then it will be my next month purchase :-)
  16. VintageLegoEra

    My Pirate/ Castle/ LOTR, World/MOC

  17. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

    Mine doesn't have this issue as i bought it same year of release. Yours could be a new batch/production. Try to ask LEGO if they still producing the Sea Cow then we know.
  18. VintageLegoEra

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Ohhh..Very expensive! But good you got it.
  19. VintageLegoEra

    My Pirate/ Castle/ LOTR, World/MOC

  20. VintageLegoEra

    What is the best surface to build on?

    Solid surfaces is the best like tables
  21. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO Legoland Triple Pack 1974 Space + City

    I wont cos i am a pirate and castle fan only...;-). Already have a BL and Ebay account and they are for sale :-)... Cheers buddy
  22. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO Legoland Triple Pack 1974 Space + City

    Thanks for the Tip deal Ole :-) ...already corrected ;-)
  23. VintageLegoEra

    MOC: Bosozoku style car.

    Looks like 3a3a :-)