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    Is it worth buying a glued Lego set

    I dont buy any glued parts even if it is the cheapest on the world. I feel it is abnormal and will look awful.
  2. VintageLegoEra

    Lego components made in Austria

    The CMf the Die Mannschaft figures are all manufactured in China.
  3. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    post some photos :)
  4. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    Thanks for reminding me ;-)
  5. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    LooL. Then i will do that before as i might get my sets soon. :-)
  6. VintageLegoEra

    What Modular Should I Buy?

    To me it is Awesome! And gives a great look along with rest modulars
  7. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    Excellent! That would look great and closer to Classic ;-). Please put some photos after the modification. Cheers
  8. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    But there is Reddish Brown and black for which they could make the weapon color. Also Dark Bluish Grey would be better than Light Bluish Grey for Helmet. ;-)
  9. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    I agree with you, but as said could be better with above things ;-).
  10. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    The set is brilliant except for the followings : 1- The Helmet should be in Dark Grey color as in vintage sets and not in Light Bluish Grey. 2- The Axe Weapon Should be Brown or Black as in vintage sets and not in Dark Bluish Grey. 3- The Leg Should be in Light Grey Color as in vintage sets and not in Light Bluish Grey. TLG, should made the above in that promo set which i believe the can do it. Original Set has only 1 sheild which is attached to the Siege Cart.
  11. VintageLegoEra

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    Looks like many orders has been placed in short time :)
  12. I have a feeling that, TLG will make a remake of Vintage sets in 2020.....the last vintage remake set was done in 2001 and 2002 which is almost 20 years from 1980's, so 2020 is also almost 20 years from 2001. ;) Cheers
  13. VintageLegoEra

    Retiring Ninjago sets

    Thank you very much!
  14. Sets i have are European version which i ferl better than US version in quality. Just an opinion
  15. To make even this set 100% classic, The Helmet should be in Dark Grey and not in Light Grey + the Axe Weapon should be either Brown or Black and not Dark Grey. :) Well, the reason behind this is , remaking vintage castle will not be a profitable for new age people as it has no much feature and colors. We from back then lived in that Era and had a great time with them see these themes as top! Also, Lego back then was very known in their Sets models which are very realistic and profissional. Now days, Lego has more playability features , Childish designs and fantasy ideas. Afterall, plans changes over years :) Cheers
  16. Well, if you ask me then i consider the Nexo is a space/Fiction theme. Totally not related to Castle. Sorry to say, but TLG has Destroyed the ( Castle ) Meaning by doing this Nexo theme.
  17. I have a feeling it could be due Manufacturer Defect. What i have is solid and in order
  18. I dont think LEGO will make any remake of Classic sets sadly. But they will do like they did for the promos. No major big sets
  19. If the Earth still there :-)
  20. Where they r available for sale? I want one
  21. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 5004419 - Classic Knights Minifigure

    For us ( from That Era ), the set is just a surprise and Awesome!!....:) Just Lovely!
  22. VintageLegoEra

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    Well, i came by a strange thing i dont know if any has same issue. at end of bag 2, i was Left with 1 Blue Brick 1x1 and 1 Dark Blue Brick 1x1. It should be 2 of these Blue Bricks 1x1 and not Dark Blue. I have gone through the set 5 times, disassambled the section as i thought i might mixed somewhere the Dark Blue with Blue Brick, but tthe building was having no any issues. So this is as i can say a mistake by Lego during packing.....I have contacted them to send the correct piece. So any one has this issue? Regards
  23. VintageLegoEra

    Batcave 1966 it an invisible photos you uploaded ;-)?
  24. VintageLegoEra

    Retiring Ninjago sets

    Can someone who is Expert with Airjitzu series sets tell me which sets will be a great fit snd matches the set 70751 Temple of Airjitzu?