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  1. Hello, For Sale is: 1)- Space Theme: Star Quest--Like New Condition including Manual also in Like New Condition-SOLD. 2)- Town Theme: Flyercracker--Like New Condition including Manual also in Like New Condition. Remarks: 1)-The Sets are in Amazing Condition ( Like New ). 2)- The sets have been built once and kept in Zip bag. Worldwide Shipping Via Registered Air Mail with Tracking. Payment via PayPal Please. PM if Interested Regards
  2. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO Legoland Triple Pack 1974 Space + City

    Bump-Town Theme: Flyercracker is available.
  3. VintageLegoEra

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Hi I have a full set of 16 players new and complete. If you are interested let me know Regards
  4. VintageLegoEra

    Logging Issue in Bricklink. PLEASE HELP!

    I just used the Internet Explorer and it works fine there, But to me this is not a solution as all my work is on the Chrome...Very strange that..Everything was perfect, just in a week time the issues exists and cant be fixed please let this thread on and dont lock it admin, cos there might be a solution or someone has same issues :) Thanks
  5. VintageLegoEra

    Logging Issue in Bricklink. PLEASE HELP!

    The problem is, i am using Google Chrome since then and no issues. Just started 1-2 weeks back...
  6. More than 30 years with Lego, so imagine what you will be ;-)... Yes please, post as much as photos and i will help you :-)
  7. VintageLegoEra

    Yellowing White Bricks

    You can use parts with stickers in the solution as it will not affect the stuckers :-)
  8. Also an advice buddy, dont mention to him you had a bad experience as some buyers can use this point against you although you have everything mentioned in the listing...;-). Good Luck and God bless you
  9. First of all, congratulations on this set. Wat i can see from the set, it is clean and shiny and no sign of color fade. The only issue i can spot is, the face of the admiral is little wiped off and looks like some hite marks on that little boy facebut you can replace it easily via BL. The weapons are great too except for the sword which has little sign of bend. What i mentioned are minor issue anf you should be hsppy with this set :-)
  10. VintageLegoEra

    For Sale: Lego 1967 Bonus Pack--New Sealed In Poly Bag

  11. VintageLegoEra

    New rules for bricklink stores?

    Well, BL is not working with me. I mean i can view and brows but when i log it says: Request entity is too large!!!!!!! any one has this issue????
  12. it is not the matter free Shipping or Great Deal! is all has to do with the condition of the sets, parts and minifigures. You need to ask : was it owned by an adult or child, kept well, no modern parts has been mixed with vintage parts ( many seller do that and claim even it is new!..for this you need to be an Expert find out parts related to each era ( if it bothers you of-course ) To me, buying Vintage sets mean i am expecting 100% parts from that Era! P.S: Also what i have noticed, Each Seller has his own Definition of: Great, Excellent and Like New Conditions....Dont Expect if he says: Great that you will get great as you think...i had many issues with these translating and made me so angry as i was receiving good condition for which sell stats: Like New! loooooool Be Very Careful Especially when you throw a lot of $$$ Cheers
  13. Glad to see someone with me :-)
  14. VintageLegoEra

    Who introduced you to LEGO?

    My Mom , 32 years back.
  15. VintageLegoEra

    I just got screwed by a buyer! Need help

    PayPal always go for prove and attaching photos in their site. Looks like they closed the case into buyers favor since you didn provide any prove, but you can still call them which is better than mailing them. Honestly, when you call them and explain it works well than mailing them. And Because there is a selection of many solution seller can offer to buyer when buyer open a case one of it is ( issue a full refund and keep the item ). Looks like you didnt notice that when the case was open...... Try to call them and clarify to PayPal.
  16. VintageLegoEra

    I just got screwed by a buyer! Need help

    Hope this works and i will advise you to write an email about your issue to Bricklink Admin so they will be aware. As a seller in ebay since long time, and what i know through my experience, what ever buyers buy snd if the item was not as described or broken or whatever else, the policy is to return it back for full refund. If you are sure everything was sent perfecr, and the buyer is trying to act like a Sh**, the you need to prove with photos. I always take photos of the parcel, sets and shipping papers before i post items. But what i cant understand, how he got the 300 without returning?
  17. VintageLegoEra

    I just got screwed by a buyer! Need help

    Lets take it step by step. So the claim process took place via paypal. Right? What paypal first will do is to ask the buyer to return the item back and then you refund him the amount. So how come he didnt returned it back and you were cut by 300??? There is another thing. Once the claim is ooened, the Mount will be held by paypal till the case is closed and set by 2 of you. I believe the amount os held till he returns back the set and then paypal confirm it then everything will go to normal. Please advice.
  18. VintageLegoEra

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Agree with the less number of minifigures, but LEGO released the CMF which i think their aim to combine it with this set + a marketing strategy to make profits ;)
  19. VintageLegoEra

    Should I Buy It?

    If the condition is Very good, then definitely yes.
  20. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 70751 Temple of Airjitzu

    Mine still in box. need to figure a space to build it as i am so eager to do that! :)
  21. VintageLegoEra

    Cracks in Minifigs

    How long these minifigures have been in your collection?