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    Vintage LEGO 6236 King Kahuka ! Unboxing & Review !

    ```Cheers Mate!....In Old sets, the heads are always attached to Torsos... Feels soo great to open an old set, just went back in memories when i was 7 years old :)... Myself, i dont like to keep sets sealed for ever,,,all my sealed sets for sure will be built soon or later ( depends on space i have ).... ready for the next unboxing... cheers
  2. VintageLegoEra

    Ranking the Pirate Ships 1-15

    agree with first 3 ranks. But i will give the Lord Of The Ring Ship last Rank and will pull the vintage Caribbean Clipper to Rank 4. Also, the 6268 and 6259,,i would prefer them to be at first 5 ranks.. cheers
  3. Awesome mate! :) haaaa..i can fell the lovely smell of these NIB sets ;) Cheers
  4. VintageLegoEra

    10255 Assembly Square

    I was Hoping to so remake of the old Modulars but this one will be a great fun to build :)
  5. VintageLegoEra

    10255 Assembly Square

    What an Epic Set!...4002 pieces and good numbers of Minifigures and introducing the new baby figure...:) Gonna love it!
  6. Well,,,looks like the site needs little improvements as i cant see Quotes messages and photos
  7. Hi Gents and Gals! It has been a while since i posted or made a review. Was away and now i am back even with more new Unboxing and reviewing Sets. :) Today we will have lovely pirate Classic Set Unboxing & Review: Lego 6256 Islander Catamaran....... *Theme: Pirates. *Sub-Theme: Islanders. *This Set was Released in 1994. It has 53 Pieces, 2 Minifigures and a sticker/decal Sheet. *This Set is Just Awesome. It has a lot of valuable Parts and the Catamaran just looks nice and so realistic . *Comes with: 2 parrots, 1 Alligator, 1 Shield, 1 Decorated Sail ( Love it ), 1 Decorated Tile with Zebra designs, not mentioning the 2 nice Minifigures ( The King and his maid or wife ) Now lets have a tour with the Photos: -The Set : 20160413_195016-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160413_195036-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -The Unboxing: 20160413_195102-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160413_195303-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr * Love the Old Packing Style :) -The Build: * Minifigures and the animals: 20160618_114612-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr *The Catamaran: ( The Build ) 20160618_114910-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_115252-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_120008-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_120459-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_120948-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr * It is Done! :) 20160618_121534-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_121553-1-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_121614-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_121632-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160618_121723-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr * Applying the Sticker was easy and enjoyable! *Final Look! 20160618_122116-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr Overall Rating: 9/10 ( probably needed some more Shields and Weapons ) I did enjoyed Building the Set! and i do advise any pirate fan t own this set Thanks for your attentions! :) Cheers and see you in another vintage Review!
  8. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6256 Islander Catamaran ! Unboxing & Review !

    Ok..i got what you mean. No i never liked that Theme :)
  9. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6256 Islander Catamaran ! Unboxing & Review !

    You have a point there, but i dont think that it was separated or lifted from concept set. I believe this was done to cop with set 6279 as both these sets are matching each other nicely ( IMO ) :) You mean starting with 91 or ends with 91? i dont think there is a set starts with 91 cheers
  10. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6256 Islander Catamaran ! Unboxing & Review !

    Wao! Waiting eagerly for the MOC :) No worries Bud :) Sure will do that
  11. VintageLegoEra

    Preventing Figure Crack?

    I did a scan to my sets ( modern and vintage ) and guess what! The modern figures has no cracks but legs and arms became loose, while vintage figures are still solid. I live in a hot and humid country.
  12. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6256 Islander Catamaran ! Unboxing & Review !

    Agree! :) mmm..There is no Lego Set by this number ( 1781 )...What set you were trying to refer to? In total, There are 6 Islander Sets: -6236 -6246 -6256 -6262 -6264 -6278 -6292 ( Re-issue of 6278 ) My Favorite Set is of-course the 6278 ( The Enchanted Island ) I will make more Islanders Review Soon! :)
  13. HI,,, Let me begin with it.... As we all know, back then in 80s and 90s,,,TLG had many Awesome Pirate sets ( Ships, islands, Fortress,...etc ) and since i own ships, i saw some of the ships just lack important parts which is the Anchors........ The ships are: 6271, 6250, 6268, 6289 and 6290. i have started today with 6271 to include the Anchor System and some other feature, ( The Bell ) and just came out Perfect!! Here are some photos: Hope you enjoy this addition. I will post soon for the rest of the ships!... Lets see what you did to satisfy your self! Cheers!
  14. Awesome Deal and sets! :) Now complete your happiness by sharing photos
  15. VintageLegoEra

    Bricklinking 10210 The Imperial Flagship?

    It cost effective bricklinking the 10210, but bear in mind that it will not be 100% as original in terms of parts and colors due to rarity and high costs of the parts. But better than nothing ;)
  16. Hello Everyone! Since the past few weeks i am facing a problem when i try to log in in Bricklink. I get the following Message: Bad Message 413 reason: Request Entity Too Large All were great before that. Anyone has experienced or still experiencing such a problem? Looking forward for Advises, Solution as soon as possible please. Regards
  17. looks like the parts are not vintage and could be from modern ones ( many sellers do that ) careful!!!
  18. VintageLegoEra

    Shady Bricks - my BrickLink store

    All the best buddy! :)
  19. VintageLegoEra

    Review: King Kahuka

    Great Review. I am going to make unboxing and build reviews for all the islanders set. Just need time :)
  20. Hello, I have For Sale the Following from the Bonus Pack Lego Set 1967: 1)- 1969 and 1970-- SOLD 2)- 1958-- SOLD 3)- 1959--Available All are New and Factory Sealed polybags. Please PM if you are interested. Regards
  21. VintageLegoEra

    For Sale: Lego 1967 Bonus Pack--New Sealed In Poly Bag

    First Post Updated. Only 1959--Available