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  1. Not a lot of money. Excellent deal!...........lucky he got it now a days for this price ;)
  2. Hello! Time to get some break from building the modulars and building this awesome set: The mixer. Well, to be frank, at first i was ignoring this set as i saw it as nothing, but day after day and more reviews and photo i saw, it entered my mind and heart :) and then i thought: waoo this is indeed a great set and the reason i ignored it is due to didnt go much deeper into it.... Also, the following reasons made me to buy it: 1)- has 12 minifigures. ( who can someone avoid a set with such a huge minifigures ) 2)- Has a colourful look. 3)- Since the Grand Carousel is Crazy expensive, i see this mixer is an ideal substitution...:) 4)- Will add a great value and look to City ( Which i am going to start my own City soon ) 5)- Has new and unique parts. 6)- A lot of Awesome features.... This is going to be a quick review unlike my other posts ( build Threads )... There we go: Bag 1: ( 11 Minifigures + Toys Block Sections ) * The minifigures are great except for 1 which i hate: the kid who is holding the ticket. i think this is the ugliest figure in the set. * An Alternate look of the Circus Guy---Very Nice! - The Toys Blocks Sections: -Blue Truck: And here it is Loaded with Stuffs: End of bag 1 Remarks: ‚Äč- So far is a fantastic build and everything is great , enjoyed it a lot.......:)
  3. VintageLegoEra

    Review: Lego 10244 Fairground Mixer - Creator Series

    Great that you are enjoying the set. Indeed a great set. So colorful and bright :)
  4. VintageLegoEra

    What did you buy today?

    Actually bought them 1 week back and received them today! Sets: -42064 -42066 -10255
  5. VintageLegoEra

    [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    great set and Review! Mine is on the way!
  6. Hi Again!,,, Now were approaching The before last Modular ( of-course not counting the 2015 one :) ) . This is the 8th Modular: The Palace Cinema. This is a very nice set with cool look and design,,,, The Box & The Contents: Remarks: - I love the box with Dark Background. Indeed gives a unique feeling. Note: * Well Due to some short in time I had, only the 1st Floor was done in details with photos. Rest levels, only final photos were taken....
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    What did you buy today?

    After searching long for good deal, i got the following: 1- Set 1877 - Like New Condition. 2- Set 6257 - Like New Condition. 3- Set 6254 - New Sealed.
  8. just to remind it out: today is final day for the vote :) cheers and marry Xmas~
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    Lego Forbidden Island 6270 Time lapse video review

    Great Set! had this in late 80s and was my first big lego pirate to have :) Very nice memories i have with this set. I remember my mom and I went to a hypermarket near to my home and bought it for me back then :)
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    This is sparta !

    So beautiful!
  11. VintageLegoEra

    Top 10 Pirate Forts

    The EF has a very distinguish taste ;-)
  12. I do agree about the 6280 but since i am a Collector, then i need to collect all ( whether good or not ) ;) Arrrgg..this kills me as a collector, but fun
  13. HI Mate! Definitely will do both :) but since i have time for 1 set now, thats why i have made it to choose between these 2 ;) cheers
  14. VintageLegoEra

    Top 10 Pirate Forts

    @Captain Pirate Man: Will be great if you create a Poll to analyze the ranks! ;)
  15. VintageLegoEra

    [REVIEW] 6277 Imperial Trading Post [VIDEO]

    true, the Red coat admiral appeared in sets: 6271 and 6277 The Blue Coat Governor appeared in sets: 6274 and 6276 :)
  16. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6236 King Kahuka ! Unboxing & Review !

    You are welcome! :) i agree and thats what i have said in the review about the set is usless alone unless you have supporting set line the Enchanted Island to add it ;).. True, love the Crocodile cage set...will be my next review! stay tuned! cheers
  17. Hello Again Gals and Guys :) Today we will have a lovely small pirate Classic Set Unboxing & Review: Lego 6236 King Kahuka....... ( Yes That's Me ) *Theme: Pirates. *Sub-Theme: Islanders. *This Set was Released in 1994. It has 45 Pieces, 1 Minifigures. *This Set is Normal Compared to Parts it has, But love how it came with 2 Shields ( So valuable to me ) . *No Animals in this set and has only 2 weapons: Brown Spears. Now lets have a tour with the Photos: -The Box: -The Unboxing: * Always i love to open my sets that way to avoid damaging the vintage look... * Very Happy to see it came with Catalouge and other sheet (looks like membership sheet ) -The Build: 1)- Minifigure: * The King him Self...Say hey :) 2)- The Throne - The Secret Hidden Place for his Treasure Chest * A Very Valuable Chest to him. If you see there is even a blood drops, looks like many tried to reach this forbidden chest but NO WAY! ( You Too stay away!!! ) -Final Look: Message from The King Khauka: ( Thank you for visiting me but dont ever try to take anything ) (Overall Rating: 9.5/10) Remarks: - This Set alone might be useless, but putting it along with the Enchanted Island will be just Awesome. I am planning to put it along with the Enchanted Island ( When i build it ) Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon with another unboxing and reviews! Cheers The Below Shows The progress of Islanders Built Sets: ( I will update it accordingly )
  18. VintageLegoEra

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    #71017: The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Series my favorite minifigure is: The Pharaoh
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    Top 10 Pirate Forts

    I agree with first 5 top sets, but the set 6279 skull island i will put it immediately number 6, honestly i see it can also can be number 5 :) Cheers!
  20. VintageLegoEra

    [REVIEW] 6277 Imperial Trading Post [VIDEO]

    100% Correct!...a Unique Figure of all time :)
  21. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6236 King Kahuka ! Unboxing & Review !

    Cheers Mate and Thanks for the Support ! :-)
  22. VintageLegoEra

    10255 Assembly Square

    and you both can combine all Modulars together for best looking city system ;)