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  1. mrfuture

    Lego Technic Figures

    I wanted to see them back in some way. I only had one of those. One from the Cybermaster set. He popping up from time to time in my collection Sometimesi wished they had a driver /operator in the technic models.
  2. I solved the problem. It was a combinaton of problems in the gears from the motor to the wheels when it moved in curves. Something made the whole thing to slow down when the gears system moved a bit in possiton. Other problem was guide pins that keep the train on the track moved out of posison on one waggon so it skpped up in curves and made th train stop. Power connecton was in ths wagon.
  3. One of the problems i have is that it slowing down in all curves to begin with and tryig to fix it. It could be that stressing the M-motor. What strange is that i put the train other way around when testing after a change. then it passed the curves with no problems until the wagon with the rail connection lost connection. Then i turned it.and had the problem with middle waggon lose onnection in the curves. I plan a 3 part trian set with the first and last waggon has powered wheels Middle is just the rail connection for power.
  4. I have been experimenting running a M-motor on a 12V train rail. Everyting worked fine for a long time and i tried to keep the voltage to around 10V. But since i was trying to find the best solution for the train that the motor was powering. I have used full 12v a few times. But now it works fine in the begining and after a few round slowng down until it stops and can not move. If i lift the train and keep the connection to the rail, the motor works. Has the motor taken damage to the occaionaly 12 V and is just put it in the trash or is there some way to fix it ?
  5. mrfuture

    Monorail: where should I start?

    I started with Monorail in 2014 and planned to buy each part and then build a custom one. But it failed on e-bay until i got my hands on the 6990 set. I bought some rail parts bouth on e-bay and Bricklink. Even a set of switchtracks that now cost a lot. They was working so and so, but fixed those.Have been on a few local events with it and woking god. So say it is worth it. I dreamt about the 6990 in my childhood. But now i have it.
  6. Great buildings.I liked the older once, but nice work on the mordern also.
  7. I started out in MLcad and did some building. Even recreated one of my models. One thing that bothered me was the constant fiddeling to place the bricks as soon you had made an adjustment. it resulted in gaps and not nice looking models. I opened up that file a 1-2 years later when LDD appeard. It could not bee imported into LDD since of all th miss allignmet of the brcks. More or less needed to rebuild the model in LDD to make it happend. Thats why i left the MLcad and the Ldraw when LDD came. I also used the buy model option when it was there. Recntly i use LDD to plan Mocs. If other programs get a Click in place option i may look it up. LDD was not perfect but it was better to use than the other options. Sad to see it go.
  8. mrfuture

    My 7740 Restoration

    I recently got the 7740 from a build and buy from a lot. It is almoust complete. But it is my first 12v train and it looking nice. I only had the Push or 4,5v trains as childe. But i think the difference was that i had a modeltrain from my father to play with insted. So no need for Lego version. Is it posible to get the stickers for 7740 ?
  9. mrfuture

    What got you into lego trains!

    I'm not realy a trains guy but as a kid i had a model trains and only some of the 4,5V trains in Lego. But when i got back to lego, i bought the Horizon Express and needed rails and motor to power it. Bought then 2014 version of passenger train. The Emeral Night followed soon after. Then a bit back to what i love.The monorail 6990 and the Space era. For some time i had an idea for a custom build train after seeing one of my fellow LUG members creations. But project has not been started. Recntly i got 7740 to get some of the parts i need for the project. Moustly the rails and powersupply. So ma be ths develope in to something.
  10. mrfuture

    [MOC] Number Five is Alive

    I also loved that movie as a kid. That was a very good version of Jonny five. I think it is the best one yet.
  11. mrfuture

    [Help] NXT controlled Switch track

    I did finaly fix this problem after take one of the switch track home to try to make it work. I needed a complet rebuild since i took the wrong one home. But the right one to build for in the layout. After some more fiddeling with the NXT code i manage to get it work right. Back at the trade faire i needed to change the code again for take to the account for the train to pass before it trigger the code again and the adjustment of the sensor, I found a few problems that i may try to figuring out for the next version. 1. Trains with constant or flashing light ether blinde the sensor so it does not switch or not alsways work when flashing. I think the sensor get blinded so it think there is no train there and do not trigger the code for the track. 2. I must make a system that handel two trains coming to the track at ones. This was a constant problem in the layout. i had two circles in each other. The inner was a bit shorter than the outer. Sometimes the first train leaving the switch track area when the other comes into the sensor area. that makes the first one to crash with the switch, since it changes and the other train in the first. Or bouth entering the switchtrack area at ones making a spetacular crash.
  12. mrfuture

    [Help] NXT controlled Switch track

    Thanks for the tip with the new gear. I wil test it. Switch is now in a layout at a traid fair i attending to with the LUG. But i think the axel pin with stop do no different i this case. The missaglinement is not that the gear moves on the axel pin but it starts stoping wrong on the tooth brick on the sliderswitch so it make pressure on the construction. It is not much it need to move, but just a tad longer. If i stop the motor earlier it can not switch completly. But the first time back and forth this works fine with no pressure.
  13. mrfuture

    [Help] NXT controlled Switch track

    Here is a picture of the setup. It is at the moment a prototype. But it could be that the construction is to weak to hold it together, but it is the missaligment of the thooth and gear that make it goes apart It work fine 2-3 times without any presure from the motor until it is getting missaligned. Motor power is set to 40. I think it can't get any lower if it should manage to push the slide.
  14. I'm trying to make an automatic switch track for the Monorail system. I think i have the programming working but If it moves back and forth a few times it looks like the gear and tooth 1x4 brick get miss aglined and it force the contruction apart. Since the slide can not move but the motor has a little bit more to turn. i have tried, shorter turns or second to try to fix but that result in that it did not completet the switch I have found that ether 1,1 second or 1,2 turn is working. I using the NXT motor to move the slide trough a small gear and axe. I use for the moment a light sensor to trigger the switch.
  15. mrfuture

    Clean pen painted minifigures

    I had no problems with toothpaste and the printing. It just float away when had the part in water and then added toothpaste gentel rubbed it on the painted parts But thanks for the warning.