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  1. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Wow that looks great. I hope my crossbread of an Monorail get better this time around. It is based on two different system. But will reveal in time.
  2. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Thanks, Helps a lot. Even when I'm now building rest of the system for the motor.
  3. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Someone i know made a moving, roaring dragon out of that set, with additional to the Boost set.
  4. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    It could be that i try to turn it by hand on a short axle. But i think all works out when i place the motor on the top. the axles runs free. Is it only tiles under the motor ? The Motor is locked in place by the "couplings" ?
  5. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I thought of that but did not see anything that caused the problem. But have now removed one tire and put the black gear on a tan pin w/axle. What i noted that everything was run fine until i put on the axle with the tires, I think it is the friction between axle with tire and the black gear. What length of the axle on the motor ? 2L
  6. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Here is a closeup picture of the gears . having 2 more wheels is due to my design. I may reveal the the design later.
  7. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    LegoMonorailFan: I trying to copying your design for the engine part that you posted back on page 2. When i trying to turn it without the motor. it is very hard to turn.? I suspect t that the rubberwheels hit the large vertical cogwheel or the above axle.
  8. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    You have to be member of the Lego space Classic group. It is on the top at the moment. Maybe i start thinkering again with my monorail
  9. mrfuture

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Looks like a lot has happens since the last time i wrote here (Eurobrick. ) Just found a like to this thread on Facebook when someone was talking about custom Monorail. I have done a version, but it failed big time at a Lug event. So i have been on and off the drawingboard with new variation. Got some new ideas in this thread that may solve some problems. Train was based on Hidakas design.
  10. mrfuture

    Lego Technic Figures

    I wanted to see them back in some way. I only had one of those. One from the Cybermaster set. He popping up from time to time in my collection Sometimesi wished they had a driver /operator in the technic models.
  11. I solved the problem. It was a combinaton of problems in the gears from the motor to the wheels when it moved in curves. Something made the whole thing to slow down when the gears system moved a bit in possiton. Other problem was guide pins that keep the train on the track moved out of posison on one waggon so it skpped up in curves and made th train stop. Power connecton was in ths wagon.
  12. One of the problems i have is that it slowing down in all curves to begin with and tryig to fix it. It could be that stressing the M-motor. What strange is that i put the train other way around when testing after a change. then it passed the curves with no problems until the wagon with the rail connection lost connection. Then i turned it.and had the problem with middle waggon lose onnection in the curves. I plan a 3 part trian set with the first and last waggon has powered wheels Middle is just the rail connection for power.
  13. I have been experimenting running a M-motor on a 12V train rail. Everyting worked fine for a long time and i tried to keep the voltage to around 10V. But since i was trying to find the best solution for the train that the motor was powering. I have used full 12v a few times. But now it works fine in the begining and after a few round slowng down until it stops and can not move. If i lift the train and keep the connection to the rail, the motor works. Has the motor taken damage to the occaionaly 12 V and is just put it in the trash or is there some way to fix it ?
  14. mrfuture

    Monorail: where should I start?

    I started with Monorail in 2014 and planned to buy each part and then build a custom one. But it failed on e-bay until i got my hands on the 6990 set. I bought some rail parts bouth on e-bay and Bricklink. Even a set of switchtracks that now cost a lot. They was working so and so, but fixed those.Have been on a few local events with it and woking god. So say it is worth it. I dreamt about the 6990 in my childhood. But now i have it.
  15. Great buildings.I liked the older once, but nice work on the mordern also.