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    Starting in December or January (I don't remember which) I started working on a SHIP, inspired by various ships from Halo, BSG, and a few other series mostly. I've made a few other attempts at making SHIPs before, none of which were successful, but since I've learned a lot about structure and my collection has grown tremendously since those attempts, I decided to try again. This SHIP will, when finished, be a bit less than 7 feet long, about 2.5 feet wide at the widest point, and be a bit less than 3 feet tall including the stand. Currently its exactly 5 feet long, and just over a foot wide, and by my estimate contains more than 20,000 parts. The current working name is Tormentum (catapult) but that may change in the next few months as I continue work. And now some pictures (sorry for the low quality of some of the pictures, I just used a cell phone camera for most of these because its a real pain to position my regular camera because of the tripod) 20120219_145951-1139195407 by brickmack, on Flickr The bottom spine of the SHIP during early construction. Basically a 4 foot long tower of stacked 2x2 bricks with 2x2 technic bricks placed throughout, then with long technic beams attached to the 2x2 technic bricks. 3 technic structures stick down from the bottom as well, forming the stand. 20120220_153550760795353 by brickmack, on Flickr At this stage I've finished the spine, and started attaching the angled side panels using #4 angled technic connectors, strengthened by technic parts. 20120228_064830-1366164965 by brickmack, on Flickr I then placed plates on the frame, and used 1x4 SNOT bricks to make it studs up (the frame was studs down so stuff cn be easily attached on the bottom) SHIP WIP by brickmack, on Flickr Adding more detail and structure and such... SHIP WIP by brickmack, on Flickr More stuff was added, and here is the whole thing. It's from a few weeks ago so there is a lot more progress now, but I haven't photographed it yet.
  2. brickmack

    Brickworld Fort Wayne

    I'm going, sometime around noon. I'll be the teenager with kinda long hair, probably wearing shorts and a Lego Star Wars shirt, if anyone wants to say hi. I probably wont recognize you though, the only EB member I've met in person was Hinkley.
  3. brickmack

    If LEGO wasn't draining your wallet....

    Build myself a new computer. My laptop was crappy even when I got it a few years ago, and Im sure just from the money saved from not getting any new Lego for a single year I could build myself a very good gaming computer.
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    MOC Arrow 373i

    Looks good. The curves on the front part are just perfect, the way those cones and flippers fit together.Those side parts with the gold thing are interesting also. The cones on the back of the vertical fin look kinda odd though, I think it might look a bit less distracting without those.
  5. brickmack

    Kre-O to release Star Trek Sets

    Ick, that just looks terrible. And those minifigs Actually on the poster someone posted above it says the sets are coming out 2013, and after a quick googleing I found that there is a new ST movie coming out sometime in 2013 (Well, hopefully thats a good thing... The 2009 movie was ok, but I'm still unhappy about them going and changing history.) So they will have at least a couple new ships to work with probably. Plus sets of individual rooms, that laser drill thing, etc. They have plenty to work with I think.
  6. brickmack

    Show your Sci-Fi Displays and Collections

    ^That... Thats all your stuff? I've seen some pretty big collections, but thats certainly on the upper end of the size spectrum.
  7. I have a big roll of white paper (and blue paper, which I use occasionally) that is taped to my wall and table so it curves slightly. Then I take the pictures, edit out anyhing too distracting in Photoshop, and post it. I'm thinking about getting something shinier to to use as a backdrop though, since I've heard that makes whiter backgrounds.
  8. brickmack

    War of the Worlds Tripod

    Thats pretty cool, the legs look great. The head needs some work, as mentioned, but it's not that bad. The cracked road looks nice as well.
  9. brickmack

    Uses for Flick-Fires

    Greebling,guns, parts of minifig tools, and an alternative to those 1/2 length technic pins with a stud on the end.
  10. brickmack

    Most Insane TRU markup ever?

    One time they showed one of those little Star Wars planet sets as being 50 USD, but it turned out to be a computer error. Never had any noteworthy markups that weren't in error though.
  11. Sets stay together until I need parts from them. Sometimes if its a set I really like, and I only need a few parts from it, it will stay together and I will just modify it a bit to work without whatever part I took. If I need a lot of parts from it, or just don't think its that cool of a set, I'll just take it apart completely. Same thing with MOCs. Some MOCs stay together for only a few days, and I have others that have been assembled for over a year (Though many of the older ones I've modified over time, fitting in new building techniques and parts and such to improve them, so I only have 1 or 2 that are over a year old and still unchanged. Big sets are a bit different though. I always keep my largest set assembled, until I get a bigger one. Currently its the Tower Bridge, before that it was the Death Star playset. With big MOCs, though, I will probably take those apart pretty quicky after photographing them and such, since they are so part consuming, and take a lot of space. My SHIP I'm working on now will probably only survive a month or so past finishing.
  12. brickmack

    LEGO Executive Jet

    Very interesting, I wasn't aware they had their own jet. That set looks great, too bad its an exclusive one...
  13. brickmack

    Galaxy Patrol Minifig - Possible MOCfodder Kits

    Some of the Star Wars sets have had a lot of dark blue (though Im not sure if they are still out, I dont pay a lot of attention to sets these days), and would also have plenty dark grey. The new Lokis Cosmic Cube Escape set from Avengers has a lot of dark blue. The pharoahs quest sets from last year had some, but not a whole lot. And the Agents theme from a few years ago had a lot of it. Dark grey can be found in a lot of sets, particularly Star Wars (though light grey is more common). Of course, since most of the sets with a lot of dark blue seem to be out of production, and would have to be bought used anyway, it would probably be easier to just buy the parts on
  14. brickmack

    MOC: Alien Egg

    Oh, thats kinda cool. The dripping stuff is nice, and the floor design is a good touch. Now just make a flamethrower to go with it, and its perfect
  15. You might be able to use this, but its about $0.20 each on bricklink, so it could be a bit expensive...
  16. brickmack

    Is moonbase dead?

    I haven't seen anything done with them recently either. Kinda disappointing, moonbases are pretty cool.
  17. brickmack

    ASB Office

    Do they actually even do anything? I think we have those at my school, but other than the week before elections, I never hear anything about them and they don't seem to do anything. I suspect its basically just a popularity thing rather than an actual leadership position. Is it like that at other schools?
  18. brickmack

    Micro Apollo 11

    Looks good, particularly the smoke from the rocket. The launch tower is nicely done as well.
  19. brickmack

    A Sound of Thunder

    Yea, just watched the movie version last week. Messed up story, terrible animation, and not very good acting either. Good MOC though, I like the design of the time machine. Never realized that guy also wrote 451, another book I like a lot.
  20. It always seemed unlikely to me that this would even get to 10k. While it would be great as a figure pack (ignoring the 200$+ price) LEGO would never do it. Theres the Hasbro issue, the price, and the fact that (in large part due to the price) the only people that would be likely to buy it are the AFOLs who really like Star Wars (and AFOLs don't make up a whole lot of LEGOs market) and would actually need 100 stormtroopers (an even smaller group). Of course, if they did this with Castle (or LOTR, an army of Uruk Hai would be useful) I'd probably buy that...
  21. brickmack


    Ugh, I have that with the helmets and other metallic silver parts, particularly from Fantasy Castle and Kingdoms. It would be nice if LEGO could find a good way to make stuff shiny without it having to be applied externally, rather than as a part of the plastic itself like a normal color.
  22. Yea, I've noticed this as well. An oven isnt necessary though to reduce clutch, I did it by accident leaving some parts in a hot car. It would also be easier to check and make sure you don't overdo it. This is why TLG won't make an all transparent minifig, because the friction is so great that the arms and other parts would break.
  23. brickmack

    Interplanetary Explorer-Conquerors

    Surprised there arent more comments on this yet. They look nice, and very poseable. Nice looking guns too, but that tube thing going to the one in the last picture looks rather long. Maybe use a shorter one, or eliminate it completely?
  24. Went through most of my minifig helmets and such, this and this both fit, but the first only barely fits, so don't count on being able to get it back out. If I find any more I'll post.
  25. brickmack

    Is this possible?

    No, LEGO will replace missing stuff from sets bought at other places than their stores/site. However, from what I've heard, they won't give the specific figures that are missing, but regular bags which may or may not contain the missing figures. Also they might not do it at all since it was marked as damaged.