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  1. I was reading through Brickipedia the other day as I was trying to find out what the current Space factions are. There has always been a civilian, "good guy", and "bad guy" faction. Right now the "current" (aka 2009-2010) good guy faction is Space Police III, but there is no civilian counterpart. The most recent civilian faction was Exploriens (1996-1997). So I was wondering who the current civilian faction would be? I am not including the Galaxy Squad or Alien Conquest themes since the GS and ADU are specialized task forces. I am currently working on a story where Blacktron rises again (they have big robots/mecha now) and terrorize the civilian faction. Any tips, advice, and suggestions are very welcome!
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    MOC/WIP: Classic Space Train

    The front mold only comes in white, so if I build it in real bricks I would go with the Futuron colors. Or possibly something similar. I like the idea of an opening hopper, though. Thank you.