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    MOC: Morda the Skull Crusher

    I'm quite taken by the shoulder shell placement! Via the extra torso balls is one of my favorite ways to mount shoulder armor onto gearbox-equipped figures, and to see how well the new shells take to my favorite attachment method is making me absolutely gleeful, and eager to get some Skull sets of my own to Moc with.
  2. The Kumquat Alchemist

    "If it wasn't for the Rahkshi there would be no 2004"

    Though a rather rushed and ill-colored mess of sets, the Kal I will always remember for providing some of the best Bohrok shields, and a plentiful supply of silver socket connectors.
  3. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I suspect that Gresh, silver Takanuva, and the Skrall were included due to having recently been released in sets and used in comics, making them more appealing to whatever casual fans BIONICLE gained later in its run; to have had even half the line dedicated to re-imagining older figures, those being Rahkshi, Tahu, and Skakdi, was a great boon. As for your wish for Bohrok and Visorak, though I'd have loved to see them myself, I can't figure how they could have been given fitting Stars forms, what with the Stars' strict adherence to use of Avtoran bodies, and small piece counts.
  4. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'll be interested to see what you come up with! I've already made my own Meltdown 2.0, but my design was far more liberal in its interpretation of Meltdown than it seems you plan yours to be.
  5. The Kumquat Alchemist

    The Future of Ninjago

    Judging purely by the quality of sets, of course I'd love to see it continue! So far we've gotten snakes, ghosts, mecha, and many other varieties of foes, and so long as the set design can continue to remain as fresh as it has in previous years, then I don't really see how a new theme could trump it. They've even managed to find a beautiful new gimmick with Airjitsu spinners, and those are, to me, far more appealing than the spinners from Ninjago's early years. Just so long as there isn't stagnation in set design, I'm fine with it being our primary adventure theme for the future.
  6. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle Skull Villain Alternate Builds

    The legs are certainly the highlight of this revamp, and show great improvement over the original design. However, looking at this figure sans tr. orange shows how much it loses when deprived of such a nice contrasting color. Though I will likely make the tr. orange less prevalent once I get my hands on this figure, much as I did with the gold elements on Onua, I feel that some is necessary beyond just the eye stalk.
  7. The Kumquat Alchemist

    LEGO Action Figures shared universe?

    However, you must remember that The LEGO Movie handles canon quite differently from how the LEGO Themes used in it might handle their own canon internally; LEGO Movie was a Toy-Story type of film, in which the themes were able to interact only because the Man Upstairs owned said themes, and they were within close enough range to interact with each other. It's not that I dislike the way themes interacted in The LEGO Movie, it just doesn't work for BIONICLE: the fantasy universe, or Slizers: the fantasy universe, or Hero Factory: the fantasy universe, and any portrayals of those themes LEGO Movie-style would be incompatible with the fantasy universe created for those themes. After all, "millennia-old semi-organic robots powered by magitek" is irreconcilable with the setting of "AFOL's basement full of LEGO kits." To use another example, you wouldn't say that Gandalf and Superman exist in a shared universe because both of their Minifigures were in The LEGO Movie, would you?
  8. The Kumquat Alchemist

    2016 Action Figure Wishlist

    Though I am not so keen on dumping the line, I too believe that it was a shame and disappointment to see HF thrown in the bin when it had just started doing something truly unique. If only BIONICLE had been kept back for a few more years, HF could have shifted to a mech-based constraction toyline, which would have been an interesting change from LEGO's usual action figure fare, and would likely have intrigued quite a few otherwise-uninterested AFOLs in the process, considering how well some of the IFB mechs were received on sites such as Brickset. , ...I want a Herofigure of Jimi Stringer.
  9. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    Luke might seem lacklustre, but Obi-Wan looks marvelous, the other of two extremes. I wouldn't diss organic Constraction figures completely.
  10. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle parts you'd want to see brought back for Gen 2?

    True, but due to the construction of the 2.0 foot, the heel could stay in the same place while still allowing for a separate ball cup part, with the only cost being the space currently occupied by the central pin hole.
  11. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle parts you'd want to see brought back for Gen 2?

  12. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle parts you'd want to see brought back for Gen 2?

    And yet the tiny beast feet hold up Protectors just fine. Really, if we can get large and small variants of beast feet, why not the same for the generic 2.0 foot? Heck, we've seen the small beast foot being used for Skull Slicer, so we know that LEGO considers feet of such a size acceptable for larger figures. As for the socket column, TheOneVeyronan explained quite well why I find it distasteful; more specifically, the pre-molded socket column makes it more difficult to use as an armor component, compared to old BIONICLE feet.
  13. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle parts you'd want to see brought back for Gen 2?

    I dislike its overuse because of its exaggerated proportions, and the fact that the socket column is part of the mold and thus cannot be removed. Though functional and somewhat versatile due to its generic appearance, another size or shape of something similarly versatile and functional would be a wonderful boon.
  14. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle parts you'd want to see brought back for Gen 2?

    I don't think anyone is complaining about the appearance of G1 BIONICLE per se; the issue that many have with it is the lack of element versatility resulting from the heavily greebled, piston-laden aesthetic.
  15. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Awesome greebles versus better versatility.
  16. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I may end up trying to replicate something similar, as that devil looks like a mechanical version of something out of Killing Floor. It will probably end up being all "classic" parts -no CCBS- as something about the old Technic aesthetic, with its gappy wing-like armor and few slightly-greebled beams is quite appealing.
  17. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    Those are some sexy tan shells.
  18. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Friction? Joints

    Though not to the degree described here, I too have experienced this with older sockets; their clutch power definitely decays with use.
  19. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bricklink or Lego Pick a Brick?

    Oh, I seem to have weighed in too early. I'll just remove this.
  20. The Kumquat Alchemist

    What was the worst construction set?

    The Avtoran and Shadow Matoran of 2008, and any figures which later used a similar build. The design philosophy was horrible, using nothing but clunky, over-specialized components. As a result of said design philosophy, they had inflexible limbs and badly proportioned heads and torsos. Even for MOCing they fell short, as their over-reliance on brittle 2008 sockets made it inadvisable to disassemble them, unless you happened to be one of the lucky few with the magic touch who could honestly claim to have had no problems with 2008 sockets.
  21. The Kumquat Alchemist

    [REVIEW]: 70205 CHI Razar

    I now regret not picking this up for its parts.
  22. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle Protector Alternate Builds

    Would there not be a collision between the upper two ball joints of the XT4 torso and the shoulder assembly? It looks as though it would not fit flush against the body.
  23. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I wish that the 2015 web videos had used subtitles accompanied by an incoherent but distinctly speech-like noise, akin to the method used for the 2005 Hordika web animations in which the Toa searched for the Mask of Light; that may have been my favorite BIONICLE web series just for its unique method of portraying speech sans any proper voice actors.
  24. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    All the better for us, now none of those filthy target audience kids will be able to get their hands on it! Oh, the horror, I just noticed how bad my grammar was. I suppose I did not sleep as well as I had thought.
  25. The Kumquat Alchemist

    Old Bionicle sets: To open or not to open

    That people expect them to sell, does not mean that they will. Non-FOLs tend to vastly overestimate the prices of MISB LEGO products, judging from many years of browsing Amazon and E-Bay. Inversely, you can get some incredible deals on E-Bay when it comes to bulk lots, if you are willing to risk the purchase of used parts. There's nothing more delicious than buying a Boxor, five Robo-Riders, and a few McToran and other misc parts for $25. To speak on the topic at hand, I would say open it if you do not plan to resell. Though not sporting the prettiest assortment of sets, 2007 saw the first departure from clone sets among the canister price class, making it quite a significant year.